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Institution task


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Institution homework

Published in: Education
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Institution task

  1. 1. INSTITUTION TASK Mollie Habbershaw
  2. 2. MAIN INSTITUTIONS Tangled was released in 2010 and distributed by Disney. $260 mil The Blair Witch Project was released in 1999 and produced by Haxan Films.
  3. 3. HOW MUCH MONEY WAS USED TO PRODUCE THE FILMS? To produce the Disney film Tangled they used $260 million. To produce The Blair Witch Project, it cost them $22,000, however once the film was released, it made back a massive $240.5 million.
  4. 4. HOW MUCH MONEY WAS MADE ONCE THE FILMS WERE RELEASED?  Tangled made $198 million at the box office. The Blair Witch project made $240.5 million, a ratio of $1 spent for every $10,931 made.
  5. 5. HOW WELL KNOWN ARE THE FILM MAKERS? Pixar Animation Studios has created acclaimed animated feature and short films for over 25 years.  The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar in 2006 at a valuation of $7.4 billion, a transaction which made Jobs Disney's largest shareholder. Pixar has produced fourteen feature films, beginning with Toy Story (1995) and its most recent Monsters University (2013). Haxan Films are only really known for the production of the Blair Witch Project.  The name is taken from the 1922 Swedish/Danish silent movie Häxan ("The Witch").
  6. 6. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE INSTITUTIONS Disney Haxan Films Founded Feb 3rd 1986 Founded in 1999 Made a lot of films, all of those are well known. E.g: Mary Poppins Not very many people have heard of Haxan, it is not very well known Disney have produced 492 films since 1986 Only 24 films have been produced since 1999 It is one of ‘the big six’ making it very well known Not in ‘the big six’ so therefore probably doesn’t work with many of the ‘big’ actors/ actresses
  7. 7. OTHER FILMS DISNEY HAS PRODUCED Toy Story 101 Dalmatians High School Musical Bedtime Stories Camp rock Cars Lilo and Stitch All these films were very popular. They are aimed at children and after all the sales it was proved how successful Disney actually were. The amount of films produced since the company started up also portrays the success of the business.
  8. 8. OTHER FILMS HAXAN HAS PRODUCED Four corners of fear Altered Say yes quickly Seventh moon These particular films were successful as films in general however the Haxan productions aren’t very well known so not many people would be interested in watching these films as they wont star well known actors/ actresses.
  9. 9. GENRE Disney Haxan Disney are most commonly known for producing children’s films. They haven’t produced any adult films. Most of their films are aimed at families with young children or young teenagers. Most of the films Haxan have produced have been horror. Each institution aims to have a specific genre they focus on when producing films to make sure they can interest and please their target audience.
  10. 10. AUDIENCE I think Disney appeals more to younger age groups and families. However as they are so well known they would have a very wide audience and people of all ages would be willing to watch their films. I don’t think Haxan would have a very broad audience, however I think they would be aiming their films at young adults/ 20.30 year olds that like those kinds of films.
  11. 11. OUTPERFORMANCE WITH INSTITUTIONS  I think Disney definitely outperforms Haxan as Disney have produced nearly 500 films since 1986. Haxan started in 1999 and has only produced 20ish films. That doesn’t seem like a very successful film producing company. This would also imply that they’re quite unsuccessful when it comes to selling the films whereas Disney are one of the largest film companies in the world proving their success. Haxan are still producing films but I think Disney have a much wider audience.