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For my senior marketing capstone project I had to create a theme-based personal marketing plan. This is my sports themed personal marketing plan. I created a media guide similar to media guides used by sports team.

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Media guide

  1. 1. Content2010-2025 Schedule ……………...…………………………….………..2Annual Budget ………………………………………………………….3Why Baltimore? ……………………………………….………………...72010-2025 Outlook …………………………………………..………..9About Mollye B. Peters ……………………………………………..….10Mission Statement ……………………………………………..………11Brand/Logo …………………………………………………………...12Baller the Monkey ……………………………………………………..13Personality Assessment ………………………………………………...14Job Opportunity ……………………………………………………...17Passion ……….……………………………………………………….20History and Records ………………………………………………...21Qualifications ………………………………………………………….22Education ……………………………………………………………...23Work Experience …………….………………………………………...25Membership ……………………..…………………………………….28Honors …………………………..……………………………………29Volunteer Work ………..……………………………………….……...30Contact Information ….……………………………………………….31Bibliography …………………………………………………………...32 1 Page
  2. 2. 2010-2025 Schedule2010 Graduate from Butler University with a Bachelors in French, International Management, and Marketing Get driver’s license (gwu GOOD.png) Create a business plan for an 2014 Irish Pub and Grill and Apply for JD/MBA programs present it to the Emerging with a Sports Management Restaurants Director at concentration, specifically Lettuce Entertain You George Washington University Enterprises in Chicago, IL 2015 Get a job in the sports industry Start JD/MBA program (work (Salary is $27,500) while going to school –2012 company will pay for graduate Move in with my boyfriend Matt school) Get a black Labrador and name Get married him 2019 Pods Graduate from JD/MBA after program (Increase salary by former $10,000) Chicago 2021 White Have first child – Son named Sox (Abraham, 2006) Tony Aiden player Scott Podsednik 20222013 Have second child – Daughter Find better job in the sports in- named Harley Vie dustry with an organization 2025 that will pay for graduate Move back to Chicago school (Increase salary by Get a marketing job with the $5,000) Chicago White Sox (Increase Move to Washington D.C. salary by $15,000) 2 Page
  3. 3. Annual Budget Income 1 $2,292PROJECTED MONTHLY Extra income $0INCOME Total monthly income $2,292 Income 1 $2,292ACTUAL MONTHLY IN- Extra income $0COME Total monthly income $2,292HOUSING Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceMortgage or rent $483 $483Phone $80 $80Electricity $0 $0Gas $0 $0Water and sewer $0 $0Cable $50 $50Waste removal $0 $0Maintenance or repairs $23 $23Supplies $0 $0Other $0 $0Subtotals $635 $0 $635TRANSPORTATION Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceVehicle payment $0Bus/taxi fare $150 $150Insurance $0Licensing $0Fuel $0Maintenance $0Other $0Subtotals $150 $0 $150INSURANCE Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceRenters $40 $40Health $0 $0Life $0 $0Other $0 $0Subtotals $40 $0 $40 3 Page
  4. 4. Annual BudgetPROJECTED BALANCE $391(Projected income minus expenses)ACTUAL BALANCE $2,292(Actual income minus expenses)DIFFERENCE $1,900(Actual minus projected)FOOD Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceGroceries $125 $125Dining out $100 $100Other $50 $50Subtotals $275 $0 $275PETS Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceFood $50 $50Medical $50 $50Grooming $20 $20Toys $10 $10Other $0 $0Subtotals $130 $0 $130TAXES Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceFederal $0 $0State $0 $0Local $0 $0Other $0 $0Subtotals $0 $0 $0PERSONAL CARE Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceMedical $0 $0Hair/nails $30 $30Clothing $100 $100Dry cleaning $0 $0Health club $0 $0Organization dues or fees $0 $0Other $0 $0Subtotals $130 $0 $130 4 Page
  5. 5. Annual BudgetENTERTAINMENT Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceVideo/DVD $20 $20CDs $0 $0Movies $20 $20Concerts $40 $40Sporting events $60 $60Live theater $0 $0Other $0 $0Other $0 $0Other $0 $0Subtotals $140 $0 $140LOANS Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferencePersonal $0 $0Student $100 $100Credit card $0 $0Credit card $0 $0Credit card $0 $0Other $0 $0Subtotals $100 $0 $100SAVINGS OR INVESTMENTS Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceRetirement account $150 $150Investment account $150 $150Other $0 $0Subtotals $300 $0 $300GIFTS AND DONATIONS Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceCharity 1 $0 $0Charity 2 $0 $0Charity 3 $0 $0Subtotals $0 $0 $0LEGAL Projected Cost Actual Cost DifferenceAttorney $0 $0Alimony $0 $0Payments on lien or judgment $0 $0Other $0 $0Subtotals $0 $0 $0 5 Page
