Branding essentials: Understanding, building and developing powerful brands (ISCTE presentation at EAE Barcelona)


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Theoretical concepts : what means to be a brand?
Development essentials : The building process of branding

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Branding essentials: Understanding, building and developing powerful brands (ISCTE presentation at EAE Barcelona)

  1. 1. Branding essentials: Understanding, building and developing powerful brands Antonio Monerris Tormo Socio – fundador / Partner Brain
  2. 2. Today Session I .- Theoretical concepts : what means to be a brand? > Break II.- Development essentials : The building process of branding
  3. 3. Everyone talks about branding but it does not always mean the same thing ...
  4. 4. What is a brand?
  5. 5. BRANDING 2000 Ac
  6. 6. ‘An identifying mark burned on livestock…. With a branding iron’ The Oxford English Dictionary Etymology
  7. 7. Milestones of contemporary culture
  8. 8. Meta - brands
  9. 9. The brand is more than a name The brand is more than to be identified with a sector or category The brand is more than a vague assessment of quality, tradition and trust
  10. 10. The brand is more than just a name with more or less awareness or just a fortunate logo ...
  11. 11. A brand is … It is a meaningful and structured perception in the consumer's mind, capable of triggering spontaneous associations of ideas that influence the consumer transaction process with a product or service
  12. 12. Memories that support opinions that influence decisions The brand interferes with consumer value judgments...
  13. 13. A brand is a credible assurance and sets us apart from all the "noise" around us
  14. 14. The primitive function of the brand To reduce the uncertainty ... o Buying is to decide, deciding is to risk.... It is an experience conflict between desire and fear to frustration o The purchase is "unsafe" in an objective or subjective sense The brand is primarily and essentially a transactional reassurance
  15. 15. If a brand is not able to evoke a specific idea or value and fails to suggest more than platitudes is an "underdeveloped" Brand
  16. 16. A brand is a relevant & transcendent value Danone Mission: o Group DANONE helps people around the world grow, live better and get more out of life through tastier, more varied and healthier food products - every day.
  17. 17. The brand should evoke what psychological and emotional means to me the buying transaction ... It is not the name of the offer, it is the memorable evocation of what it means to me.
  18. 18. Why doing branding? A strong brand: o Provides memorability o Helps selling products o Allows a "price gap" o protects you from the competition o Improves the efficiency of marketing and communication o It is an intangible value and profitable asset
  19. 19. Brand functional business Task To facilitate economic or persuasive transactions in a relational security environment, optimizing receiver satisfaction and increasing the value of the active agent in the transaction
  20. 20. The brand is the will to become and to mean something in the consumer's mind The brand should always be a proposition
  21. 21. What are the implications of doing "branding"? Branding involves a "long-term plan" to build and maintain a distinctive, positive and a competitive reputation both internally and externally. It Only could be achieved through a harmonized and a conscious strategic approach.
  22. 22. ... Like people, brands reach their fullness when they are self-defined and have unique references
  23. 23. The needs pyramid Physiological needs Safety News. Socials Self Esteem (Ego needs) Self-fulfillment Hygienic Factors Social factors MASLOW HERZBERG
  24. 24. The pyramid of differentiation Trustworthy Healthy Good Value Tradition High Quality Cares about costumers Trendy Carefree Friendly PrestigiousOriginalStylish Different Distinctive A Leader High Performance ProgressiveDynamic Innovative SUBSTANCE EMOTION ENERGY VIEW WISDOM Unique Reliable
  25. 25. Branding Tool Box :
  26. 26. Fundamentals of “critical brand performances” Brand Entity Brand Channels Brand Outputs
  27. 27. Strategic Arquitectural Model cornerstones Brand intelligence: o Defining brand entity & self o Management of perceptual dimensions Brand Outputs o Outputs transactions through which the brand achieves its deliverable as brand and meets expectations Brand Channels: o The path that connects the brand to establish dialogue and links
  28. 28. … Becoming Arquitectural cornerstones Brand Entity Brand Channels Brand Outpus Attractiveness and emotional bondings Belonging & engagement Satisfaction, consistency Tangible & transactional Delivery “Stickiness” Cognitive presence & Decision making conditioning Transactional performance
  29. 29. Brand development models
  30. 30. Brand FOUNDATIONS Brand DELIVERY Brand SELF
  31. 31. Brand FOUNDATIONS SUBSTANCE The elements of the tangible reality of the brand and contextual issues that may influence their performance.
