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  1. 1. MonaVie and You ®
  2. 2. “MonaVie may not be the best company in the world, but rather, the best company for the world.” — Dallin Larsen, CEO of MonaVie
  3. 3. A Record of SuccessCommunity Commerce• $132.2 billion industry• 87.6 million distributors• No borders: International and domestic opportunities• Potentially generate income 24/7MonaVie• Ranked in the top 10 worldwide• Fastest networking company to reach $1 billion in sales• Commissions paid weekly over 7 years, totaling more than $1 billion• Inc. 500 (2009) ‐‐ #1 in Food and Beverage category• Ernst & Young LLP Entrepreneur of the Year: ‐‐ Dallin A. Larsen, CEO of MonaVie• A+ Accredited Business ‐‐ Better Business Bureau• 4 Patents
  4. 4. MARKET TRENDS 1 HEALTH IN A BOTTLE Health and wellness products projected to be a $1.9 trillion global market (Stanford Research Institute). 2 HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Nutrition and weight loss products will be a $276.5 billion global market (Stanford Research Institute). 3 Energizing the Field The energy drink market will reach $38.9 billion by 2014 (Business Insights).
  5. 5. Top Economic ForecastingFirm Maria Fiorini Ramirez Inc.Optimistic for MonaVie Future“It’s an honor to be recognized by Bloomberg magazine as the numberone forecasting firm for the last two years relative to our economic andmarket forecasting. Here’s another forecast for all MonaVie distributorsaround the world: MonaVie’s best days are in front of them, not behind.I can say with confidence that there’s never been a better time to enrolland build a MonaVie business, anywhere in the world.”— Maria Fiorini Ramirez, Member of the MonaVie Board of DirectorsMaria Fiorini Ramirez Inc. was recently recognized by Bloomberg magazine asthe No. 1 global economic forecasting firm for the last two years.
  6. 6. The Science ToProve The Value ofMONAVIE ProductsMonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner• Get your Life Score with the patented technology available only through MonaVie• Improve your antioxidant defenses with MonaVie VIEW certified products• Guaranteed to improve antioxidant levels with the VIEW 60-Day Money Back Guarantee• Build your business with the VIEW opportunity exclusively available with MonaVie• Get on the
  7. 7. MONAVIE BIOESSENCE ™Optimal bioavailability—that’s theMonaVie BioEssence promise. ™ • Ensures the highest level of nutritional benefit and product potency • Promotes improved bioavailability, facilitating nutrient absorption • Supports increased absorption of vitamins, minerals,and antioxidantsMonaVie BioEssence certifiesthat every MonaVie product isas efficacious as it is delicious.
  8. 8. MONAVIE Health JuicesProducts with Purpose • MonaVie MX —3-in-1 juice cocktail for joint, immune, ® and antioxidant support* • MonaVie Active —support joint health and flexibility* ® • MonaVie (M)mun —optimize your immune system* ® • MonaVie Pulse —support your cardiovascular system* ® • MonaVie Essential —provide powerful antioxidant ® protection*featureS: • Patented AçaVie —the world’s purest, most potent form ® of the superfruit açai* • Enlivenox —10 times more polyphenols than traditional açai* ® • Powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  9. 9. MonaVie RVL PremierWeight Solution ®Reveal Your Best Self ®Weight loss and diet control is a $61 billion market.*The most nutrient density. The most nutrient variety. • RVL Nutrition Shake ® • RVL Dietary Supplement ® • RVL Pro 10 HDH Protein Bar ® • RVL Snack Bar ® “The right products. The right program. The right results!” Mark Macdonald MonaVie RVL Spokesman Health & Fitness Contributor * “The US Weight Loss and Diet Control Market, 11th Edition” - Market Data Enterprises, Inc.
  11. 11. MonaVie Energy BlendsHealthy. Sustained. Energy. ™ • MonaVie EMV ® • MonaVie EMV Lite ®Pure, natural energy without the jitters and subsequent crash. * • Increase energy • Enhance performance* • Promote alertness* • Support endurance* MonaVie EMV Validated by Informed Choice and WADA Standards* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  12. 12. MonaVie ElementsCustomize Your NutritionMonaVie Nutritional Chemistry delivers ™head-to-toe wellness. • MonaVie BR brain support ™ • MonaVie GL glucose support ™ • MonaVie MN men’s vitamin ™ and mineral supplement • MonaVie WM women’s vitamin ™ and mineral supplement • MonaVie CH children’s vitamin ™ and mineral supplement
  13. 13. Dream Recently?The MonaVie opportunity allows youto achieve your dreams.Start now, not later! • Be in business for yourself • Travel the world with free trips • Create the ability to give • Own your own home • Provide financial freedom for your family • Save for your children’s education • Retire young and enjoy lifeToday is your day!
  14. 14. Don’t Build orBuy a Business!“Network marketing gives people the opportunity, with verylow risk and very low financial commitment, to build theirown income-generating asset and acquire great wealth.”– Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and AuthorThree Life-changing Options: Start Your Own Business Need idea, time, and money Own a Franchise $100,000+ to get started Join MonaVie • Ready to go! • No risk—a proven opportunity • Proven turn-key system • International opportunity • Less than $1,500 to get started with an Executive Kit A More Meaningful Life.