  6. 6. Annual BudgetTOTAL PROJECTED COST $1,900TOTAL ACTUAL COST $0TOTAL DIFFERENCE $1,900 My budget is based on a take Since I do not have a driver’shome salary of $27,500. The first license, I decided to not factor in abudgetary item I looked into was an car, car insurance, and gas into myapartment to rent. I found an transportation expenses. Accordingapartment in Baltimore that costs to the Maryland Transitaround $965 per month to rent. I Administration website, a monthlywill be renting with my boyfriend, pass for the public transportation isMatt so we will be splitting all $64 and the remaining $86 can beliving costs. Living costs will in- used as taxi fare if needed (2010).clude rent, cable and internet, food,pet supplies/care, maintenance/ The apartment complex I willrepairs, etc. be renting from includes utilities such as waste removal, gas, and Based off of a $27,500 salary, water (Classified Ventures, LLC,my monthly income is $2,292. I will 2010). That is why I did not includebe allocating about $635 to housing utilities separately in my housingexpenses, $150 to transportation budget. The apartment also has petexpenses, $40 to renters insurance, restrictions which I included in the$275 to food, $130 to pets, $130 to cost of rent and split between mypersonal care, $140 to entertain- boyfriend Matt and I. Thement, $100 to student loans, $300 to apartment is unfurnished; howeverretirement/investments, and the Matt and I have all the furniture andremaining $391 will go into my would be bringing it with us so therechecking account. I have attached a is no extra furniture costs.monthly personal budgeting sheetwith more detail on how I amallocating money in each category. 6 Page
  7. 7. Why Baltimore Baltimore, MD is about 714 not only travel to see games andmiles from my parents’ home in teams in other cities but alsoChicago, IL (Map data, 2010). In network with more people in thethe spring of 2009, I went to visit sports industry.Baltimore to see if I would want tolive there. I had been researching Since I grew up in Chicago,jobs in the sports industry and living in a big city is important tofound that there are a lot of me. I love the lifestyle in a big city.opportunities on the East Coast. Even though Baltimore only has aThat is the population ofmain reason about 636,919why I peopledecided to compared tovisit almost 3Baltimore. million peopleAfter staying in Chicago),in Baltimore Baltimore hasfor a couple the feeling of aof days, I big city as wellfound the as all of thecity to be full amenities (U.S.of life, with many Census Bureau, 2010).activities to do. According to the cost of living Baltimore is in a great location calculator on, by movingnot just for sports job opportunities from Chicago to Baltimore, there isin Baltimore, but also because of its a $3,554 increase net change inproximity to many other sports disposable income (2010). This alsofranchises and big cities, such as the makes Baltimore a more ideal placePhiladelphia Eagles, the Washington to live because I will be able to haveNationals, and even all of the New more disposable income by living inYork teams. This would allow me to Baltimore. 7 Page
  8. 8. Why Baltimore Some of the recreational and get around Baltimore fairly easyentertainment activities that I really without a car or driver’s license.enjoyed about Baltimore when I While I was in Baltimore, I learnedwent to visit are the sports teams, that there is public transportation inthe historical museums, and the city but it is also very easy toactivities around the harbor. The take trains to Washington D.C.,sports teams include the Baltimore Delaware, New York, Philadelphia,Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. and other cities. I am planning onHowever, because Washington D.C. getting my driver’s license soon;is very close to Baltimore, along however, I do like to know that I dowith Philadelphia, I would also have not need a car to get around a city.access to all of the teams in thosecities. There is also a baseball Due to Baltimore’s size, jobmuseum at Camden Yards where the opportunities in sports, low cost ofBaltimore Orioles play and a Babe living, city atmosphere, variety ofRuth Museum close by (Babe Ruth activities, and ease of gettingBirthplace Foundation, Inc, 2010). around, Baltimore seems to be aActivities around the harbor include good fit for my love for sports anda lot of shopping, exploring travel and my desire to work in thehistorical ships such as the USS sports industry.Constellation, and night clubs.When I was in Baltimore, I even raninto Michael Phelps in a club. Thereis also a lot of U.S. history toexplore in Baltimore with FortMcHenry where Francis Scott Keycomposed The Star Spangled Banner(10 Best, Inc., 2010). I also like Baltimore because Icurrently do not have a driver’slicense or a car and would be able to 8 Page
  9. 9. 2010-2025 Outlook 9 Page