  32. 32. Brand DELIVERY THE FACTS The promise that the brand makes the consumer. The power to generate business for the company through a different proposal that is relevant in the consumer's mind.
  33. 33. Brand SELF THE MEANING The deepest value of the brand (symbolic and metaphorical) with ability to connect with the mind and life of the consumer.
  34. 34. BRAND FOUNDATIONS BRAND DELIVERY BRANDSELF Brand Facts Psychologic al Insights Competitive Set Brand Ownables Functional Delivery Emotional Delivery Reason Why Core Values Brand Essence Brand Personality Critical Point of difference
  35. 35. 1. ATTRIBUTES, CHARACTERISTICS AND KEYWORDS Brand Essence Building 2. FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS 5. Ownables 3. EMOTIONAL BENEFITS 4. PROJECTIVE FACTORS 6. Personality 8. Core Values 7. Key brand Benefit
  36. 36. The culmination of the development efforts of the brand, it is related to the customer experience knowledgeknowledge EsteemEsteem Reputation, respect and consideration for the consumer: it relates to the fulfillment of the promise perceived by the consumer relevancerelevance How appropriate is the brand for consumers. It relates to the use and integrates the 5 P of the marketing mix, it is directly related to the sale differentiationdifferentiation The reason for the brand. The base consumer choice Brand stature Brand vitality How do we build brands?
  37. 37. D R E K D R E K D R E K High Low HighLow Declining Leadership D R E K New Niche BRAND DIMENSION (Esteem and Familiarity) BRANDVITALITY (DistinctionandRelevance) Challenger Mistaken Process of growth and brand crisis
  38. 38. Brand Portfolio Management
  39. 39. Vertical Structure + abstract Brand self + material Brand Output intensive Benefit segment applicable
  40. 40. Brand Extension . Brand Umbrellisation Brand Endorsement Sub-brand has the control.Core brand Has the control. Sub-brand has the control. BRAND
  41. 41. MARS (Energy) Brand Extension BONNE MAMAN (Nostalgia) NIVEA (Care)
  42. 42. KINDER (Healthy indulgence) Brand Umbrellisation GILLETTE (High Technology)
  43. 43. Brand Endorsement CRUNCH (Crunch) NESQUIK (Fun) « Caring »
  44. 44. Health Kids/ Teens Health Healthy Deserts Basic Health Active Health Growth Guardian angel Best yogurt in the world Don’t Stop Champions Healthy Snack It recharges you Danone bodies You will work better It renews you It protects your defenses Energy to eat up llife Restoration of traditions It provides you more Smoothness Low acidity Selected fruit Enjoy taking care of yourself With the Master’s secret
  45. 45. Corporate & Umbrella brand Refrigerated Pescafresca-Pizzanova Frozen Meals ingredient Dish Brand + descriptor Concept&Value Appreciatory and identifying concepts Sub-brands
  46. 46. EMOTALK
  47. 47. "People like to feel ... whatever it is” Virginia Wolf
  48. 48. ... any rational decision to be operational involves emotions or "concerns". No decision can be fully objective and emotional or sentimental involvement
  49. 49. any proposal for the leading brands (cognitive & persuasive) should be linked to a relevant field of emotional impact helping to establish a lasting connection with consumers
  50. 50. Propietary emotion Appropriate emotion/ significant / agent of purpose Argumentative Structures Deliveries – benefits – Structures or concepts Cognitive Foundations Attributes – meaning links– “evidences”
  51. 51. Do we know how to talk with the feelings of the consumer?
  52. 52. Do we manage fear and the sense of vulnerability?
  53. 53. Do we know how to manage the joy and extraversion, the feeling of achievement and progress about themselves or others?
