Litlle thing about MTA january 2014 #culturecode


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MONDRAGON TEAM ACADEMY is the entrepreneurship unit of Mondragon University – School os Business – created in 2008 and cooperating with Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä in Finland (Entrepreneruship Center of Excellence of Jyváskyla University of Applied Sciences)
In january 2014 we have more than 500 teampreneurs (team-entrepreneurs) in 5 different locations taking part in our radical innovation education programs. We have learning journeys to Finland, USA Silicon Valley, China, India.

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Litlle thing about MTA january 2014 #culturecode

  1. 1. #culturecode   Li)le  things  about  us   january  2014  
  2. 2. MONDRAGON  TEAM  ACADEMY  is  the   entrepreneurship  unit  of  Mondragon  University  –   School  os  Business  –  created  in  2008  and   cooperaPng  with  Tiimiakatemia  Jyväskylä  in  Finland   (Entrepreneruship  Center  of  Excellence  of  Jyváskyla   University  of  Applied  Sciences)   In  january  2014  we  have  more  than  500   teampreneurs  (team-­‐entrepreneurs)  in  5  different   locaPons  taking  part  in  our  radical  innovaPon   educaPon  programs.  
  3. 3. Who  are  we?   WE  ARE:   -­‐   MONDRAGON  UNIVERSITY   and  MIK-­‐Mondragon   InnovaPon  &Knowledge   Research  Center   -­‐   We  are  within   MONDRAGON  CorporaPon.   -­‐   Our  partner  is   Tiimiakatemia  Global   Learning  Network  
  4. 4. Entrepreneruship  educa4on:  Learning  programs   Official  European  Bachelor  degree  On  Entrepereneurial  Leadership  &  InnovaPon   Irun  /  OnaP  /  Madrid  /  Amsterdam  /  Bilbao InternaPonal  Master  on  Intrapreneurship  &  Open  InnovaPon     OnaP  /  Irun  /  Zaragoza  /  Bilbao  /  Shanghai  /  Pune  /  Amsterdam  /  San  Francisco  /  Finla Basic  Entrepreneurial  Innovator  professional  program   Ermua  /  Leioa  /  Markina/Sakana   Team  Mastery  Trainning   Iberia  (Spain,  Portugal)  and  Asia  (Thailand,  China,  India  and  South  Korea)  
  5. 5. September  2013   CAMPUS:  Irun,  Oña4,  Bilbao,  Madrid,  Amsterdam.   360 team-entrepreneurs 24 team-companies 59 10 40 innovation leaders new-companies 45 4 intrapreneurialprojects un-employeed people joined 62 team-coaches trained regions impacted
  6. 6. Last  december  2013  we  had  in  BBF-­‐Bilbao   Innova4on  Factory  our  strategic  days.  There  we   meet  more  than  200  team  entrepreneurs  from   different  learning  programs  with  one  concrete   goal:  share  our  team  companies’  leading   thoughts  and  renew  MTA  ones  for  the  next   years!     Here  you  have  our  iden4ty  and  culture  code.  
  7. 7. Our  mission  statement  
  8. 8. “We  are  teampreneurs   making  our  dreams   become  true  learning   and  creaPng  together”  
  9. 9. Our  vision  
  10. 10. “By  1st  May  2020     we  are  20  excellent   interconnected  labs   (social  innovaPon   ecosystems)     in  5  conPnents”  
  11. 11. Our  values  
  12. 12. 1.   LEARNING   BY  DOING   Learning  by  doing  for  us  represents   the  ajtude  of  go  and  do.  If  you  fail   do  it  fast  and  try  again.    In  Mondragon  Team  Academy   everyone  is  the  protagonist  and  it   is  the  responsability  of  each  one  to   choose  the  best  working  dynamics   co-­‐creaPng  with  peers.     Learning  by  doing  pushes  us  to  our   limits  and  to  the  uncomfort  zone   where  the  most  of  the  learnings   happen.     The  support  network  of  the  team   and  community  allows  us  to  make   mistakes,  have  experiences  and  to   apply  our  knowledge  into  acPon.  
  13. 13. 2.   TEAM   LEARNING   Team   learning   is   about   trust,   transparency,   communicaPon   and   common   understanding   of   how   to   work   together   between   all   the   members.     Team   learning   is   a   long   process   and  demands  commitment.   By  giving  and  receiving  feedback  in   a  trust  environment  we  learn  more   of  ourselves  and  of  others.   Apply  Dee  Hock  leadership  model:     50%  leading  yourself,     20%   leading   people   above   you,   20%  leading  your  peers,     10%  inferiors.  