  10. 10. About Mollye B. Peters I do the research before jumping forward. I owe them thanks for everything they have done for me and taught me. Another important part of my life is Chicago. I have learned a lot about life and people growing up in the city. My love of sports was introduced to me by my Dad but was fostered by the city. I grew up watching Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman win 6 championships for the city. Basketball became my favorite sport A lot of who I have become and then gymnastics, swimming,as a person, a student, and a cheerleading, and baseball followed.businesswoman is because of my I owe Chicago for having such greatparents. Since I was born, my sports teams, a great public schoolparents taught me to be system, and great after schoolindependent, cultured, programs at the park district, whichmotivated, and ethical. They all allowed me to learn more aboutallowed me to grow up in my interests and follow my passions.Chicago, go to Chicago PublicSchools, and play in the ChicagoPark District. They trusted that Iwould make the right decisions inmy life, even presented with toughdecisions. They encouraged me tofollow my passions, but remindedme to be cautious with everything Ido. They reminded me to make sure 10 Page
  11. 11. Mission StatementFor Myself: For Work: I pledge, above everything else in I will keep an open mind to ideas. life, to stay true to myself and I will be honest and fair. others in everything I do. I will look to the future while I will continue to be an keeping at least one foot in the independent, fearless, present. optimistic, and motivated woman. For the World: I will strive to bring a sense of I will strive to only leave behind humor, culture, adventure, and good and pave the way for good nature throughout my improvements. life and my endeavors. I will promote diversity and I will continue to learn and culture and embrace the explore the world and search differences in everyone. for creativity on a daily basis. I will give back to the world in I will keep a strong sense of any way I can, even if it is integrity. small. I will not let the little joys in lifeFor My Family and Friends: pass by without celebrating I will be patient, caring, fun- them. loving, and warm-hearted. I will lead by example and always be available when I am needed, for whatever reason. 11 Page
  12. 12. Brand/Logo My brand, Mollye B Peters, en-compasses many aspects of who I am. I also wanted my logo to showI love sports and want to work in the sophistication so I tried to choosesports industry, but my brand is much sophisticated and gender neutralmore than that. I also love travelling colors. Blue is my favorite color so Iand different cultures. I am always knew that I wanted a shade of blueready to try something new. I am in my logo. Blue is also the universaloutgoing, creative, highly motivated, color of being calm and cool whichsmart, fair, and a strong person. I feel is a very important part ofMy brand and logo are made to my brand. Even when times arerepresent all of those aspects hectic, I always try to remainand more. calm and collected. Since blue is also the color I designed my of the sea and sky itlogo from the makes me think ofFrench fleur de lis. freedom andWhen I was coming traveling, which isup with my logo, I saw a pic- another important partture of a fleur de lis and saw of my my initials (MBP) couldbe incorporated in the I chose dark greyfleur de lis. The fleur de as my second color be-lis also shows the cause it seemed to fit inFrench influence in my well with the teal colorlife and personality. According to blue that I chose. Grey is aFleur-de-lis Designs, the fleur de neutral color and highlightslis has come to represent balance in life.France, purity, light, life,power and strength in different nations(2007). Because of these meanings, My slogan is ―It’s Game Time!‖ tothe fleur de lis seemed to be a symbol show that I am always ready for anthat adventure. Also, it represents therepresented what I wanted my brand beginning of a sporting event and myto be the best. experience in event management. 12 Page
  13. 13. Baller the Monkey Every sports team has a 2010). These definitions is why Imascot and my personal mascot is named my monkey mascot Baller. IBaller the Monkey. I chose a want my brand to representmonkey for my mascot because I consistency, proficiency, success, andhave always felt that my personality earned status as well as the love foris similar to monkeys. They are the game of basketball (and othersocial creatures who enjoy having a sports). Baller the Monkeygood time but are also very therefore further enhances the looksmart. Monkeys are also ac- of my brand to the consumer.tive and competitivecreatures, which relates to I also made Ballermy love of sports. the Monkey male because I want to Accord- keep a balanceing to Urban betweenDictionary, a feminine andballer is: masculine.,―1. One who especially since Iexhibits a am focusing on theconsistent proficiency at- sports industry, which is, or exuberant love for the traditionally dominated by agame of basketball. masculine presence.2. One whose person has been fullyand successfully established in Baller the Monkey of coursenumerous social circles (esp. one likes basketball, but he also loves allwho is extremely popular with both other sports. He’s always ready tothe male and female members of go to a game and wants to help outany given social group) at the games if possible. Working3. One whose status in society has events is one of his favorite pastbeen earned by ones possession of times."game" (that is, proficiency at thegame of life)‖ (Urban Dictionary, 13 Page
