Red bull


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Red bull

  1. 1. Presented To: Sir Faizan BalochPresented By: Reem Arif Shumaila Qamar Moneeb Ahmed Owais Sadiq Saad Shalwani
  2. 2. Introduced in 1987 by Austrian entrepreneur DietrichMateschitz in partnership with Thai businessman ChaleoYoovidhya.Marketed through:AdvertisementsCelebrity endorsementsSports team ownershipTournament sponsorships
  3. 3. Red bull Red bull energy cola drinkRed bull Red bull energy sugar shots free
  4. 4. What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hearthe word energy drinks? Rage • 2 people High priced • 2 people Sting • 5 people Red Bull • 13 people Indifferent • 5 people Different taste • 2 people Energy for a time/charger/tired/boost/gets you out of the world/speed • 14 people Power • 4 people No competitors except few • 2 people Not answered • 1 person
  5. 5. Any specific flavor you prefer in your energy drink or would liketo have? Strawberry •3 Apple •5 Grapes •2 Mint •2 Fresh lime •1 Orange •2 Blue berry Sour Pepsi Cherry
  6. 6. Charging up, power, energy, boost, etc are the words that strikes theminds when discussion is about energy drinks.Red Bull and Sting, the most recalled brands.Portable and easy to handle packaging of the products beenpreferred.People like to be associated with the brand image in case of energydrinks.Marketing campaign needs to be revamped and theconsumption needs to be turned to the daily and weeklyusers.
  7. 7. People are clear about the concept of energy drinks.Price conscious at present.Consumption is among the girls as well.Usage has to be increased.