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  1. 1. BIBA FRANCE Biba is an upscale magazine for women in their thirties dedicated to fashion, beauty and close to their everyday concerns. Launched in 1980, our magazine has succeeded in mixing both entertaining and practical articles written in a fancy andhumouroustouch. Smart, the magazine reveals to its readers all the new tendancies in beauty, fashion, decoration and cooking.
  2. 2. BIBA CHINA BIBA is the first upscale fashion and psychology magazine in China. BIBA stands out for its fashion flair, practicality and attention to women. The magazine layout is stylish and elegant, its content practical and truthful,its attitude tolerant and instructive and its language easygoing and humourous. Curious, fashionable and always involving, the Chinese version follows the successful mix of the French magazine. Launch date : 2003 partners : Oriental Publishing House, Shanghai
  3. 3. SCIENCE&VIE FRANCE Science & Vie is the magazine to understand the present, explore the world and dream the future. Well established on its market since 1913, Science & Vie is devoted to offering clear and readable explanations in the fields of science and technology. The magazine of reference for everyone who wants to be a pioneer in learning about scientific and technical advances.
  4. 4. SCIENCE&VIE CHINA The International Edition of Science & Vie in China focuses on the latest discoveries and researches concerning human existence, current and interesting science stories. Popular, precised and reliable: The magazine for hard facts and investigations about major discoveries. Launch date: 2005 Licence with SLAGP
  5. 5. Les Cahiers de Science&Vie France Les Cahiers de Science & Vie, a bimonthly issue enhances in a more detailed approach specific topics. «Understand what happened yesterday thanks to our present investigations and knowledge». Each two months Les cahiers de Science & Vie offer 115 pages of former or missed civilisations’ HISTORY, reviewed and explained by a scientific point of view. Since their creation in 1991, Les Cahiers de Science & Vie attract readers with specific and detailed investigations and lively images.
  6. 6. Les Cahiers de Science&Vie GREECE Thanks to a partnership with Mondadori, «Science Illustrated» in Greece publishes each month a supplement to their magazine, with articles coming exclusively from Les Cahiers de Science & Vie. Partners : Periodikos Typos
  7. 7. SPECIAL ISSUE – 100 QUESTIONS REPONSES QUESTIONS REPONSES IN FRANCE : FOUR ISSUES PER YEAR Science & Vie Questions-Réponses is a special edition with clear and legible explanations on the progress and the questionning of science and technology. Its motto: «100 questions of life, 100 responses of science».
  8. 8. SCIENCE&VIE JUNIOR Science & Vie Junior France Science & Vie Junior is a popular monthly magazine about science, technology, actuality and social environment for young readers who want to discover the world and explore the future. It has been the leader on the 12-17 years of age since its creation in 1989. Varied and rich, the magazine not only attracts teenagers but also their parents and their teachers as an additionnal means of education. Awarded in 2006 and 2007 as the best magazine in its category and in 2007 as the « best magazine of the year» in France, Science & Vie Junior
  10. 10. SCIENCE&VIE DECOUVERTES Science & Vie Découvertes France « Arousing the curiosity of the 8 to 12 year-old children»: here is the aim of the monthly magazine Science & Vie Découvertes. Created in 1998, Science & Vie Découvertes helps children through a funny and interactive learning to explore and observe what Science has the most interesting. With simple and efficient words, the traditionnal «Why» and «How» questions of children will find all the keys to answer. Playful, innovative and interactive, it is The must magazine of young readers, acknowledged by parents and loved by children.