  14. 14. Personal AssessmentENFJ Inventory, I went through a very difficult time that made me change According to the Kiersey my perspective on life in some ways.Temperament Scale and the Myers- I have also studied abroad whichBriggs Personality Inventory, I am allowed me to experience a differentan ENFJ. An ENFJ is extraverted, culture and way of life than what Iintuitive, feeling, and judging. I was use to. These experiences havebelieve these assessments are pretty made me less judging and moreaccurate in describing who I am. I perceiving. For example, I haveam very sociable and love talking to always been very forward thinkingpeople. I am always concerned with and made sure to plan events beforethe feelings of my friends and co- the event happened. Now I tend toworkers. I do see myself as a natu- plan less and I rely on the spur ofral leader and I while I socialize a the moment more.lot, I always am able to do goodwork. I am also pretty low on feeling in the Kiersey Temperament Scale. While my score from I believe that I tend to use bothfreshman year on the Myers-Briggs feeling and logical thinking forPersonality Assessment is the same decision making because I like to seepersonality, I noticed that my all possible sides of a situation.judging score on the Kiersey Growing up I was very interested inTemperament Scale is a lot lower math and science but I was also athan before. This could be due to singer, dancer, and actress. I havethe fact that the Myers-Briggs always possessed the ability and thePersonality Inventory has more personality to use both feeling anddetailed questioning than the thinking in decision making.Kiersey Temperament Scale. But I However, I have come to realize thatthink that it is also different because when making tough decisions I tendI have become more perceiving to go with my gut reaction more sosince freshman year. After taking than the logical reasoning.the Myers-Briggs Personality 14 Page
  15. 15. Personal Assessment According to Tieger and recreational activities.Barron, some popular ENFJoccupation industries are in In the Business/ConsultingCommunication, Counseling, industry, Tieger and Barron suggestEducation/Human Services, Health being a travel agent (2001). ThisCare, Business/Consulting, and also interests me a lot because I loveTechnology (2001). While I feel my to travel and it relates to all of myENFJ assessment is accurate, I am majors. I also like the idea of beingnot interested in all of those fields an executive in a small business, aof occupation. The industries I am management consultant, and eco-not interested in are Counseling, tourism specialist, a meeting andHealth Care, and Education/ convention planner, an advertisingHuman Services. I am not account executive, a marketinginterested in those industries mainly manager, a hotel and restaurantbecause the field and jobs are too manager, a talent director, and afeeling or judging oriented. I like to special event planner (Tieger andkeep my feeling/thinking and Barron, 2001). I have beenjudging/perceiving balanced and intrigued by all of these jobs andthat shows with my low scores in have looked into applying for jobs inboth categories. all of these areas. However, I am very interestedin the jobs in the Communication, For the Technology industry IBusiness/Consulting, and am very interested in being aTechnology industries. Since I love customer relations manager and atalking, communication has always project manager (Tieger and Barron,been an interest of mine. As 2001). While I am not the mostmentioned before, I sing, dance, and proficient person in technology, I doact, which is one of the jobs find the field and these jobssuggested by Tieger and Barron in intriguing and I feel that they canthe Communication industry. I love work very well with my personality.writing, creating advertisements, and 15 Page
  16. 16. Personal Assessment While the Tieger and Barron sonality through these assessmentsdo not specifically mention the and seeing how they relate to my ca-sports industry, a lot of the jobs in reer. I also like knowing about otherCommunication, Business/ people who are the same type as meConsulting, and Technology are also because I can draw inspiration fromin the sports industry. Jobs like a others and learn from the paths theysales manager, a sales trainer, a chose. According to TypeLogic,management consultant, a meeting some of the famous people that areand convention planner, a special inspiring ENFJs for me are Kingevent planner, a marketing manager, David of Israel, Abraham Lincoln,an advertising account executive, a Sean Connery, Johnny Depp,marketing executive, a Michael Jordan, Dick Van Dyke,communication director, etc are jobs Lauren