2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment                                                                 JUNE 2011           ...
2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment                                                                 JUNE 2011           ...
2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment                              JUNE 2011            ISSUE 4BRAVO COMPANY NEWSLETTERMus...
2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment                                           JUNE 2011       ISSUE 4BRAVO COMPANY NEWSL...
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Jun frg newsletter


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Jun frg newsletter

  1. 1. 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment JUNE 2011 ISSUE 4BRAVO COMPANY NEWSLETTERLetter from the Commander Letter from the XO Welcome to the first special more unstable places, and already your sol- edition newsletter. As you can diers with their Afghan partners have done tell, this past month was Mus- more than the previous two years’ worth of tache May. Actually, it was units combined. I’m excited to see how much Mandatory Mustache May be- more we can improve in the few months we cause when Bravo does some- have left here. Speaking of partners, we also thing, we do it big. I’m proud to welcome a new company of Afghan National say I think I grew a pretty good Army. As I’ve said, they change out about Burt Reynolds, but sadly I was every 8 weeks or so. We were sad to say good- not the winner. If you look on bye to our last partners, but are all lookingpage three you’ll see the real winner. As with anything, forward to working with a new group. 1SG We have finally moved everyone outwhen there are winners, there are also losers. You can find and the guys have been working like crazy to of tents and into better living areas.the losers of Mustache May on page four. A lot of guys, improve the COP, and I think the quality of The Containerized Housing Unitsme included, had never had facial hair before and didn’t life here continues to get better every day. (CHUs) are a great addition to ourknow how it would turn out. These are the guys that proba- Last month, I mentioned that we had some COP and overall quality of life. Un-bly won’t ever grow facial hair again. This month has been media visitors. It seems that we’re really popu- fortunately, the large concrete build-busy (but I think you’re used to hearing me say that every lar, as we had another visit this month from ing that was being built for our newmonth). We’ve integrated 4th PLT fully into operations journalists. Stars and Stripes sent a reporter to dining facility collapsed one eveningand have gotten back out there to do some regular patrols interview the guys, and we also had a visit due to poor quality work by the localto surrounding villages. It is important for us to spend time from a military historian. The historian is nationals, luckily nobody was insidein the bazaar, but I know the boys get bored doing the same Army-oriented, but look out for the Stars and or injured. However, the CHUs havething all the time. Now we’re able to get out to some new Stripes article at a post near you. allowed us to free up one of our pre-places and reconnect with some people we haven’t seen in engineered buildings, which we havea while. The improvements that we see out among the peo- -CPT David Wilson turned into our new dining facility. Itple truly are amazing. Charkh was considered one of the “Charkh 6” is not as large as we would like, but it is better than a tent and even has aLetter from the First Sergeant TV setup, maybe next month we will finally have AFN up and working. Your loved ones have that no one was injured in the collapse. We All of the soldiers are working hard accomplished great things have since moved our kitchen and converted and doing their part each day to this past month here in another building on the COP into our Dining make not only the COP a better Afghanistan. This month Facility. With some help today, I installed a place, but the district of Charkh a we have extended our se- TV and CPT Day donated his XBOX so that better place. curity bubble in Charkh we can watch movies while dining. Later this into the village of Pen- week, we will get Armed Forces Network -1LT Sean Cockrill gram. Everyday, your Television up and running in the Dining Facil- “Charkh 5” loved ones are making a ity, as well. Our mortar section has completed huge increase in the secu- their improvements to the mortar bunker. I rity of Charkh residents should really call it an earth home, they even Promotionsand extending the influence of the Government of Af- installed air conditioning! It is an amazingghanistan. This month was “Mustache May”. Everyone in fortification and has all the comforts you could Not a ton of promotions thisTeam Charkh grew a mustache or tried to grow one. The have here in Afghanistan. It is a testament to month, though we did finallylooks on some our visitor’s faces as they arrived on the their hard work and ingenuity. Your loved promote two officers about 2COP made it all worth it. We found out that no one can ones have worked very hard changing the months after they were both offi-grow a better “Tom Selleck” than one of our night crew whole look of the COP, striking tents, filling cially promoted by the Army.NCOs, SGT Yeager (pictured on page 3). We have been sandbags and clearing out all the clutter on the We did Doc Cantrell on time. To SPCvery busy on the COP and out in sector, improving our COP. Thank you all for the unwavering sup- Clayton Cantrellpositions. On the COP, we have moved all of 2 nd Platoon port you continue to give to this Company and To 1LTand the remainder of 4th Platoon into Containerized Hous- your loved ones. Cody McBrooming Units. Now, all your loved ones are living in hardened To CPTstructures. Our brand new dining facility collapsed a few -1SG Karl Fratzke Griffin Daydays ago. We are sad to lose this building, but are thankful “Charkh 7”