  14. 14. 3.   GLOBAL   MINDSET   We   learn   the   global   mindset   through   personal  experiences  and  learning  journeys   abroad:  Finland  (Tiimiakatemia;  USA  Silicon   Valley;   China   and   India).   Wide   perspecPve   of  opportuniPes  and  risks  globally  helps  us   to  work  also  locally.   Working   experiences   abroad   help   us   to   i d e n P f y   l e a r n i n g   a n d   b u s i n e s s   opportuniPes,   and   to   benchmark   good   dynamics  in  pracPse.   Global   mindset   doesn’t   limit   only   for   the   Pme   being   abroad   but   we   develop   internaPonal   projects   systemically.   Every   team   entrepreneur   has   an   opportunity   to   do  the  final  project  abroad.  
  15. 15. 4.   RESPECT     &   RESPONSIBILITY   We  follow  Dalai  Lama´s  3  R´s.   -­‐-­‐Respect  for  Self   -­‐-­‐Respect  for  Others   -­‐-­‐Responsibility  for  all  your  acPons     Take   into   account   that   great   love   and   great  achievements  involve  great  risk.   When  you  lose,  don't  lose  the  lesson.   Don't   let   a   li)le   dispute   injure   a   great   relaPonship.   When   you   realize   you've   made   a   mistake,   take   immediate   steps   to   correct  it..   Open   your   arms   to   change,   but   don't   give   up  your  values.   Share   your   knowledge.   It   is   a   way   to   achieve  immortality.      
  16. 16. 5.   LEAVE  IT   BETTER   THAN  YOU   FOUND  IT   We   dare   for   the   change   of   the   best.   Our   learning   process   as   teampreneurs   is   focused  upon  conPnuous  improvement.   We  pracPce  Kaizen  -­‐the  good  change-­‐  and   it’s  a  daily  process.   Live  With  Discipline  (from  “The  Monk  Who   S o l d   H i s   F e r r a r i ”   b y   R .   S h a r m a ) .   Represented   by   a   pink   wire   coil,   the   noPon   of   discipline   entreats   one   to   consistently   perform   small   acts   of   courage,   strengthen   one's  will  power,  and  develop  the  strength   of  self  discipline.   As   Mahatma   Gandhi's   famous   "You   must   be   the   change   you   wish   to   see   in   the   world”.  
  17. 17. 6.   PASSION   Passion   is   the   motor   and   heart   of   Mondragon  Team  Academy.     Passion   drives   us   on   overcoming   our   daily   life   challenges,   and   by   sharing   passion   in   the   team   we   are   able   to   come  up  with  extraordinary  results.   In   Mondragon   Team   Academy   make   our  dreams  become  true  with  the  help   of   the   team.   What   would   you   want   to   do?  
  18. 18. 7.   TRANSPARENCY   &     HONESTY   We   believe   that   transparency   and   honesty   makes   the   world   be)er.   We   need  to  be  real.   When   we   demonstrate   this   factor   we   a r e   l e a r n i n g   g r e a t   l e a d e r s h i p   capabiliPes.   These   values   will   a)ract   the   right   people   into   our   businesses   and   community.      
  19. 19. 8.   OPENESS     &   DIVERSITY   CreaPvity   and   innovaPon   are   coming   from  openess  and  diversity.     Everyone  has  a  unique  style  of  learning,   thinking   and   working.   However,   very   few   people   learn   or   work   in   a   way   which   is   best   for   them   (“The   Power   of   Diversity”  by  B.  Prashnig).     We   need   to   encourage   diversity   –not   just  of  colour  but  of  intelect  and  style-­‐   in  the  workplace  in  order  to  succeed.  
  20. 20. 9.   COMMUNITY   &     NETWORK   We   teampreneurs   and   our   collaborators   as   changemakers  are  creaPng  the  community   of  Mondragon  Team  Academy.   We  belong  to  Mondragon  Coopera8ve  and   we   co-­‐create   with   Team   Academy’s   internaPonal  learning  network.   Community   gives   us   support   and   helps   us   to   learn.   We   are   commi)ed   to   our   community   socially   and   environmentally,   understanding   our   impact   and   taking   our   responsibility  of  it.   We   understand   the   value   of   MTA   community   and   take   acPvely   part   to   the   events   organized   by   members   of   MTA   as   well  as  our  collaborators.  
  21. 21. PhD.  Aitor  Lizarza  Mar4n   alizartza   @alizartza_MTA