Graham, and Julia Louis-available in the sports industry. Dreyfus (2009). These are some of my favorite actors, athletes, and his- torical figures who I have looked up My internships have all been to and learned a lot from. Seeingin the sports industry but the job how successful these ENFJs havetasks have all had to do with become gives me confidence that Iconsulting, marketing, sales, can be successful in my careercustomer service, and event choices as well.planning and management. And asdescribed in the Passion section ofthis media guide, my ideal job wouldbe event planning for baseball. Thisshows that the Kiersey Tempera-ment Scale and the Myers-BriggsPersonality Inventory are both fairlyaccurate in assessing who I am andwhat jobs I will be interested in. I really enjoy knowing my per- 16 Page
  17. 17. Job OpportunitySales & Marketing: Marketing implementing media, promotionalMARKETING COORDINATOR - partner, and sponsorship deals forGlobal Spectrum (Hoffman Es- all convention center tradeshowstates, IL) • Assist in the creation and implementation of grassroots marketing plans • Assist in the creation and implementation of marketing and sales campaigns to maximize eventReports To: Director of Marketing awareness and exposureEntity: Global Spectrum-Sear Centre • Organize marketing & salesArena presentationsLocation: Hoffman Estates, IL • Develop promotions and day of event activitiesQualifications: • Develop brochures and collateral• Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited materialscollege/university in Marketing or a • Assist with writing press releases andrelated field pitching stories to the media• One to three (1-3) years marketing or • Assist Marketing staff with projectspromotions experience, preferably involving research and designwith an arena, concert hall, convention • Actively participate in brainstormingcenter or entertainment facility. sessions• Excellent written and oral • All other duties and responsibilitiescommunications skills as assigned• Proficient computer skills in MSOffice applications and Internet Note: When you apply for this job• Demonstrated ability to prioritize, online, you will be required to answermulti-task and meet strict deadlines the following questions:• Must be able to work beyond normal 1. YES or NO: Have you earned abusiness hours including nights, Bachelor’s Degree from an accred-weekends and holidays as required ited college/university in Marketing or a related field?Job Functions: 2. YES or NO: Do you have one to Assist in negotiating, closing and three (1-3) years marketing or 17 Page
  18. 18. Job Opportunitypromotions experience with an arena, of my educational background and myconcert hall, convention center or internships in sports marketing andentertainment facility? management.3. YES or NO: Are you capable ofworking beyond normal business Job Description: 2hours including nights, weekends and Sales & Marketing: Marketingholidays as required? Marketing Assistant (Seasonal) -4. To be considered, please list your Kansas City Royals (Kansas City,salary requirement. MO) I am qualified for this position MARKETING ASSISTANTfor several reasons. The first reason I (Seasonal-Part-time)am qualified is because aftergraduation I will have Bachelor of JOB SUMMARY:Science in Marketing as well as Position assists the MarketingInternational Management, and a Department with the planning andBachelor of Arts in French from an implementation of promotions andaccredited university. I will also have stadium entertainment features.just over a year of marketing andpromotions experience with ACCOUNTABILITIES:entertainment facilities such as a roller • Develop Marketing Plan for the Bluehockey rink, Hinkle Fieldhouse, and Crew Program, obtain marketingthe Butler Bowl through my materials and implement plan.internships. My communication and • Monitor and control all inventory ofwriting skills are very good and I also remaining promotional itemsam highly proficient in Microsoft throughout the year.Office software. Moreover, I have • Facilitate Royals Radio Affiliateflexible working hours. I feel that I am Promotion program includinghighly capable and qualified to correspondence and fulfillment.perform the duties of the job because • Assist at all marketing events during games including College Nights, 18 Page
