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Tv scheduling


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Tv scheduling

  2. 2. The schedule for each day can be broken down intoclear segments. How would you categorise these segments?
  3. 3. • By the time due to the type of programmes,Early am – am – Early pm – pm 6:00 – 6 – 9 – 9... Retired people Children Soap operas Students Young people News Unemployed
  4. 4. Who are the target audience for these segments?
  5. 5. • Earlier on is adults/old people (8am onwards)• 4pm children• 7pm on wards is young adults• After 9pm is adults and young adults
  6. 6. Who is the target audiencefor each terrestrial channel?
  7. 7. • Channel 5 – The gadget show (adults/men)• ITV1 – Loose women and Emmerdale (mums/women in the morning also a mass audience)• BBC2 – Dragons Den (adults/older people both men and women)• BBC1 – Holby City and newround (mass audience)• Channel 4 – Hollyoaks and Place in the sun (mass audience)
  8. 8. What percentage ofchannels are taken up by repeats?
  9. 9. • Half/50% because of the cost of showing each programme and the popularity.
  10. 10. Which channels have moreimported programmes in there schedule?
  11. 11. • Channel 4 – has a wide target audience and aimed at specific audiences at different times.• Channel 5 – this is cheaper and it’s not as popular.
  12. 12. What do you understand by the term ‘Watershed’?
  13. 13. • 9 O’clock• Violent/older programmes are played• Younger people should be in bed
  14. 14. Pre-echo• Schedule a programme before a popular programme Inheritance• Scheduling a programme after a popular programme to inherit some of the audience. Hammocking• In the middle of two popular ones.