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Company meeting title


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Company meeting title

  1. 1. Company Meeting Title PRESENTER
  2. 2. Agenda Review of Key Objectives and Critical Success Factors How Did We Do? Organizational Overview Top Issues Facing Company Review of and Progress Against Prior Goals Key Spending Areas Headcount Goals for Next Period
  3. 3. Review of Key Objectives and Critical Success Factors What makes company unique What makes company successful Shared vision Review key undertakings of past year
  4. 4. How Did We Do? Brief overview of performance against each objective
  5. 5. Organizational Overview Introduction and broad goals of each organization Any changes Name and position Name and position Name and Name and Name and position position position
  6. 6. Top Issues Facing Company Address any high profile issues
  7. 7. Review of Prior Goals Financial Competitive Progress
  8. 8. Progress Against Goals Summary of key financial results  Revenue  Profit  Key spending areas  Headcount
  9. 9. Revenue and Profit Forecast vs. actual Gross margin Important trends Compare company to rest of market Use multiple slides to break out meaningful detail
  10. 10. Key Spending Areas Research and Development Sales and Marketing General and Administration Areas of improvement Areas needing attention/caution
  11. 11. Headcount Goals Results
  12. 12. Goals for Next Period Strategic undertakings Financial goals Other key efforts
  13. 13. Summary Summarize key successes/challenges Reiterate key goals Thanks