  19. 19. Job OpportunityPromotional nights, 610 Saturdays, etc. Royals home games.• Manage and distribute pocket • Available to work 35 hours weeklyschedule ordering and mailings including some holidays, evenings andincluding fan requests via phone, weekends.internet and email, as well as allbusiness distribution. Note: When you apply for this job• Coordinate sponsorship panels and online, you will be required to answerdistribution of pocket schedule. the following questions:• Distribute all promotional items to 1. Do you live in the Kansas Citystaff in a timely manner following metro area?giveaway to public. 2. Are you studying towards a• Work with Hy-Vee ticket outlets to Bachelors degree in a related field?ensure partnership is used to its fullest. 3. Do you have Advertising or• Coordinate Royals Concierge Marketing experience?Program including VIP Hotel Hotline. 4. Are you able to work flexible hours• Coordinate distribution of to include weekends, holidays &promotional items to gates with other evenings?departments.• Begin and maintain a book of I am qualified for this positionpromotions and events done by other because I will have a Bachelor’s degreeteams in Marketing, International Manage-• Assist with updates. ment, and French and I have over 2• Other administrative duties as years experience in marketing,assigned by the marketing department. specifically for sporting events. I also have experience in working game-days.REQUIREMENTS: My schedule after graduation would• Bachelor’s degree study in a related allow me to work 35 hour a weekprogram. including holidays, evenings, and• Familiar with Microsoft Applications. weekends. I have several years of• Strong interpersonal, organization customer service experience as well asand customer service skills strong interpersonal and organization• Effective written and oral skills. I currently do not live in thecommunication skills. Kansas City metro area but I am• Position requires attendance at some willing to relocate. 19 Page
  20. 20. Passion The work that I ampassionate about would bedoing event planning for theChicago White Sox. This jobwould be my ideal jobbecause I love the challengeof executing the event withinspecific time constraints. Ialso love that I would have towork on many pieces of theevent simultaneously.Another reason this job is my ideal execution is running smoothly,job is because I love the atmosphere generating new revenue and sales forof a ballpark. I really like the energy the ballpark through event ticketof being at a ball park, especially U.S.sales and sponsorships, providingCellular Field. I also enjoy interact- exceptional customer service toing with the fans and making sure current and new clients, executingthat the customers have a great invoicing, billing and collections forexperience at the events. special events and other administrative duties as they relate to The job description for this event planning in a timely fashion,job would be the responsibility of conducting site tours and theplanning, coordinating, and planning of special events,executing for the ballpark including networking with third parties such asconcerts, special group requests, wedding professionals and theparking lot use, facility rentals, etc. surrounding community, supervising coordination of event tickets sales,The requirements of the job include programs, merchandise and catering,sales, marketing and implementation and on site organization for theof special events on game days and events.non game days, coordinating withother ballpark departments toguarantee event operations and 20 Page
  21. 21. History and Records 21 Page
  22. 22. Qualifications I am highly motivated,dedicated and driven. I possess a I have a strong interest andstrong leadership ability, and am able passion for marketing includingto handle multiple tasks. I am a sales, branding, social media, eventconfident speaker and promotions, and advertising.communicator. I have a disciplinedwork ethic, excellent problem I am proficient in Internetsolving skills, and eagerness to learn applications, Excel, Word, Access,about the sports industry. PowerPoint, and Front Page. I am bilingual in English and French. I have been studying French for 10 years and have studied abroad in France. This has made me fluent in French. I have experience creatingevents, entertainment, andpromotions for sporting events,specifically for basketball, rollerhockey, volleyball, soccer, football,and cheerleading. I have a strong interest andpassion for many sports, includingbasketball, baseball, football,gymnastics, and swimming. 22 Page
  23. 23. Education Butler University(Butler University, 2010) Indianapolis, IN French, International Management, and Marketing Major GPA: 3.409/4.0 August 2006– May 2010 I began my college career as a International Management, I have French Business Studies major at taken Intro into International Butler University. Soon after, I Business, International Finance, realized that a French Business International Marketing, Studies degree is the same as French International Economics, and and International Management so I International Organizational decided to change my major and Behavior. For Marketing, I have become a member of the College of taken Intro to Marketing, Marketing Business. Research, Advertising and Promotions, Marketing Management, and Sports Marketing. I have taken a total of 169.5 credit hours that I have taken in college. Out of the 169.5 credit Butler University College of hours, 81 credit hours have been in Business has also required two business. These courses include internships. My two internships accounting, economics, finance, have been with North Avenue organizational behavior, operations Beach Sports and Butler Athletics. management, information Both internships have allowed me to technology, presentational speaking, use my business knowledge and marketing, and international incorporate them into the sports business. My majors in industry. International Management and Marketing have given me a deeper coursework in those fields. For 23 Page
