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Eeoc 2 Free Guidance Work Book Consulting Advice U.S

  1. 1. DISCRIMINATION FAVORITISM PREJUDICE UNFAIRNESS INEQUITY BIGOTRY INTOLERANCE CHAUVINISM INJUSTICE BIAS PRECONCEPTION PREJUDGMENT PREDISPOSITION RACISM FANATICISM Discrimination is the unfair treatment of one person or a group of people, usually th result of f l ll the lt f prejudice, about race, ethnicity, age, religion or gender and even health.
  2. 2. Discrimination is the treating of people differently through a prejudice of some kind and not every employee h d t l has th ability t the bilit to notice, or the high level of awareness to notice the subtle discrimination taking place. Many companies differentiate and categorize their employee associates behind closed doors, to single you out, to show others favoritism and to victimize you, without getting caught. You have seen your manager seemingly showing favor over one person to the next. You have seen a person, with little or no ability, receive a p promotion in authority and income. You have y been treated differently or discriminated against during your career at one time or another. The older person singled out during the interviewing process and never hired. The attractive female being hired by the male manager or supervisor when little experience or talent can be documented. These few examples are all against the law and are prohibited and considered dishonest and illegitimate by federal law.
  3. 3. Discrimination can cause you a great deal of pain, grief and anguish and in some ways it is a form of torture. We know that this may sound harsh to some, but the ache, sorrow and agony is very real to the people that become aware of their employer, company, organization, manager, ownership, supervisor offering discrimination instead of p, p g partnership, caring and fairness. Look at the next few pages with a very close eye. We want you to know that just because you see something you may not see something. Sounds silly doesn’t it.
  4. 4. As expert consultants we can see or detect discrimination inside your company that you cannot see. If you look quickly at this print you see nothing, but the many horses in the foreground become clear when you sense or become aware of something else. Discrimination is inside your company even though it might be difficult to notice for the py g g untrained employee.
  5. 5. Companies today reveal their discrimination, favoritism, unfairness, bigotry and intolerance by their words and actions against you and others. Like our next print, you can see a bridge and then all of a sudden you can see ships at sea when your imagination helps you. Many government agencies can help you, but honestly, no government agency g py , y, g gy will guide, maneuver and wrestle your employer for a gigantic cash payment. The EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will always see the bridge because the employer will hire lawyers to help paint the picture. What we do for you is change everything to your favor and bring about life‐size, full‐size problems into view for your total benefit.
  6. 6. Looking at the print closely you see houses as far as the eye can see, until they turn into people, j t lik you. l just like
  7. 7. If you need help, just a little or a lot all you have to do is send one easy email,  We can send you more free information without any cost or obligation. You do not necessarily need a lawyer so please contact us first. We’ll send you our free  S T R AT E G I C   M O N E Y   S TA R T E R   K I T