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SEO Service Corporation offers a comprehensive range of Search Marketing solutions including, but not limited to, SEO, SEM, Google Penalty Removal, Conversion Optimization, PPC, Content Marketing, Retargeting and Online Reputation Management.

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  • Initiative tailored to google, tougher to please and biger market
  • SEO Service Corp - Company presentation

    1. 1. INTRODUCTIONA full service Internet Marketing
    2. 2. About SEO Service Corporation (SSC) Established in 2013, SSC is a dedicated full service Internet Marketingcompany with offices in Delhi NCR, Mumbai & Guwahati. We provide customized and out of the box online marketing solutions foronline businesses in US, EMEA & APAC regions. We have a team of world class digital marketers who had beeninstrumental in strategizing Digital Marketing campaigns for Fortune 500s,SMBs and Startups.
    3. 3. The leadership teamAmarjeet Sharma | Co-founderAmarjeet has co-founded the company with Momy and Banajeet in 2013. The team has created a full fledged DigitalMarketing Agency with offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Guwahati. He brings with him 8 years of experience in DigitalMarketing. Prior to SSC, he had successfully lead the India Operation of Adlift Marketing Pvt Limited and had beeninstrumental in driving the company to become one of India’s leading Online Marketing agency.Momy Saikia | Co-founderMomy Saikia comes with a very diverse background. She started her career as a Subsea Engineer but later found hercalling in Marketing and Advertising, and Corporate communication. After working for 4 years as consultant in the Oil andGas Industry across the globe, she moved back to India and has since worked in business development for IIM Kashipur,finished a brief stint with United Nations in change management communication and worked as a copywriter at an adagency. With over 6 years of diverse work experience, she brings her wide expertise and creativity to all the campaigns likeno other.Banajeet Sharma | Co-founderBanajeet Sharma has over 7 years of experience in Search Marketing with a proven track record of developing successfuldigital campaigns, encompassing the 7 forms of Online Marketing (SEO, Email, Social Media, Affiliate, Search Marketing,Display & Re-Marketing). Banajeet was the Head of Digital Marketing for Ranghar Education Institutes Limited, where hewas responsible for SEO & SEM implementation. He played a significant role in helping Fast Rankings Online Pvt. Ltdbecome the 1st BPO company of the North East India. Banajeet has also worked as a marketing consultant for RoyalHotels, Goa.
    4. 4. Internet Marketing Strategy & Branding SolutionsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Social Media OptimizationPaid Advertising (Search, Social & Display)Google Penalty ReversalOnline Reputation Management (ORM)Content Services & Blog ManagementOur service offeringsSEOServiceCorporationWeb Development & Designing
    5. 5. Our approachWe will identify your targeted audience and undertake focussed campaigns to helpyou realise your primary objectives.Primary ObjectivesIncrease ConversionsIncrease Values ofTransactionIncrease Lifetime Valuesof a ClientIncrease ClientRetentions and UpsalesNext StepsIncrease VisitsIncrease Tweets/Shares /G+IncreaseFollowers /FansIncrease BrandMentionsIncrease PreConversion ActionImmediate ImpactHigh QualityLink BuildingOnpageIncrease DA /PA /AlexaIncrease PageRankIncrease CrawlRateIncreaseRankings
    6. 6. Online Marketing ServicesOnlineReputationManagement(ORM)• Online ChannelListening• Search EngineReputationManagement• Positive ReviewCreation• Online BrandManagementSocial MediaMarketing(SMM)• AudienceSegmentation• Profile Creation& management• Social MediaPlatform Audit• SocialEngagementSearch EngineMarketing(SEM)/PPC• CompetitorResearch• Bidding &AdvancedOptimization• Retargeting,PredictiveModeling• Testing• zSearch EngineOptimization(SEO)• KeywordResearch &CompetitorAnalysis• Content Strategy• Technical SEOand PlatformArchitecture• LinkDevelopmentTracking & Measuring PerformanceStrategy & PlanningIdentify Target Audience
    7. 7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    8. 8. SEO Services that drives rankingOn Page Strategy Consulting Off Page OptimizationKeyword ResearchCompetitor AnalysisTechnical SEOContent AnalysisAdvanced SEOReportingGuest PostsInfographicsContent MarketingBlogs & ProfilesSocial MentionsPremium Links
    9. 9. SEO - OnPage Services
    10. 10. Keyword AnalysisKeyword Analysis & Recommendations• Analyzing keyword sets for the vertical.• Analyzing head, torso and tail segments using 3rd party tools , including Google Keyword Tool,wordtracker and internal analytics.• Creating a “go to” keyword document that cements the foundation for all future SEO projectsand recommendations – referred as Keyword-URL mapping document.
    11. 11. Technical & Advanced SEOAdvanced SEO Strategies• Providing strategy recommendation to created advanced interlinking modules within the site.These include:o Related Searcheso Product recommendation engineso Micro-formats implementationsTechnical SEO (Platform & Architecture)• Create and deliver technical site audit• Analyze existing platform andarchitecture strengths and weaknessesfrom an SEO standpoint.• Launch and deliver an informationarchitecture project that includes:o Navigational Analysis & Recommendationo URL structureo 301 redirects and canonical tagso Crawlability & Indexing Issueso Sitemap Strategy
    12. 12. Content AnalysisContent Strategy• Analyze current content across all pages and deliver a content strategy that increasestraffic to existing and new content pages.• Work closely with content teams of Client to evangelize the importance of SEO andshare best practices.Title & Meta Tag Recommendations• Based on keyword analysis, we would create unique title & meta tags for each page onyour website, using SEO best practices.