  54. 54. direct involvement with experiences of onself or others vulnerability
  55. 55. The radiant health - self-image is important in connection with the need for self-esteem, acceptance and achievement
  56. 56. Intestinal transit connects with feelings of bodily discomfort, stress, anger and discomfort associated with constipation
  57. 57. growth and parental satisfaction connected with emotions that lead to protection, care and expectations of achievement
  58. 58. Brand Belief Power The views of successful brands connect with fundamental human emotions and truths
  59. 59. We need an inclusive and inspiring brand idea
  60. 60. Virgin Believes that the interests of ordinary people are abused by big, faceless, monopolistic corporations Stands up for the little guy …and has a bit of fun in doing so
  61. 61. Colgate Believes that people can face the world with more confidence if they know they have a healthy mouth Uses the power of scientific knowledge to keep your mouth in perfect health
  62. 62. Apple Apple believes the power of individuality should triumph So its entire culture is designed to challenge the traditional way
  63. 63. Mercedes Mercedes believes that precision is the key to control in life It sets the quality standard for German engineering in the cars it builds
  64. 64. BMW BMW believes life should be lived with heightened emotions So it strives to create the ultimate driving pleasure
  65. 65. Sony Sony believes that we are all dreamers who like to let our imagination play It designs products to ensure the ‘play’ button delivers entertainment that is always a few steps ahead of your imagination
  66. 66. Body Shop Believes that cosmetics industry has become a parody of the selfish Superficiality of the well-to-do So it embraces a down to earth, societally conscious approach to be more inclusive
  67. 67. ... It is time to move into action
  68. 68. "In the factory we manufacture products, in the stores we sell hope“ Charles Revson , fundador de Revlon
  69. 69. Behind Starbucks there is a powerful theory Third place theory o Working ... Home .. and Starbucks o A romantic -evocative touch o affordable Luxury o An urban oasis o Casual social interaction A fully reinvention of coffee experience A total experience of 360 º, capable of enriching people ("personal growth") An ideology by itself, which imposes itself as a reference point
  70. 70. The centrality of the consumer is the key today …and it means "visualize" a more demanding consumer, impulsive and obsessed with getting more value for money
  71. 71. How can we renovate or reinvent our relationship?
  72. 72. Key areas sensation Sentiment thought action relationship
  73. 73. Sensation
  74. 74. provocative power of the surfaces “The substance of style”
  75. 75. Emotions
  76. 76. It's about creating "feeling" Suggestion that evokes a feeling, an emotion Through product design and space With Settings that evoke a feeling ... A Mood ... An emotion…
  77. 77. Ampelmannchen Nostalgia
  78. 78. Soup feeling
  79. 79. Thought
  80. 80. New ideas that illuminate a new vision "You have thought ..." "We believe that ..." “You should be able to …”
  82. 82. Action
  83. 83. Suggest an active change ... It invites us to live a change it proposes physical changes that change our view it proposes new behaviors or lifestyles it calls to action.
  84. 84. | VINIZIUS/ YOUNG & RUBICAM Adidas, impossible is nothing
  85. 85. | VINIZIUS/ YOUNG & RUBICAM Decathlon : try it, do it
  86. 86. | VINIZIUS/ YOUNG & RUBICAM Gillette : Change your idea of shaving
  87. 87. Relationship
  88. 88. It suggests new relationship alternatives It allows or changes the way you relate to others It involves connecting with other people It provides a sense of belonging It Creates user communities
  89. 89. Brands creates sense of belonging
  90. 90. Harley Davidson
  91. 91. | VINIZIUS/ YOUNG & RUBICAM Cirque de Soleil
  93. 93. Dove ... “Real beauty”
  95. 95. Apple challenges IBM ... 1984
  96. 96. | VINIZIUS/ YOUNG & RUBICAM •“Customer centrics” •Own brand to the limit •Service •There is only one manager... The Consumer •Devoted ... Trained...
  100. 100. Challenges and opportunities for the future Inside-Out branding & consumer empowerment
  101. 101. "Today the brands are the people" The emerging role of social media and consumer involvement in configuring and managing brands.