  15. 15. Find MoreMeaning withMonaVieMonaVie is the way tofinancial freedomWake up to what’s happening:“Over the next 10 years, the US economy willcreate 10 million new millionaires…. Two of thestrongest emerging industries where this growthwill occur are wellness and network marketing.”— Paul Zane Pilzer, Author and Noted Financial ExpertMonaVie is the home of opportunity and success. • Every 25 days a new MonaVie millionaire is created
  16. 16. The Goodness ofProsperityOur generous and innovative compensation plan rewardsdistributors and creates profitability with 9 ways to earn:1. Team Commissions Earn on the volume generated through your placement tree. Earn up to $10,000 per week for each business center, a total of $40,000 per week as a Black Diamond!2. Executive Check Match Earn a matching bonus on the Team Commissions paid to distributors in your enrollment tree. Earn Executive Check Match on up to seven generations of executives in your organization!3. Direct Sales Bonus4. Preferred Customer Bonus5. Executive Order Bonus6. First Order Bonus7. Star Achiever Bonus8. Rank Advancement BONUs9. Leadership Bonus
  17. 17. MonaVie Rewards GET TO goldThose Who Start STARTS here!ProperlyYou can sponsor an unlimited number of people. Left Team Right TeamStart with a proper order of 1,000 PV andmaximize the Compensation Plan: • Junior Executive Kit YOU Earn $100 with each 500PV kit Level 1 • Senior Executive Kit Earn $200 with each 1,000PV kit Level 2
  18. 18. GET TO gold Continues here! YOU LEFT TEAM RIGHT TEAM Team Commission You can earn up to $10,000 per week P P when your left andLevel 1 right teams order 1,000 cases or more of MonaVie HealthLevel 2 P Juices or RVL products.Level 3 P • • •Level 10 P – Personally Enrolled – Autoship
  19. 19. MONAVIE Achievement levels Rise To The TopAverage Annual Earning Potential* Black Diamond - $912,698 White Diamond - $826,151 Purple Diamond - $672,498 Blue Diamond - $443,852 Diamond - $244,690 Emerald - $151,880 Ruby - $104,508 Gold - $53,186 Silver - $30,231 Bronze - $18,908 Star 1000 - $9,572 Star 500 - $4,092 10 20 40 60 100 200 300 400 500 600 1000 1500 Average Number of Cases Per Week ** This example of a perfect organization is for demonstration purposes only. Your success in building such an organization will depend on your skill, work ethic, the efforts of your downline, and market conditions.
  20. 20. Ranks and rewards Star Star 250 Star 500 Star 1000 Bronze Silver Gold Ruby Emerald Diamond $250* $500* $1,000* $1,500* $2,500* $5,000* Qualify for 1x Qualify for1x Qualify for yearly Milestone Rewards Cruise For Gold* Ruby Fly-in* Diamond Destination* at each rank Midway, Utah Maui, Hawaii advancment Blue Purple White Black Royal Presidential Imperial Crowne Double Crowne Triple Crowne Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Black Diamond Black Diamond Black Diamond Black Diamond Black Diamond Black Diamond $10,000* $15,000* $25,000* $50,000* $100,000* $300,000* $600,000* $1,000,000* $2,000,000* $3,000,000* Qualify for monthly Qualify for Qualify for1x Qualify for1x $1,500 Black Diamond Mercedes Car Allowance* yearly Luxury Car Stratospheric Adventure* and yearly Black Diamond Celebrations* Yacht Trip* Bonus* MonaVie is taking you out of this world!* As you advance in rank, you will earn cash bonuses and other rewards. MonaVie will pay you a one time Rank Advancement Bonus if you are 200-active and qualified in the week prior to the week(s) that are used to become eligible for this bonus and if you are 200-active and qualified in the week you achieve the new rank. You must be 200-active and qualified when you reach each rank to earn the rewards.
  21. 21. MVP—MonaVie Values People“When choosing a company to work with, theproduct is not the most important consideration.The number one reason I recommend networkmarketing is for its system of real-world businesseducation and personal development.”– Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and AuthorDevelop the skills for success • The MVP Velocity Kit • MVP Lifelong Learning Monthly Subscription
  22. 22. Start Off RightWhat is your interest level? Select the right Enrollment Kit for you! Junior Executive Senior Executive 500 PV Pack 1,000 PV Pack Your dreams will remain dreams until you take action. Get going today! * Enrollment kits feature MonaVie products and tools. Kit contents may be updated at any time and without notice. Contents shown may not reflect current offering. Consult your Virtual Office for current kit contents.
