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  2. A PERFECT PLANET DAVID ATTENBROUGH This documentary is by David Attenborough, and he talks about how humans can be good for this world. He also mentions that "our planet is one in a billion". David talks about different topics to make people aware of what is happening in the world and why we as humans need to change how we act to save and change the planet in a positive way. There is 5 different episodes that talk about different topics such as "Volcano, The sun, weather, oceans and humans". These different episodes talks about the different changes, adaptations that may have needed happen. David has done loads of different nature and planet-based documentaries over the years, and with this he has made people realise how important this world is as we only have one Earth.
  3. NEWSBEAT DOCUMENTA RIES The BBC has made a documentary about Black lives matter and all about that topic. This would make people aware of Black lives matter and to make changes in society and make racism a thing of the past. This type of documentary is important and about an ongoing issue around the world. This documentary was produced to make people changed their actions. These type of documentaries are factual and would talk about different topics and how individual people live.
  4. MESSI As well as doing factual and informative documentaries the BBC also do autobiographies for sports and celebrities. This documentary is about a footballer and his life. This documentary will talk about his life on and off the football pitch. As sports is a big interest for people, they have also done documentaries such as Muhammad Ali. This is good for people who enjoy watching sports, as they would get a detailed image of what their life is like and is it all what people thought? They would also talk about their fan base and hate they get and how they deal with it. This would be very personal and talks about the highs and lows of been one of the best footballers of this time.
  5. BBC CHANNELS AND ENTERTAINMENT The BBC provide different dramas which could be movies or series. Even one of the popular series "Happy Valley". They have entertainment for everyone such as "Dramas, sports, documentaries, comedy and movies. As you can see, they have popular shows that you can watch for free if you have a TV license.
  6. RANGE OF DOCUMENTAR IES The BBC provides a range of documentaries that would suit everyone. This is because they don't stick to one topic. One of their popular interviewers is "Louis Theroux" he has interviewed people such as Tiger king Joe Exotic, he looks at life in prison and gambling culture and many more. Some of these documentaries could be informative and entertainment and some of these are about real issues that people struggle with on a daily basis, and he wants to help people to heal and stop these struggles. He does this by raising awareness of the subjects.
  7. I AM GRETA This documentary is about Greta, she claims to be the voice of the generation. She is a teenage activist for climate change. She talks about never been told experiences, her aims and being the voice for our generation, because no one her age is talking about these issues. This documentary talks about the issues raised that David Attenbough talks about in his documentary, but as he focuses on animals lives as well as some human lives. Greta talks about issues with climate change and how if it doesn’t change it is going to cause issues in the future. This documentary is important as she is talking about issues that affects us now and going to affect us in the future. As she is young, she could inspire young people to change and help the world and climate change, she could also inspire young people to speak up and talk about issues of their own and issues that could affect them and others now or in the future.
  8. MUHAMMAD ALI This documentary talks about Muhammad Ali and his boxing career. They go in depth with how he boxed 5 more years before retiring in 1981 aged 39. They also go in depth with how he was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984. Even though he had this illness it did not stop him from travelling the world. This documentary will talk about his highlights of his boxing career and his lows. They will include his personal life on and off the ring. They will also talk about his illness and how he dealt and fight for what he wanted to do while having Parkinson's. As Muhammad Ali is one of the most famous boxes to ever live this documentary will inspire people who follow and inspire people to box. This documentary will show people the true life of him.