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10 Ways 360° & 3D Spin Photography Increase Sales


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Today’s consumers are looking for a visually stimulating and interactive shopping experience. A simple product image does not entice shoppers to complete a purchase. Their online shopping experience should emulate the engagement of their in-store experience. 360° & 3D product photography is the most effective way to give savvy shoppers what they want.

Find out how today's top brands are increasing conversions, reducing costs and building brand loyal customers using 360° & 3D spin photography.

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10 Ways 360° & 3D Spin Photography Increase Sales

  1. 1. 10 Ways 360° & 3D Spin Photography Increase Sales Today’s consumers are looking for a visually s5mula5ng and interac5ve shopping experience. A simple product image does not en5ce shoppers to complete a purchase. Their online shopping experience should emulate the engagement of their in-­‐store experience. 360° & 3D product photography is the most effec5ve way to give savvy shoppers what they want. 91% SHOPPERS WANT IT ACCORDING TO ADOBE SCENE7, 91% OF INDIVIDUALS SURVEYED WANT THE ABILITY TO TURN PRODUCTS AROUND IN FULL 360° SPIN AND ZOOM IN ON ANY PERSPECTIVE About Jeff: Zero to sixty is what Jeff thrives on -­‐-­‐ driving early stage startups through high growth to liquidity. An online marke5ng veteran, his ten years at Adobe-­‐ Scene7 spawned a passion in rich media, merchandising and user experience. A`er opening Scene7 offices in Chicago, London, Paris and Hamburg, he listened to his clients and recognized the huge demand for 360 degree product photography. He dis5nguished a completely underserved market and Snap36 along with our unique 360° & 3D photography studio was born.
  2. 2. 1 an In-­‐Store Experience Leads to Purchase Confidence and Higher Online Conversions When strategically used to replicate the experience of picking up a product and examining it, 360° & 3D spin photography provides your customers the visual informa5on and the addi5onal confidence required to complete a purchase. UK bicycle retailer Wiggle saw double digit conversion increases and golfing superstore Golfsmith found 30% higher conversion rates amongst products being showcased in 360° & 3D views. 30% 2 Increased 30% HIGHER CONVERSION RATE AMONGST PRODUCTS BEING SHOWCASED UTILIZING 360 VIEWS Visual Informa.on Reduces Returns With nearly 1/3 of all online sales being returned, companies need to focus on how to reduce return rates, without raising costs or changing policies. 360° & 3D spin helps customers make more informed purchase decisions and minimize any future disappointment by accurately and completely represen5ng the product sold. When using 360° & 3D photography to differen5ate a new product line, Fathead found that the return rate of their spinning products was reduced by 50%.
  3. 3. 3 Increased Confidence Reduces Call Center Costs Due to disappointed purchases and high return rates, it’s no surprise that weary shoppers have a lot of ques5ons. It’s a cycle that leads to an influx in customer service calls and opera5ng costs. 360° & 3D product views allow shoppers to familiarize themselves with the product by exploring the angles and details that interest them. The average result is a 24% reduc5on in the number of call center calls prior to purchase. 4 Increased Engagement Leads to Customer Sa.sfac.on and Brand Loyalty A recent study stated that consumers are 85x more likely to share posi5ve reviews over nega5ve reviews online. In addi5on to reducing returns and customer service calls, the interac5on and engagement offered by 360° & 3D product imagery increases the average 5me on site by 32%. Companies that allow their customers to become involved in the online shopping experience see an average increase in customer sa5sfac5on by up to 50%, building posi5ve engagements 85x 85x MORE LIKELY TO SHARE A POSITIVE and brand loyalty. REVIEW THAN A NEGATIVE ONE
