The tv industry on mobile


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3 mobile TV projects showing where the TV industry is heading on mobile.

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The tv industry on mobile

  1. 1. MobileandtheTVindustry Threeimportantinitiativesonourradar
  2. 2. In this document, we want to highlight 3 recent initiatives in the TV industry that respond to the need of the audience to consume content where and when they want it, in the most convenient and social way possible. Time Warner is getting started with the iPad and shows the prototype on YouTube. The rst version lets you program and record the shows you want to watch. You can even start watching on your iPad and pick up where you left off from your home. In response to a multitasking audience, ABC launches an iPad app that syncs with a TV show and gives the audience exclusive content in real time. Also in response to a multitasking audience, GetGlue lets its users check-in when watching a TV show and chat about it with friends.
  3. 3. Time Warner is getting started with the iPad, developing an application that will help cable subscribers remotely control their DVR cable box to record and manage programming.  Away from home and want to scan a program guide and record an upcoming show? The new app will let you do it.  Need to grab some video on-demand from Time Warner? Again, not a problem.  You can even start watching on your iPad and pick up where you left off from your home. Time Warner Cable presents the prototype of its iPad app on YouTube in 4 episodes. Watch the CEO, CTO, Group VP web development and the Director of Digital Communications browse through the app and discuss the development and opportunities that come with it. iPadPrototypefromTime WarnerCable “The iPad app lets you record tv shows just as your remote control does.” “We want to be more open and let consumers choose where and when they watch our shows. Not only on the iPad but on the other devices too”. “It’s not gonna be only the iPad. We are working on internet connected tv sets, different game machines and different pc’s”. “What we can do a company is embrace the change, innovate more quickly and make it easy for consumers”.
  4. 4. In Q1 2010, Nielsen data showed that, in the US, nearly 60% of people were watching TV and using the Internet on their computers simultaneously. With more and more consumers going online while they watch TV, many viewers have already been engaging in a two-screen experience, primarily using social media for ‘background chatter,’ or activity in the margins. The ABC’s My Generation iPad app let’s you interact with exclusive content pushed to your iPad while you watch My Generation on your TV. The app’s sync technology connects your iPad to your TV allowing you to participate in real time with the show. Utilizing a new technology, the app automatically synchronizes with My Generation using audio watermarks. No personal information or registration is required. ABC’sMyGeneration iPadApp Once synched, you get exclusive content: polls and quizzes, behind the scenes info, ... . All in real time.
  5. 5. GetGlue (competitors include Clicker Social, Miso, Philo, Tunersh and Relay) is a social network for movies, tv shows, music, and books. It’s much like Foursquare: check-in and rate TV shows, see what your friends are into and win free stuff such as stickers (instead of badges). GetGlue has recently signed on a number of new network partners, including MSNBC, AMC, Disney, HGTV and Discovery. Partnering with GetGlue helps the networks encourage fans to tune in during original broadcasts - driving Nielsen ratings - and to engage with shows throughout the season. According to GetGlue, the company had 8 million unique ratings and check-ins in August, up from 5 million in the previous month. Overall, GetGlue has 600,000 users, of which about 60 percent have signed up via Facebook. CheckinginonTVshows check-in and get stickers from your favorite tv shows
  6. 6. Patrice Kerremans is a 15 years technology veteran. He is a software architect and Scrum Master. He led the development of projects at IBM, Netitbe, CM, Electrabel, Axa Bank and Median. Edwin Speckamp is a 20 years project management veteran . He successfully held full responsibility for scope, schedule, cost, people and quality for projects at Oracle, IBM, CM, Banksys, Netitbe and Eurocontrol. Wim Vermeulen is a 20 years advertising veteran, with a traditional and digital advertising background. He was previously the Digital Director of Ogilvy Eastern Europe and Russia. Before that he worked in Belgium launching the rst Branded Entertainment tv show and the rst IDTV commercial. He is an international speaker on mobile internet and social media You can nd more on each of the founders on Patrice Kerremans Chief Technology Momad Edwin Speckamp Chief Operations Momad Wim Vermeulen Chief Creative Momad Whoweare.
  7. 7. We offer you the latest news on the Mobile Industry on Twitter. Our case studies are available on Slideshare, and the videos of our launch conference on YouTube. It all comes together on our desktop site at or on iPhone or Android. If you are a mobile user, you can also check ‘The State of Mobile’. Our nger on the pulse of the mobile industry. Wherecanyoufindus?