Interdisciplinare project


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Interdisciplinare project

  1. 1. At the beginning of the semester the college La Salle suggested to allthird year a interdisciplinary project that integrates all the materials forone purpose, to use our developed skills and the skills acquired in apractical, applicable to our social reality in short, to show that not only usto lodge the appropriate skills, but also show what we do with them, weknow how to apply them in work and daily life.La Salle High School has proposed to develop our interdisciplinaryproject around the figure of soap. In our case, the school "humanistic-social" specifically, the creation of a small business dedicated to theproduction and sale of soap, and their respective advertising campaignto promote it to consumers.Our team has developed the first and second stage of the project in aprogressive manner, efficient, and above all innovative.
  2. 2. We propose a product with special characteristics, "Soapure" isthe name of our soap, making it distinguishable from the rest ofthe soaps is the quality that not produce foam, making it the onlysoap that also meets environmental and with cleaning needs.One of the main problems in our society today is environmentalpollution, especially water pollution, and it is the foam soaps anddetergents major cause of environmental pollution.Faced with this problem we decided to propose an alternative tothe public through this soap helps to care for nature.Our company is called “Jabones del Pacífico SA de CV" and isresponsible for the production, sale and distribution of soapsoapure.
  3. 3. In the same way we have given the task of conducting therelevant market to assess the impact that could cause thefeatures of our soap in the population, as well as realize what arethe essential properties and more demands by consumers.Finally we have given the task of using the media to promote ourproduct advertising.In the specific case of the English subject our project has evolvedinto the development of an advertising poster, a brochure and atelevision commercial that will promote our product in the English-speaking consumers, internationalized and thus allow the exportand foreign capital investment.
  4. 4. The whole project itself is connected to all subjects in our casefocused on the application by the humanities and social matters.Law and Economy as a whole have allowed the student to knowthe procedures and requirements necessary for the creation ofthe company, both in the legal field, as a prosecutor. InEconomics is also a study of market based on supply anddemand of soap, but also to investigate consumer preferences,which was supplemented exercise psychology also contributedto the achievement of this market research.In the field of economy we have also conducted a market study.Performing in surveys on consumer preferences, as well as what isthe status of the soap market in Acapulco, demand and supply ofit.
  5. 5.  For market research is important to be aware of how it affects the structure of our present capitalist society the operation of a private company that brought us know the subject of sociology. In sociology also conduct an investigation into the soap market in todays globalized world, and analyze how globalization affects our market. Psychology present the foundation with an investigation, the reason for our product, do we need organic soap and benefits offered. For which we had to conduct an investigation of the effects produced soap scum in the water and how pollution affects the environment. Communications is where we have dealt with the advertising part of our product. In the first part of the project conducted an investigation that allowed us to fully distinguish the difference between propaganda and advertising, and characteristics of each, and the techniques employed in each. Now in the field of communications we have applied our knowledge in the creation of a radio commercial. Now we use the same communications skills learned in English. First we learned last semester we applied in the creation of our lineup, and now we use our knowledge in advertising and mass media to create this TV commercial.
  6. 6.  Throughout what has been developed as the project has gradually been becoming interdisciplinary. Each area reaching from the science has contributed to the creation of this project, and students have been exploiting and using the knowledge gained in the various fields that exist for the creation of this company, whether the legal framework for creation, analysis economic and productive, the merits of the product, or advertising it. So we work together using our generic powers and apply all knowledge learned in our subjects with only one aim and purpose. The subjects were merged and complemented each other, allowing to develop this unique project from all possible areas. The project truly integrates all disciplines, allowing us to use them together to make possible the completion and full of everything you need to move this company dedicated to producing and selling soap.
  7. 7. It„s a revolutionized soap made from the best ingredientsfor skin care. It has the characteristic of being the firstecological soap that cares the water, as is made withingredients that don‟t produce foam, therefore it iscausing pollution, but without stop worrying about yourskin care.
  8. 8. We seek the best and finest herbs for a cuteand delicate care of your skin. Coconut oilto moisturize skin without feeling greasy,sage leaves skin soft and smooth, andleaves of rosemary for a delicious and fresh scent.
  9. 9. The characteristics of this wonderful soapthat is environmentally friendly butabove all, natural, using ingredients thatcan affect the care of your skin. It hasthe best natural recipe to keep it alwaysmoist and soft.
  10. 10. The company wants to invite you to buy and makeuse of this new product, therefore, is aimed at allaudiences and that just will not only help protectyour skin but also to conserve water, then, has thebenefits of being a organic soap and be donewith all natural ingredients. Look for it in his classicpresentation of coconut milk and sage leaves androsemary to give you moisture, smoothness andfresh and delicious fragance.
  11. 11. SoaPure“Purity made soup”
  12. 12. OBJETIVE 1.Benefit our clients. 2. . We did it to preserve the environment by generating amount of foam. 3. Evit the pollution of the water.
  13. 13. ADVERSITING. To sell our product, we use different types of advertising as to sell our product. We use different types of advertising as : 1.The poster. 2.The spot arrive of radio. 3. Tv commercial. 4. In addition, also a jingle to identify our product. With the purpose of get a big prestige in the ecological environment.
  14. 14. BENEFIT OF SOUP Wha is a Benefit ?The benefits are the advantages of the product to the consumer.1 . Foam free.2. Right price.3.Is ecologist.4. Found in any supermarket.
  15. 15. IN THE PRICE Speaking of promotion, we to communicate, inform and publicize the existence of our product to the consumer , a soap made with high price for that, thus we can create a feeling of quality.
  16. 16. Finally, we concluded that thedevelopment of this project required alot of strategies and bases that wereacquired during our training, bothacademically and personally as wetaught various methods to developourselves and give our best to todayssociety in which we will find in the future.
  17. 17. Thus, it‟s time that we become awareof the great harm that we are causingnot only beaches, also in entire theenvironment. It‟s time to reflect aboutour actions towards our planet andwere going to be more realistic andthink about the consequences inaddition to being socially responsibleabout pollution.