  4. 4. 5 Mobile Users Say it’s the Number One Reason to Purchase According to an Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey, when comparing videos (31%) and alterna5ve images (29%), more mobile users (42%) say that a 360° spin of a product is the visual feature that will most likely increase their likelihood of purchasing a product via a mobile device. 42% 31% 29% 360° PRODUCT IMAGERY VIDEO ALT VIEWS 42% AGREE 360° PRODUCT IMAGERY INCREASES LIKELIHOOD OF PURCHASE FROM MOBILE DEVICE 6 Companies with Spin are Viewed as UX Leader High-­‐level marketers know that by looking inward to examine their own behaviors (why did I buy that pair of shoes from Zappos?) they can bener understand their customer base and acknowledge that we all share the same basic principles. We all want a seamless process that makes us feel knowledgeable and confident before a transac5on. By inves5ng in high-­‐quality rich media, companies such as Ann Taylor are seong the standards high as UX leaders.
  5. 5. 7 Grab Customers’ APen.on with Engaging Visuals Jon S5ne of Cisco’s Internet Business Solu5ons Group, said that they found nearly 2/3 of all customers begin their buying process online. Today’s e-­‐commerce strategies must evolve with technology. Offering 360° & 3D product spins grabs your customers’ anen5on and allows them to engage with your products to increase sales both online and in-­‐ store. 2/3 NEARLY 8 Embed 360° 2/3 OF ALL CUSTOMERS BEGIN THEIR SHOPPING ONLINE & 3D in Mobile Devices to Enhance Customer Experience OEM parts distributor Parts Town is changing the distribu5on channel by seong new standards in customer experience and web-­‐based solu5ons. Parts Town incorporated their 360° & 3D product imagery, known as PartSPIN, into the industry’s first mobile app, allowing customers to see a part from every angle and viewpoint, while providing unprecedented access to inventory. In addi5on to increasing technical support and user experience, these features enable their customers to plan service opera5ons more efficiently through mobile devices.
  6. 6. 9 Video Spins Create an Emo.onal Tie and Improve Brand Equity Companies such as Helzberg Diamonds are leveraging spin photography to offer more visual informa5on that allows customers to have an insighqul personal connec5on. Increasing these emo5onal cues differen5ates brands and improves customer reten5on. By conver5ng product spins into video, Helzberg is able to showcase this emo5onally connected experience on websites like Amazon. 10 Increase Efficiency with an Automated Studio Workflow Using robo5c hardware and workflow so`ware to automate their studio, Kohl’s found they could increase product throughput 3x to 4x a day. This allowed them to get more products photographed and available online faster in peak buying seasons. Likewise, 360° & 3D studio automa5on doubled Home Depot’s efficiency while increasing image accuracy standards from 55% to 99.1%. SHOOT 3X TO 4X AS MANY PRODUCTS IN A DAY
  7. 7. As technologies con5nue to evolve, so too much ecommerce marke5ng strategies. The concept is simple: Informa5on, especially visual informa5on, is the most powerful tool you can use to empower your customers. Enlightening, engaging and informing your customers allows them to make confident decisions. And, informed decisions lead to the highest likelihood of sa5sfac5on and the lowest likelihood of product returns. a full-­‐fledged customer. Presen5ng photography that lets visitors truly see and interact with products online will increase trust, break down barriers that may have existed for shoppers to move forward, build brand loyalty and ul5mately increase conversions and revenues. First impressions are las5ng impression and you only have once chance to convey the quality of your brand. EMPOWER YOUR CUSTOMERS Every e-­‐commerce seong relies on the ability to provide customers with the right amount of informa5on to communicate product and service details in a way that en5ces shoppers into buying, returning to a site and spreading the word to other prospects. The ability for shoppers to zoom in on a product’s details or virtually “pick up” and spin the product around as if they were holding it in their hands can very quickly turn a lukewarm prospect into About Snap36 Snap36 is revolu5onizing online retail with scalable and cost-­‐ effec5ve 360° & 3D product imagery. Founded by industry experts who iden5fied an underserved market and were inspired to offer a more visually interac5ve online experience, Snap36 is a full-­‐service photography studio and distributor of the equipment, technology and exper5se needed to implement 360° & 3D photography. For more informa5on visit hnp:// or follow Snap36 on Facebook and Twiner.