  102. 102. The unique power is the preference. Based on ties and relations that allow us to anticipate desires and preferences. 109
  103. 103. We live in a new world in which John Lennon and IKEA (almost) say the same: Power to the People. 110
  104. 104. Making Consumer an essential part of the being and living brands is the only way to counteract an environment "unpowered". 111
  105. 105. The power of brands is in complete and continuous intimacy with consumers 112
  106. 106. How will these brands be based on "Understanding & empathy for people"? 113
  107. 107. open structures constantly changing They will be flowing, transiting, processing and constant updating. Brands will be an open source. 114
  108. 108. To hear and understand is not enough. It is imperative to turn that into active listener. 115
  109. 109. Openness, sharing, peering… The new corporate paradigm
  110. 110. Review & Summarize Essentials
  111. 111. Essential Concepts Brand is not just a name or trademark o Brand is a meaningful system of values and associations that is strongly identified or attached to signals and representatives o Brand is a prejudice: spontaneous associations that simplify our judgments o Brand is a human profiling of objects and organizations o Brand is a promise All audiences create branding perceptions through mental associations . A branding process intends to well manage such associations
  112. 112. Relevance of the “branding approach Branding consistency amongst product lines and technological platforms is a major competitive advantage. Extend such consistency means growth, value and competitiveness Branding extension is a business practice, not only a marketing and communications discipline. There is not a clear corporate branding business approach, if it not based on a suggestive business vision with a consistent branding focus
  113. 113. Develop a Consistent brand perception Setting “brand basics” or “brand cornerstones” Corporate Communication strategy should always address the perceptual values associated with the brand basics A Perceptual Goal
  114. 114. Brand Basics : Brand Essence Could you define a value associated with your corporation? Is it a socially and individually relevant and widely valuable?
  115. 115. Defining a brand essence builds “perceptive consistency” and synergy of communications Integrate and associate products, services, lines of business and sub-brands A BRAND STANDS FOR VALUES, IDEAS AND VISIONS
  116. 116. Brand Essence A substantive and long term commitment associated with highly relevant values (socially and individually) Brand essence is linked to business growth drivers Brand essence is more than an idealistic statement
  117. 117. Without family and fun their no McDonalds
  118. 118. Without individuality and creativity there is no Apple business
  119. 119. Without American heritage and youth there is no Levis business
  120. 120. Without health there is not Danone uniqueness
  121. 121. Without a borderless world there is no CNN
  122. 122. Brand essence is an abstracted and conceptual definition base on : o Corporate facts o Corporate ambitions o Corporate threats o Corporate environment Always should address critical issues for business performance At the end, should be a moving message , able to built consensus
  123. 123. propositions for a renewed framework of branding Being authentic, being unique, being shared:
  124. 124. The brand is the will of being and meaning something in the consumer's mind. Brands should always be a proposition, related to a meaningful insight
  125. 125. If a brand is not able to invoke a specific idea or value and it fails to suggest more than fuzzy things, it becomes an "underdeveloped" brand. Meaningless awareness is a waste of money.
  126. 126. Branding of a city should involve a "long-term plan" to build and maintain a distinctive, positive and competitive perceptions, both internally and externally.
  127. 127. The mastery of branding is knowing to laddering from matter into meaning
  128. 128. …We should believe in the power of brand beliefs: because the views and beliefs of successful brands connect with fundamental human emotions and truths.
  129. 129. People actively shape brands today. Participation and social networks are essential in shaping and managing brands.
  130. 130. Knowledge and empathy for people is the only thing that cannot be copied, manufactured or become a commodity 137
  131. 131. brands might become demobrands: spaces constantly meeting and dialoguing with public. Demobrands that can be defined as "meanings in common", in which the owner of the brand and its target co-manage the shared meanings.
  132. 132. The branding is also a light-weight form of power and influence. It is a kind of "soft power“, because it allows to seduce wills without coercion; a very important form of power in a multilateral and fragmented world
  133. 133. “The love you get is equal to the love you give”