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How to Make Money with Money Mailer


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Find out how to make money with Money Mailer direct mail marketing.

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How to Make Money with Money Mailer

  1. 1. Money Mailer Marketing Programs Designed to Deliver Quality Leads, Raise Awareness, & Build Business
  2. 2. • Founded in 1979 • Experts in placing your business message into high-end single-family, owner-occupied homes • 95% recipients report opening our package • 82% high-end consumers report viewing each message • Over 30,000 unique clients use our services each month across the U.S. Who We Are
  3. 3. • Business owner set goals starting on January 1 • By April 15 he was not hitting goal • Therefore, taking less from business than expected and working longer hours • Needed to increase cash flow • We provided additional dollars of revenue for pennies Example of Service
  4. 4. • How are you progressing on your 2016 business plan? • What are you doing to hit your plan? • What’s not working as planned? • May I provide some thoughts? Tell me about your business
  5. 5. Direct to Consumer Multi-Channel Communication Company Our Services
  6. 6. Invest to Acquire a New Customer Source: DMA Harvard Business School of Business: Concept of Lifetime Value of a Customer • Helps a small business owner arrive at the dollar value of long-term relationship • Helps owner decide how much money to spend to acquire a new customer. While most FIRST TIME sales won’t result in a profit, they will ultimately yield a greater profit to the business in the long-term. HBR November 6, 2012
  7. 7. According to the Direct Marketing Association, most successful businesses spend 1/3 the lifetime value of a consumer to acquire Invest to Acquire a New Customer Source: DMA Audience 40%
  8. 8. Primary Reason to Advertise is to Create Demand That’s why 2/3 of Ad Spend is on Acquisition
  9. 9. How Businesses Are Spending – Acquisition (creates demand) • TV • Direct Mail • Radio – Search (satisfies demand that already exists) • YP/Newspaper/Magazine (Old way) • Internet (New Way) SearchAcquisition 7.3 6.4 20.6 22.6 17.7 15.1 7.2 16.1 44.5 68.5 Media Spend $229.4B 2014 Source: Winterberry Group analysis of multiple sources - 2014 Display and Search reflect spending on desktop and mobile TV Direct Mail Outdoor Radio Magazines Display Search Newspapers Yellowpages Other Digital & Print
  10. 10. How are consumers finding you?
  11. 11. “Millennials use paper coupons more than twice digital.” “Top selling iPhone app is AdBlocker.” 11/2/15
  12. 12. 1. The audience you target 2. The offer or proposition you make 3. The creative execution you choose Offer 40% Creative 20% The Foundation of Direct Marketing 3 Key Factors Source: DMA Audience 40%
  13. 13. U.S. Money Mailer Median HH Income. $52,069 $87,692 % of HH Income over $100,000 20% 39% Median Adult Age 36.1 38.1 Home Owner 67% 78% Attended College 56% 71% Average Net Worth $245,069 $355,680 Source: U.S. Census Data - Bureau of Labor Statistics Why our Direct Mail Creates Results It’s the Audience
  14. 14. Money Mailer Zones Are Configured to Reach the Best Households Source: Census Data: modeled to 2013 – Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS) Source: Census Data: modeled to 2013 – Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS)
  15. 15. Deliver in Increments of 10,000 Highly Selected Homes Over 1800 Zones Nationwide
  16. 16. Challenge: New Money Mailer Direct Response client wanted to test and measure co-op envelope’s impact on phone calls. Strategy: Featured the same offer & creative to the same consumers for four consecutive months to determine the impact of frequency measured by number of phone calls. Results: Prorated to 100 calls for March  Apr 100% increase over Mar calls  May 550% increase over Mar & 225% over prior month  Jun 600% increase over Mar & 8% over prior month Response rates “settle” into a predictable range after the fourth insertion to the same consumer. Consistent with “Cumulative Probability Curve” which you learned in Statistics 101. New Money Mailer Direct Response Client tested same Offer/Consumer Profile 4X Frequency Drives Response! Source: Money Mailer Case Study, July 2013.
  17. 17. Use Call tracking to Measure Response and Improve Campaign Performance  Improve ad spend with informed decisions  Prove Marketing ROI/CPL  Optimize Phone Performance  Coaching  Improve Lead Conversion  Increase Sales Features and Benefits  Local and Toll Free Numbers  Call Tracking  Scheduled Reports  Call Recording  Call Tagging  Custom Call Scorecards  Campaign Goals and Alerts Measuring Response
  18. 18. Challenge: Successful direct response client (print: drive to call center) wanted to measure and understand number of Web hits compared to phone calls. Strategy: Feature the unique landing page URL prominently adjacent to the phone number. Results: “Web Visits vs. Phone Calls”  Jan 2.1x more web visits than calls  Feb 3.2x more web visits than calls  Mar 2.0x more web visits than calls For a client that utilizes Money Mailer for the results we deliver via their call centers … Over a three-month trial with 38.9 million print impressions, Money Mailer drove 141% more Web visitors than phone calls! Direct Response Client Results Show Web Visits Outnumbered Phone Calls by 141%! Offer.Live/ Source: Money Mailer Case Study, June 2013. Does Print Drive Consumers to Web? Here’s the Proof