  24. 24. Education(Universite Jean Monnet de Saint-Etienne, 2010) Université Jean Monnet de Saint- Etienne St.-Etienne, France ISEP Study Abroad Program Spring 2008 I was able to study abroad the Barcelona. These experiences second semester of my sophomore taught me how to be resourceful year of college in St. Etienne, when there are limited supplies, and France. I was a part of the ISEP how to adapt to different language exchange program at the Université constraint and different cultures. Jean Monnet de Saint-Etienne. This experience allowed me to become Another experience I had fluent in French.. while studying abroad was being able to go to professional basketball The classes I took were a part games in St. Etienne. I made of the CILEC program for foreign friends with some basketball players exchange students. I took 18 credit in France and learned about the hours per week which included 15 European sports system. I found hours of French grammar, speaking, that while the system is different in writing, culture, and 1.5 hours each Europe than in America, the level of literature, and French society.. of play is very high. I also was able to see how the Irish experience sports. Because of these experi- While studying abroad I was ences, I have grown a bigger interest also able to travel and experience in international sports and not just the culture of France and Europe American sports. first hand. I travelled to different cities in France including Paris, Grenoble, and Montpellier. I also went to London, Dublin, and 24 Page
  25. 25. Work Experience Butler University (C.F.P.I. Incorporated, 2009) Athletic Department Sports Marketing Intern September 2009-April 2010Job Description: Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot Assist the sports marketingdepartment in the promotion of In this internship I was able toButler Athletics; Organize and im- work Butler University volleyball,plement promotions; Execute game- men’s and women’s soccer, andday set-up and game-time men’s and women’s basketballpromotions, specifically for Men’s games. This work included creatingand Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, promotions such as flyers and socialMen’s Soccer, and Football; Assist in media announcements for Butlercreating marketing plans for Butler University students. I also workedUniversity Athletic Teams; Manage on in-game promotions, mainly atWomen’s Volleyball promotions; Men’s and Women’s BasketballAssist in the creation of games. This role included findingcommunication pieces such as news- contestants for time out contests,letters, season ticket brochures, executing time out contests,sponsorship brochures, flyers, and preparing and executing time outadvertisements; Facilitate entertainment, and working thecommunication between the sound system for the games. I wasAthletic Department and Butler also able to help the Sports Market-Students, more specifically Dawg ing Department in handing out Fi-Pound; Assist Butler ticket office nal Four tickets to the Butler Bull-with group sales efforts; Assist with dogs season ticket holders and helpthe development and maintenance create promotions for Butler spon-of Butler Athletics’ presence on sored Final Four networking sites including 25 Page
  26. 26. Work Experience North Avenue Beach Sports Front Desk Manager/Rink Director May 2009-August 2009 Sports Management Intern June 2008-August 2008Job Description: Sports Management InternFront Desk Manager/Rink Assisted in managing a rollerDirector hockey rink facility in a large tourist area; Performed payroll and Managed 8-10 front desk accounting tasks; Designed andemployees; Created event, implemented different marketingpromotional, and sponsorship methods which helped increasepackages; Aided facility events such sales; Managed, ordered, organized,as a charity dodge ball tournament and restructured new and currentand the Chicago Air & Water Show; inventory; Monitored and assignedContacted sponsors; Helped tasks to workers and communicatedorganize and run weekly dodge ball information between supervisorsleague; Assisted in running daily and departments; Redesignedhockey league and open skate games company website to be more user-and sessions; Purchased and tracked and employee-friendly andinventory; Performed payroll tasks; accessible.Conducted front desk meetings withemployees; Managed and reportedconcession sales; Researched and Both of these internshipsimplemented new merchandise, taught me about managing a facility,Developed marketing plans. events, and leagues. I also learned a lot about customer service, sales, and inventory management. 26 Page
