UNITED AIRLINES              c ase study

                                              C D G h e lps United Airlines d...
UNITED AIRLINES             c ase study

                             Executive, Bradley Morrison. “United needed        ...
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CDG Case Study-United Airlines


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This case study by CDG describes a project in which CDG helped United Airlines improve efficiency and accuracy in handling of its engineering drawings.

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CDG Case Study-United Airlines

  1. 1. UNITED AIRLINES c ase study C D G h e lps United Airlines digitize their extensive library of engineering d r a w i n g s and other maintenance records, giving UAL engineers and m a i n t e n ance personnel online access to mission-critical information. United Services is the maintenance and day an aircraft was grounded waiting for Industry: engineering services division of United maintenance. Airlines. It operates as a global full- Commercial Airline service maintenance, repair, and overhaul “Back then, it was especially challenging (MRO) provider, specializing in repair whenever engineering drawings were needed Customer: and reconditioning of avionics, engines, outside the maintenance operations center United Airlines – United Services Division landing gear, and aircraft line maintenance facility,” says United Services Engineering operations. To keep their fleet up and running Supervisor, Andy DeWild. “It was very time Scope: to meet on-time performance goals, United consuming to print these drawings using • Scan more than a quarter million Services maintenance technicians and our microfilm reader equipment. The aperture cards containing engineering engineers must have access to the latest reader equipment was aging, and it was drawings for the United Airlines fleet. engineering data in order to perform aircraft very difficult to get parts or repair services • Ensure that documents and files are not maintenance tasks accurately and in a timely when the equipment failed, which could lost or damaged in transit or processing. manner. cause additional delays. Also, because we relied on hard copies, United ran the risk that • Load digital image files into a secure mechanics or engineers would unknowingly C h a l l e n ge network environment accessible The United Services records library maintains use an outdated engineering drawing that to United Airlines personnel and selected suppliers worldwide. nearly 400,000 engineering drawings for the had recently been revised. We needed entire United Airlines fleet, both past and to find a way to distribute these drawings • Establish security provisions to control present. These records include drawings electronically to speed up this process and and limit access to specific documents avoid these risks and delays.” of parts, systems, and components for the based on individual user profiles. aircraft in the UAL fleet, with both original drawings created by United engineers as Solution Solution: well as others created by suppliers. Many Looking ahead, United recognized that • Establish a CDG imaging production airlines , including United, had typically these paper-based approaches would not be center on-site at United Services facilities in San Francisco. stored these types of drawings in paper or able to support their rapidly growing global microfilm format. maintenance operations. They adopted • Load digital files onto CDG’s a more progressive and forward-thinking secure hosted web portal solutions, When an aircraft required maintenance, approach, by searching for technology-based CDG Secure On-Demand™. mechanics would request the latest solutions that could provide the convenience engineering drawings for the particular aircraft and security they needed to deliver their • Set up stringent security provisions to control access to files and integrate on which they were working. Library staff critical engineering drawings electronically. with United’s internal network would print hard copies of these drawings United turned to CDG, a Boeing Company, user authentication system. using aperture card reader/printers. These to help digitize their extensive library of hard copies would then be distributed to the engineering drawings and load these records • Result: Eliminated risks associated maintenance technicians. If maintenance with loss of critical documents, onto CDG’s 24/7 online document repository achieved significant improvements was being performed at off-site facilities, solution, CDG Secure On-Demand™. in productivity and maintenance hard copies were sent via overnight courier, turn times, reduced overall costs incurring additional expenses and delays. “United told us that they were looking for a associated with accessing engineering These delays associated with processing solution that met three objectives: Reduce and maintenance documents. paper drawings resulted in hundreds of risk, prevent revenue losses, and protect thousands of dollars in lost revenue for every proprietary data,” commented CDG Account continued on back
  2. 2. UNITED AIRLINES c ase study Executive, Bradley Morrison. “United needed Andy DeWild states, “Today, authorized to get engineering drawings into the hands mechanics, engineers and other airline of their maintenance operators as quickly personnel at United can search and retrieve as possible so aircraft could be repaired and these maintenance drawings instantly from returned to service to generate revenue. They anywhere in the world. It was a huge process needed to ensure that maintenance personnel improvement for us, and it helped us see a were always referencing the latest engineering significant time savings and a reduction in our drawings. And finally, they needed to protect overall costs associated with retrieving this proprietary data belonging to their suppliers. information.” We were able to help them accomplish all of these objectives, without compromising United Airlines is the launch customer for CDG’s regulatory compliance requirements.” Secure On-Demand™ solution for airlines. This FAA-accepted solution has proven to CDG deployed a team of specialists trained to be so successful that United is considering manage large-scale imaging and conversion adding additional maintenance records and projects on-site at customer facilities. The CDG files to the system. The long-term vision is that team set up scanning equipment and personnel United Services will have a single, centralized on-site at United Services headquarters at resource to help manage and maintain their San Francisco International Airport. Within library of engineering-related documents. 2 months, CDG’s team scanned more than a quarter of a million drawings from United’s About CDG engineering archives. Once the aperture cards CDG, a Boeing Company, is a world-class were scanned and indexed, CDG loaded the strategic partner for engineering-driven digital drawing files into CDG’s Secure On- organizations that develop, support, and Demand™ online document management maintain complex equipment. By relying on portal, customized specifically for United CDG to improve the overall effectiveness Airlines maintenance operations. of equipment support and maintenance processes, CDG’s partners are able to Security was also a top priority. United wanted concentrate on their core business, increase to ensure that only authorized personnel had efficiency, and ultimately provide enhanced access to engineering data. CDG Project value to their customers. Manager Tom Spangler recalls, “To meet United’s security requirements, we applied CDG offers more than 40 years of experience security layers down to the ‘document’ and and highly skilled global engineering and data ‘end user’ level. This allowed United to share management teams to deliver high quality files with its users, managers, and suppliers in services and solutions for aerospace and a controlled environment. We also took steps defense, commercial aviation, manufacturing to ensure that a maintenance technician would and other engineering-focused industries. only have access to the latest ‘current’ drawings, CDG’s customers benefit from its ability to and not outdated versions of drawings. We structure flexible solutions based on unique then tied the entire system into United’s own customer requirements. internal network user authentication system. As technicians, engineers and authorized vendors For more information, visit the CDG website join or leave the United network, their access at www.cdgnow.com, or send e-mail to privileges to Secure On-Demand™ are also marketing@cdgnow.com. updated instantly.” UALCS-MKTG-GB-051010-A © CDG 6141 Katella Ave., Cypress, CA 90630-5202 phone: (714) 503-4200 fax: (714) 827-5111 email: marketing@cdgnow.com