  23. 23. Income Disclosure Statement - GLOBAL (FULL-Year) 2011The Income Disclosure Statement is a reflection of MonaVie’s rewarding opportunity. The following chart represents the average global earnings of the ranks of MonaVie Distributorsworldwide and provides high, low, and average weekly income information, as well as annualized averages. Weekly Weeks to Advance in Rank % of Aver- Weekly Income (The number of weeks for each rank is Annualized Average Active Distributor Rank age Weekly calculated from date of enrollment) Average Amount Hours Distributors High Low Average Amount Worked* Min Max Average Distributor 70% $2,200 $0 $32 $1,681 2 n/a n/a n/a Star 20% $2,200 $0 $45 $2,314 3 1 341 9 Star 500 5% $2,130 $50 $79 $4,092 3 1 341 12 Star 1000 2% $3,545 $100 $184 $9,572 3 1 354 18 Bronze Executive 1% $4,691 $200 $364 $18,908 3 1 355 24 Silver Executive 1% $4,913 $300 $581 $30,231 3 1 330 29 Gold Executive <1% $8,400 $500 $1,023 $53,186 3 1 330 36 Ruby Executive <1% $6,736 $1,000 $2,010 $104,508 5 2 302 50 Emerald Executive <1% $9,803 $1,507 $2,921 $151,880 6 2 342 61 Diamond Executive <1% $14,824 $2,016 $4,706 $244,690 7 3 300 70 Blue Diamond Executive <1% $25,354 $2,596 $8,536 $443,852 10 4 302 73 Purple Diamond <1% $30,000 $4,560 $12,933 $672,498 17 4 373 90 Black Diamond <1% $40,000 $8,670 $17,552 $912,698 13 5 373 99 Royal Black Diamond Executive and Above <1% $75,913 $15,031 $44,947 $2,337,251 >40 104 333 172The income statistics above are for all MonaVie Distributors who were paid bonuses during the period from becomes a Retailer (but not a Distributor). In August, she again qualifies as a Distributor but fails to remainJanuary 1, 2011 to December 30, 2011, at the above ranks, including the cash values of jet credits, rank qualified for the remainder of the year. For the purposes of this Income Disclosure Statement, Mary will only beadvancement bonuses, and distributor award trips. A “Distributor” is defined as any person who: (1) executed considered a Distributor during the months of April, May, and August. The average annualized income fora MonaVie Distributor Application and Agreement; (2) has sponsored at least one person; (3) has received all Distributors during this period was $2,104.11. During 2011, approximately 85% of individuals whoat least one non-retail bonus; and (4) has been active in any of the eight weeks preceding the bonus period executed a MonaVie Distributor Application and Agreement, and made at least one purchase in the last(to learn the requirements for being an “active” distributor in your market, reference your country specific twelve months, are considered wholesale customers.MonaVie Compensation Plan document). Note that this excludes retail customers, preferred customers, retailers(those who have received a retail bonus only), pre-enrollees, distributors who did not renew, and customers, The earnings of the Distributors in this chart are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that aretailers, or distributors whose relationships with MonaVie were revoked. An individual who has executed a MonaVie Distributor can or will earn through his or her participation in the MonaVie Compensation Plan. YourMonaVie Independent Distributor Application and Agreement, but has not fulfilled the four criteria enumerated success depends upon your skills, work effort, and market conditions. MonaVie does not guarantee any level ofabove is not a Distributor. That person is simply a wholesale customer. If, and only when, all four criteria are income or your success.satisfied does that person become a Distributor. Accordingly, the status of an individual can, and sometimesdoes, change throughout the course of a year. For example, Mary enrolls as a Customer in February. In April,she qualifies to become a Distributor and maintains her qualification through May. In June she is inactive, and * These figures are derived from a survey of approximately 12,000 distributors performed by MonaVie throughtherefore, her status is that of a customer. In July, she begins retailing products to a few customers, and thus, our online order system.
  24. 24. ® P R O J E C TFounded as a non-profit, charitable organiza-tion by MonaVie in 2005, MORE Project ®works to achieve the vision of empoweringindividuals living in poverty to break the cycleof fear and hopelessness.Service Areas Active Projects • Education • Brazil • Food Support • Mexico • Shelter • India • Medical Care • Thailand • Dental Care • Psychological Care • Disaster Relief ‐‐ Haiti Earthquake Relief ‐‐ Japan Tsunami Relief ‐‐ Thailand Flood Relief Click for Kids through your back office today! Donate through AutoShip or Commissions to provide food, education, and shelter to kids in need. Help change a life today. To find out more, go to themoreproject.org
  25. 25. where do you see yourself?BECOME A MONAVIE CUSTOMER BECOME A monavie DISTRIBUTOR• Get your MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner • Enroll with an Executive Kit and AutoShip Quick Scan or Life Score • Get your MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner• Order products online or through your Quick Scan or Life Score distributor as a preferred customer • Get the MVP Velocity Kit• Watch your score improve as you enjoy • Sponsor your first two distributors and host a the health benefits of MonaVie products Home Business Review (HBR) • Attend an MVP event and a MonaVie Convention
  26. 26. Start CreatingA More Meaningful Life ® with MonaVie Today! ® ©2012 MonaVie LLC MonaVie is a trademark of MonaVie LLC, registered in the U.S. and other countries. US_EN_0912