  27. 27. Work Experience Butler University Modern Language Center MLC Assistant August 2008-May 2010Job Description: Assistant, customer service is the Project leader on annual MLC main job task. I have helpedPhoto Contest including designing professors and students withand implementing a marketing plan assignments and equipment.and organizing contestant entries inan Excel spreadsheet – increased My personal project was toPhoto Contest entry submissions by create, implement, and oversee the70%; Aided students and professors MLC Annual Photo Contest. Thewith multimedia learning material; MLC Annual Photo Contest is aWorked with converting media from contest for students, faculty, andVHS to DVD and/or streaming alumni to send in photos from theirformat; Organized and catalogued study abroad trips in order to win anmedia including CDs, DVDs, VHS, enlargement of their photo printedand cassette tapes. and hung in the MLC, an enlarge- ment for them to keep, and a dinner The Modern Language Center at any restaurant in Indianapolis.aids the Modern Language My job is to create flyers, socialDepartment in coursework such as media marketing creatives, andinstructional videos and foreign newsletter announcements, organizefilms and class exercises. Professors photo entries, and develop judgingare able to check out movies for criteria.their students to watch, putstreaming requests in for films, copylistening exercises, and rentequipment for classes. As an MLC 27 Page
  28. 28. Membership Phi Sigma Iota Butler University Women’s Initiated April 2009 Glee Club 2006-2007 (Phi Sigma Iota, 2009) Treasurer 2007 I joined Butler University’s Women’s Glee Club in 2006. This club allowed me to explore one of my lifelong passions—singing. We performed at Christmas and Spring concerts. My favorite performance was doing a charity performance at a In April 2009 I was initi- women’s prison in Indianapolis forated in to the Phi Sigma Iota In- Christmas. The experienceternational Foreign Language performing for prisoners was veryHonor Society. I was nomi- touching and showed me how much the little things in the worldnated for the society by my matter. This club also allowed me toFrench professors based on my be comfortable performing in frontachievements in studying the of a lot of people.French language and culture.. Being in this society meansa lot to me. After studyingFrench for 10 years, it has be-come a huge part of my life. Iam truly honored to have beennominated and accepted intothe society. 28 Page
  29. 29. Honors Butler University scholarship in French. Academic Scholarship 2006-2010 Illinois State Scholar I was awarded an academic 2006scholarship throughout my My senior year of highcollege career at Butler school I became an Illinois StateUniversity. This award was Scholar. As an Illinois Stateinitially based on my high school Scholar, I won a scholarship toacademic record. I graduated be used at any Illinois university.from Von Steuben Metropolitan This scholarship is based on myScience Center number 8 in my high school course workclass with a 4.67/4.0 GPA. I (honors, scholars program, andwas able to maintain the Advanced Placement), my GPA,scholarship throughout college and my standardized test maintaining a 3.4/4.0 GPA.Freshman Book Award— Foreign Language Department 2006 As an incoming freshmanat Butler University, I competedfor a French scholarship. I wasawarded the Freshman BookAward just for being one of thefew students to compete for theForeign Language Department 29 Page
  30. 30. Volunteer Work Jewish United Fund(Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, 2010) Uptown Café The program itself is more 2003-2007 than a soup kitchen. The applicants are citizens who live at or below the poverty line and who are looking to change their lives for the better. The JUF Uptown Café helps these participants find housing, jobs, and of course provides daily meals. In high school I started I have been very fortunate volunteering at the Jewish to work with this group and in United Fund Uptown Café. I this program. It has allowed me worked as a food server once a to meet many great people who month for 3 hours serving food are looking to better themselves. to participants of the Uptown This has inspired me to always Café program. The part of the keep my head up, even when program I worked in is similar there seems to be a turn for the to a soup kitchen; however, the worst. The participants of the people in the program had to Uptown Café program taught apply and were interviewed in me that hard work and persever- order to be accepted into the ance really do make a difference. program. While the program is run by the Jewish United Fund, it is not only open to Jewish people. 30 Page
  31. 31. Contact Information Home Address: 6534 N. Talman Ave. Chicago, IL 60645 School Address: 717 Berkley Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46208 Phone Number: 773-294-0455 Email: 31 Page
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