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Wonderful tips to grab a good stock in india


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Wonderful tips to grab a good stock in india

  1. 1. WONDERFUL TIPS TO GRAB A GOOD STOCK IN INDIA India’s First Free Online Financial Advisors You will not like to work in a company for your entire life. Trust me, after some years you will feel like controlling your finances by establishing your business. Nothing better than Stocks, will give you a clear picture of the business in India. Stock: A unique kind of security / share of an organization that is held by a person or a group is known as the Stock. Kinds of Stocks: There are two kinds of stocks, that are available in India namely the Common Stock: A unique kind of stock, which encourages the owner to vote at meeting of the shareholders, and receive the dividends is known as the Common Stock. Preferred Stock: A unique kind of stock, encouraging the shareholder to a fixed amount of dividend, where payment takes over other share of the dividends is known as the Preferred Stock.
  2. 2. Major Things To Know Before You Go In For Stocks: Some of the criterions to be followed before one goes ahead and purchases the stocks are as follows: You must have a proper Pan Card. You must be an Indian Citizen. One must apply for a Demat Account. You must check for the way stock prices are set. One must buy shares when cost is low, and sell the share, at the time when cost is very high. You must understand the bidding in stock market and check for the actual prices of shares. Be careful relating to the trading scams/fraudulent activities. Must do technical analysis like doing deep study of charts, bar graphs, index graphs and pie charts in a logical fashion. Do not make huge investments. Choose the correct stock market broker. Select the share that has profit in the coming years. Most of the investors are sticking to the traditional companies offering good stocks/shares in the financial markets. For More Information: Give Us a Missed Call On 022 – 62116588 (Or) Download Our MoneyMindz -Expert Seller (Or) Download Our MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom APP (Or ) Visit :