Presentation for momentum (scotland)


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Presentation for momentum (scotland)

  1. 1. Is fitness and physical activity at a crossroads?
  2. 2. Private Sector is Looking Sick
  3. 3. CVA and closuresKlick Fitness is a disasterDLL / PURE / The GYM up for salelost £16 million last yearTotal Fitness Closures and Losseshanding franchises backCurves close over 100 sites
  4. 4. 488 million visits a year of trustsTotal number of trusts in 2013 – 11661.6 million members of trusts
  5. 5. Alternative Classes Growing In Popularity
  6. 6. Are we deceiving ourselves?
  7. 7. NHS £4 million2000 GP’s now refer to weightwatchers50 years experience
  8. 8. The consumer response : participate or party?
  9. 9. The digitally enhanced Olympics
  10. 10. Performative spectating
  11. 11. “Which of the following, if any, have you done on the internet in the last 6 months? Used aservice (such as Facebook, reddit, Digg, or Twitter) to share something I’ve foundonline”2010: 37%2011: 39%2012: 42%Source: nVision Research | Base all individuals aged 16-74, GBSharing society : strengthening in momentum
  12. 12. • The BBC says it saw a peak of 26.9 millionviewers tuning in for the opening ceremony;some 26.3 million remained sufficientlycaptivated to watch the closing ceremony.• Channel 4, meanwhile, reported anaudience of 11.2 million for the opening ofthe Paralympics, the station’s biggest totalfor more than 10 years.A golden games
  13. 13. Sport UK : an upward lift?Sport UK : an upward lift?Fitness and sport : an upward lift?
  14. 14.  Yet in initial post-Olympictracking, some of thegreatest enthusiasm hasbeen expressed for greatelevels of participationamong children.Did we inspire a (future) generationSource: ComRes/nVision | Base: 2,026 online respondents, GB, Au
  15. 15. • During London 2012, records were notset only on the track, in the ring, in thewater and around the velodrome…• So too did the major social networks seeintense levels of activity. Twitter, forexample, announced that the athletics hadcreated a new highest “tweets per minute”rate. And the Photo-Phile Cultureflourished too, with Instagram reportingthat it had hosted 650,000+ photoscarrying the #olympics hashtag. Thenumbers “following” or “liking” varioushigh-profile athletes also leapt in number.• In such a context, it seems legitimate totalk of the social games, with networksbecoming the quick and easy outletthrough which millions of spectatorsshared their locations, views andexcitement.Or are we more ready to share our performative leisureexperience
  16. 16. Social followers : the Olympic boostSources: Facebook and Twitte
  17. 17. Twitter claimed that it had been the “front row seat for all the action” -noting that 150 million Olympic-related tweets had been posted duringthe 16 days of the Games, with highlights and records including:• Bolt winning the 200m sprint final (80,000+ tweets per minute).• Bolt winning the 100m (74,000+)• Murray winning tennis gold (57,000+)• 9 Olympians generating 1 million+ tweets each.Twitter records : going faster than Bolt
  18. 18. Social games : encouragement not hard to find
  19. 19. LegacyThe London games have thus created a nation of professionalised spectators – and itis this which will be 2012’s most immediate legacy.
  20. 20. Examples of participation and performative leisure
  21. 21. Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar
  22. 22. South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture
  23. 23. Aberdeenshire Council
  24. 24. Thank you for your timeDavid MintonDirectorThe Leisure Database