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MomentFeed Case Study: Texas Roadhouse 12/11/12


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This case study demonstrates how Texas Roadhouse increased social-mobile engagement from their customers across their 390+ U.S. locations. One of the key findings was that content published to their local Facebook Place pages saw 71 percent higher engagement than content posted to their brand page.

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MomentFeed Case Study: Texas Roadhouse 12/11/12

  1. 1. Case Study: Using MomentFeed to IncreaseCustomer Engagement at the Local Level 8/1/2012-11/19/2012
  2. 2. Results Summary Since coming online with MomentFeed on 8/1/2012, Texas Roadhouse increased performance across all major Facebook KPIs for their local Place Pages People Talking About This Place Page Likes +67.52% +5.33% Customers Checking In Unique Organic Impressions +33.02% +145.14% Customers Tagging Locations Unique Viral Impressions +54.25% +75.47%
  3. 3. Increased Earned Media Local ContentContent published tolocal Facebook PlacePages has generatedroughly 21 millionbrand impressionsfor Texas Roadhouse
  4. 4. Local Advantage Brand Page Local Pages Vs. Average Engagement Rate of 0.52% Average Engagement Rate of 0.89% Content posted to Texas Roadhouse’s Local Place Pages received 71% more engagement than content published to the brand pageLocal vs. Brand data is based on the 2 month period of 9/19-11/19
  5. 5. How Texas Roadhouse Accomplished These Results 1. PinSync Venue Optimization 2. Regular publishing at the local level 3. Engaging local customers through social CRM tools
  6. 6. PinSync ✦ Registered all venues on Foursquare (Facebook Place pages were already registered) ✦ Identified and merged duplicate venues on Foursquare and Facebook ✦ Fixed geocode data for all venues on Foursquare and Facebook ✦ Updated inaccurate location data (address, category, etc.)
  7. 7. Local Publishing✦ Daily sharing and publishing of local contentto Facebook Place Pages
  8. 8. Social CRM✦ Daily replies to and “Likes” of local customer content
  9. 9. MomentFeed Benefits‣ Efficient social marketing management down to the local level‣ Increase customer engagement, word of mouth, and sales‣ Competitive advantage through local customer intelligence and marketing insights
  10. 10.