    13. 13. Competitor AnalysisCompetitive Analysis• On Page analysis of competitor sets and best in class SEO sites.• Link analysis of competitor sets and best in class SEO sites.• Work closely with Client’s business teams to integrate their competitive leanings.YourCompetitors areyour bestTeachers
    14. 14. SEO Link building services
    15. 15. Developing Quality Links Is KeySearch for relevant sites to link fromBoost Ranking for competitive keywords1 234Acquire high quality LinksAnalyze Quality of the Linking Site
    16. 16. Infographics, Guest Posts, Articles, PR, Social Mentions
    17. 17. Competitive Link Audit : Get unique link building ideas
    18. 18. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    19. 19. Our SEM ProcessOptimized Ad CreationKeyword SelectionAd Copy optimizationBudget OptimizationBid OptimizationPost Campaign Optimization/TrackingBehavioral Re-Targetting
    20. 20. Keyword Selection – Targeting Keywords That are ROI+Ad Creation & TestingSteps to Create Ad3 simple steps will drive you to theamazing online advertising channels•Keywords•Ads creative (T&Ds)•Bid and Ad positionCompetitive Analysis – Ad copiesEffective Campaign – Three Pillars of Success
    21. 21.  Catalogs Pages Shopping carts Check-outs Subscription Sign-ups Product configurators Store locatorsLanding Page Optimization and Testing (A/B or Multivirate)4123 Optimize promotionalelements Good candidates for MVT Optimize data collectionand application flow Good candidates for A/Btesting
    22. 22. Display Advertising
    23. 23. Our Display Advertising ProcessRetargetingDisplay AdvertisingPixel IntegrationCreative ManagementPlanning & BuyingPost Campaign Optimization/TrackingNew AudienceExtension
    24. 24. YourWebsite/product_details pageYourAdYour WebsiteYour WebsiteRetargeting - Continue The ConversationOn average, 98%of the prospectsvisiting your siteleave withoutconverting.A prospectmight abandonfrom the homepage or detailedproduct pages.Your ads appearon sites they liketo visit, ensuringyou stay in theirsight.The prospectreturns andcompletes thetransaction.14 32
    25. 25. Audience Extension – Reach new users that are similar toexisting customers – Look-alike targeting1. Users visit your website 2. Google ad network analyzesadvertisements, that areconverting customers, to create aprofile segment based on criteria,including demographics andonline behaviors3. Google ad network matches newusers, based on these profilesegments, to display relevantadvertisements when those usersbrowse the internet.4. New users visitadvertiser’s siteYour Website
    26. 26. Audience Extension – Target users based on their browsingbehavior and interests – Behavioral TargetingANALYZE CLUSTER TARGETInternet AudienceGoogle AdPlannerContextual/BehavouralSegmentationParentsPrivacy Advocates
    27. 27. Social Media Optimization
    28. 28. Social Need AnalysisTarget IdentificationProfile OptimizationCampaign StrategyManagement & MonitoringEngagementMonitoringTracking & AnalyticsOur Approach - SMO
    29. 29. Social Need Analysis & Target IdentificationWe perform social need analysis to determine the socialnetwork(s) that we need to target, based on your productor service offerings.Where can I find myTarget Audience ?
    30. 30. Profile Optimization & SetupsWe optimize, create and setup your profile on different Social Networkingplatforms, with proper Description and Design and SEO integrated. Theseactions help to rank your accounts higher in Search Engines for business. Wealso install meaningful plugins in every account to create additional features foruser engagement and credibility.
    31. 31. Strategy, Management, Monitoring & EngagementCampaign Strategy:We strategize campaignsaccording to geographic anddemographic target audience foryour business to ensuremaximum ROIManagement, Monitoring & Engagement: We monitor all social channelsand engage proactively on your behalf or as third party, depending on yourrequirement. For engagement we always try to update every onlinenetwork with proper content, polls, contests, images and videos.
    32. 32. ORM & Group ManagementOnline Reputation Management & Social Listening:Online is the fastest media and can hit you like a storm, ifanything goes wrong. We keep a tab on all social channelsand help you manage your brand reputation by takingproactive stance in any discussion about your brand.To create maximum online buzz for your business and services, we create /participate in online group discussions on your behalf, that are relevant to yourbusiness. Further we try to create more awareness about your business ondifferent online networks.
    33. 33. Reporting
    34. 34. Reporting & Executive CommunicationReporting• Analyze and benchmark current reporting for SEO.• Create specifications for reports that are needed by the Client’s marketing team tobenchmark performance.• Deliver monthly reports for link building and rankings for core SEO initiatives.Executive Communication• A Review of tasks, responsibilities and expected Deliverables before each phase.• Regular meetings with Project Stake Holders.• Identification of Project Concerns, Risks and Issues.• Obtaining Stakeholder Feedback and Taking Appropriate Actions.• Measures of Success.
    35. 35. Contact 882 650 4789Amarjeet SharmaCo-founder | CEOMomy 981 938 0493Seoservicecorpwww.seoservicecorp.comSpecific | Measurable | Achievable | Realistic | Time ConstrainedCLICK HERE FOR A FREE AUDITREPORT OF YOUR WEBSITE(worth $799)