  2. 2. 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment JUNE 2011 ISSUE 4BRAVO COMPANY NEWSLETTERFirst Platoon Soldier of the MonthSPC Saikwan Corbitt is a rifleman/machine gunner in 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, Bravo company,from Newark, New Jersay. He enlisted in the military after high school and plans on applying tothe green to gold program after re-deployment. His hard work and discipline make him one of thebest soldiers in 1st Platoon. Throughout this deployment, SPC Corbitt has participated in OperationCharkh Bite, Charkh Attack I and II, and Charkh breach, as well as hundreds ofdaily dismountedpatrols throughout the AO. His self-less serviceand willingness to accomplish the mission hasdoubtlessly improved the lives of the Afghan Citizens in Charkh District.Second Platoon Soldier of the MonthSPC Roberto Soliz came to the unit at the beginning of March. He is 24 years old and hails fromthe Lone Star State. Originally from San Antonio, Texas he is married to Emerald Soliz and theyhave a 2 year old son name Amar’e. SPC Soliz is on his 3 rd deployment. His first to deploymentswere to Iraq with 1st CAV out of Fort Hood, Texas. For leaders of a platoon you pray for soldierslike SPC Soliz. He is a soldier who knows his job and has 2 previous deployments as experience.SPC Soliz has shown in these past few months he can handle more than just his job, and because ofthis he earned a team leader position in the platoon. SPC Soliz is a well rounded young leader whohas become an asset to this platoon and company.Third Platoon Soldier of the MonthSPC John Fisher is a SAW gunner for 2nd squad 3rd Platoon. He from Charlotte North Carolina andhas been in the army for a year and a half. SPC Fisher worked in construction before deciding tojoin the army. He has shown great leadership and anetative during this deployment. SPC Fisher isthe platoon armor and prepares the trip ticket before each mission. He is also the platoon handyman, SPC Fisher installed all the Chigos for the new living quarters. SPC Fisher also helps teachclasses to the ANA on communications and small unit tactics.Fourth Platoon Soldier of the MonthThe Soldier of the Month for 4th Platoon is SPC Daniel Badillo. SPC Badillo, 36, is from Chicago,Illinois and serves as the line medic for 4th Platoon. SPC Badillo attended college at DePaul Uni-versity, graduating with a degree in Organizational Leadership. In the month of May SPC Badillotreated more than 10 civilian and US military personnel. On one occasion SPC Badillo’s actionshelped save the lives of 3 Afghan civilians critically wounded during a Taliban attack. SPC Badillohas proved to be a valuable asset to the platoon since he joined us last month..Headquarters Platoon Soldier of the MonthSGT Roe, 23, is from Charleston, South Carolina and previously served in Germany before moving SGT Roe, 23, is from Charleston, South Caro-to Fort Polk. He hopes to be a recruiter near his hometown after his tour of duty with 2-30 IN. lina and reviously served in Germany beforeSGT Roe currently serves as the TOC NCOIC, where he is responsible for communicating with moving to Fort Polk. He hopes to be a re-higher and lower units to ensure that our Soldier’s on the ground are armed with pertinent informa- cruiter after his tour of duty with 2-30 IN.tion and every available asset. His hobbies include working out at the World-Class COP Charkh SGT Roe currently serves as the TOC NCOIC,Fitness Center and going to the beach. Soldiers at COP Charkh can always count on SGT Roe’s where he is responsible for communicatinghumor and enthusiasm to brighten up their day. with higher and lower units to ensure that our Soldier’s on the ground are armed with every available asset. Soldiers at COP Charkh can “OUR COUNTRY, NOT OURSELVES”
  3. 3. 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment JUNE 2011 ISSUE 4BRAVO COMPANY NEWSLETTERMustache Heroes CPL Harvey– pretty good for a carrot top Doc Roman does the triangle look SPC Quintanilla looks a bitSPC Weitzelsmith looks a like Doc Roman‟s slightlybit like a NASCAR driver less mustachioed twinPFC Diaz sets the standard SGT Yeager– the winner Night Crew (SSG Cardona and SGT Yeager) fosters success SPC Tyler classes up the joint with both mustache and flowersSPC Seiger is readyto lay down the law Doc Hall… BAMF
  4. 4. 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment JUNE 2011 ISSUE 4BRAVO COMPANY NEWSLETTERMustache Failures PFC Burgos spent a month with no resultsSGT Lopez rocking the Fu Man Chu SPC Smith didn‟t shave the middle of his „stache. It grew in like that. CPT Day‟s new nickname is “patches” SPC Vo‟s mustache failureGumby came to visit. He didn‟t have a mustache merits a close up. Yes, this is a weeks long effort. If you look hard you can see LT Hanson‟s mustache