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Presentation moldova on line


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Travel Agency ,,Solei-Turism" LTD is one of the leading travel agencies on the tourism market of the Republic of Moldova. From the foundation’s day, "Solei - Turism" LTD has worked primarily as a tour operator of foreign and domestic tourism in Moldova. The professionalism, the safety and the dynamism are the principles that characterize the activity of the agency. An important branch of the agency’s activity "Solei-Turism" LTD is the business tourism.

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Presentation moldova on line

  1. 1. Private ownership since 2001 Number of employees - 50
  2. 2. Activity Area Worldwide flight tickets sales Outgoing Tourism Incoming Tourism Corporate Service & Business Travel
  3. 3. Why Moldova?
  4. 4. Area 33,800 km2 Population 3,56 million inhabitants (on January 1.2011) Capital Chişinău / kishinəu / Major cities Bălţi, Tiraspol, Cahul, Orhei
  5. 5. 9 000 incoming visitors every year! 3000 2500 2000 1500 Visitors 1000 500 0 2010 2011 2012
  6. 6. Solei – Turism Packages Wine Tours Gastronomic Tours Cultural Tours History & Political Tours Religious Tours Rural Tours City Breaks Hiking & Walking Tours Сamping Combined Tours
  7. 7. Mileştii Mici Winery
  8. 8. Cricova Winery
  9. 9. Purcari Winery
  10. 10. Chateau Vartely
  11. 11. Beshalma, Gagauz-Yeri
  12. 12. Soroca Fortress
  13. 13. Tighina Fortress
  14. 14. Căuşeni Church
  15. 15. Curchi Monastery Căpriana Monastery
  16. 16. Rudi Monastery
  17. 17. Ţâpova Monastery
  18. 18. Hanul lui Hanganul Guest House
  19. 19. Collecting the harvest at Orheiul Vechi
  20. 20. Chişinău
  21. 21. Tiraspol
  22. 22. Bălţi
  23. 23. Open Air Museum Orheiul Vechi
  24. 24. Open Air Museum Orheiul Vechi
  25. 25. Vadul lui Raşcov
  26. 26. Sibiu, România
  27. 27. Iaşi, România
  28. 28. Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, Ukraine
  29. 29. Solei Event & Convention Your Meeting Professional in Moldova
  30. 30. Solei Event & Convention Services  Business Meetings  Interpreter Services  Catering Services  Transportation Services  Conference Management  Meeting Management  Event Management  Tours & Excursions  Exhibition Services  Ticketing Services  Hotel Reservation  Visa Support
  31. 31. Positive Surprises Name something which took you surprise? People and their attitude - 134 spontaneous mentions Nature and climate – 64 The food – 54 Beauty of the country – 37 Architecture, Culture and Traditions - 24
  32. 32. Positive Surprises Splendid and interesting tour to Moldova and its people very much deserve becoming more known in countries abroad and in overcoming the unjustified negative image created by some mass medias in the past or the ignorance. ..... guess to have people like that, who are so very engaged and have so much love for their own country and culture is striking for every tourist and gives a very good impression German Tour Operator People from German and particular from East Germany have an interest to see Transnistria but will be more attracted by the people, Butuceni should become a UNESCO World Heritage site German Tour Operator Fantastic,..I am fascinated about all. Next month I will promote Moldova. I will also arrange a tour next year Swiss Tour Operator
  33. 33. Why to become a Solei-Turism Partner?
  34. 34. One of the leading Tour Operators on Travel Market for 17 years Individual approach to each demand Detailed and highly oriented offer within 24 hours Young, skilled, professional and flexible stuff Communication in five languages Affordable rates for each customer
  35. 35. Our Philosophy  Quality  Satisfaction  Integrity  Efficiency
  36. 36. We never get tired of doing our job, because tourism is not a real job – it’s a way of living. Live with us the travel experience!
  37. 37. Thank you!
  38. 38. Solei-Turism Ltd. Tourism & Travel Agency 5 Negruzzi blvd., MD – 2001 Chisinau , Republic of Moldova Branch office: 64 Decebal blvd., office 4, MD-2015 Letter of Recommendation To Whom It May Concern: I confirm that I have dealt with Solei-Turism Ltd. Tourism & Travel Agency Group since 2009, during which time they have provided as business partner with excellent support in the areas of Groups & Incentive Travel. Their work has been a major factor helping the footballproject in September 2010 to a great success. Having been guided during the tour in Chisinau, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with your operations and the procedure you have implemented to this project. All of your employees were extremely courteous and went out of their way to explain various functions and answer my inquiries. I can confidently recommend with great pleasure and enthusiasm Solei-Turism as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field. Yours faithfully Jan le Loux Accountmanager Sports