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Higher Education's Value: In the Experience Itself


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Presentation slides from the keynote at HERDSA Victoria's branch snapshot conference in September 2018 hosted by Deakin.

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Higher Education's Value: In the Experience Itself

  1. 1. Higher Education’s Value: In the Experience Itself Mollie Dollinger The University of Melbourne La Trobe University @molliedollin
  2. 2. The Snowflakes of Higher Education’s Value Parents Academic Faculty Society Professional Staff Employers University Contractors Government @molliedollin Alumni Students
  3. 3. 1. Value is Subjective @molliedollin
  4. 4. Why do students choose to attend university? For more see: Hemsley-Brown, J., & Oplatka, I. (2015). University choice: what do we know, what don’t we know and what do we still need to find out?. International Journal of Educational Management, 29(3), 254-274. *Please do not upload/share this page out of respect for the students!
  5. 5. Grouping Students’ Perceived Value in Higher Education Relationships Experiences Personalisation • To prepare for their future career • There are specific activities that interest them (e.g. study abroad, co-curricula groups) • Someone encouraged them • They know other people doing it • They want to meet new people • They want to enjoy not working • They want exposure to new ideas • They want to learn
  6. 6. 2. Value Changes @molliedollin
  7. 7. Introducing: Value in Use (ViU) Expectations of Value Value-in-Use Reflections on Value @molliedollin See: Vargo, S. L., & Lusch, R. F. (2004). Evolving to a new dominant logic for marketing. Journal of Marketing, 68(1), 1-17. Value is determined at the time of use.
  8. 8. Value’s Wide Net @molliedollin For more on lecture attendance: Gysbers, V., Johnston, J., Hancock, D., & Denyer, G. (2011). Why do students still bother coming to lectures, when everything is available online?. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education (formerly CAL-laborate International), 19(2).
  9. 9. 3. Value is Co-Created @molliedollin
  10. 10. How to proceed? Relationships PersonalisationExperiences See: Ranjan, K. R., & Read, S. (2016). Value co-creation: concept and measurement. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 44(3), 290- 315. @molliedollin
  12. 12. RQ: In cases of (intentional) student-staff co- creation, to what extent is ViU (relationships, personalisation, experiences) impacted? @molliedollin
  13. 13. Relationships “Like she realizes that you just a human trying to get a degree. I think she has respect for us as people, and it’s not like other tutors don’t but you don’t feel it as much” (Student, Curriculum Design Case).
  14. 14. Personalisation “They gave us quite a bit of freedom… which was awesome. My background is in nutrition and we picked a topic that was good for everyone. And I wanted to make my own videos online and this helped me gain exposure, I think it pushes me ahead of my peers.” (Student, Learning Resources)
  15. 15. Experiences “I’ve never had a job or area of study where I’ve been this passionate about doing it... the joy I get from working in student-staff partnership is enough to sustain my work, but the prospect of facilitating a hundred other students a year to have partnership experience… it just puts me over the moon.” (Student, Program Development Case).
  16. 16. Limitations 1. Sampling Method 2. Baseline Comparison 3. Control Group
  17. 17. Findings and More Questions ViU may be a suitable lens for value in higher education. Co-creation may enhance ViU. 1. Can we create an instrument to evaluate ViU? 2. How do variations of co-creation compare in regard to ViU amplification? @molliedollin
  18. 18. Applying ViU in your work How do you define value? And how do you communicate this to others? What are the negotiated points between value offerings and value capture? Which are led by the university and which are led by students? How can we as a sector move past quick fixes for evaluating value? (e.g. rankings, employed graduates) @molliedollin
  19. 19. Our Current State
  20. 20. Our Future State *Figures may or may not be entirely made up.