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SPM Trial 2011 - Johor.doc

  1. 1. GffiAXTOTTOM^ LNAN l!{ffi JANATAN Ptr,-A;T$XJII* LAJARA{ MALAYS,I 2CI1 PE A 1 tnqtlPfiPHRIK$AAN PSRCT}IIAATTSCHA$AINCGHRTSKerta.rII 1/*jam Satuj*m cmpnt puluh lima minit JAIVOANBUKA KERTASSOALANINI$EITINGOADIEERITAHUAr*hnnl. Kedas ini 2 Snhlgi*n A d*tt Sahnginn soalan mcnganiluttgibairagian: F.2. Jarvnh bahtgian, ltcrlu*+lu*lnstructirnr1. fhis que"tlion $e*tion A *nd $lvfi+n S pnperco**istsof trr* s*flti$llt$:?. Ansrverbcth sectifirs. Kertasssalanini tnengaudungi halman bercetak 3lll9ll 20!| JalxttanPdaj*rmJalvsr ILih*rsdrrhhl sut*vT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  2. 2. SULIT 1I 19/1 SectionA: Directed Writing [35 narksl fTimesuggested: minutesl 45The issue of obesity arnongteenagers a growing concem. ln relation to this, you have isattended health seminaraboutthe importanceof weight control organizedby the Health aMinistry. As the secretaryof the Health Club, your teacherhas askedyou to write an articleon the importance weiglntmanagement the schoolmagazine. of for You havemadethe notesbelowto helpyou.Write your article based your notesasshownbelow. onReasons obesity: for r genetics o bad eatinghabits o lack ofexerciseWaysto overcome: r eata balanced diet r do not snackbetween meals r do not skip meals r exercise regularly o consultdoctor/ fitnessexpertbeforejoininga gym e maintainidealweight o go for regrrlarhealth checks r think positively r be disciplinedin your weightmanagementWhenwritingthe article,you shouldrememberto: r give a suitable title r statethe writers name o write in paragraphs o useall the notesgiven ILihat sebelah]lll9ll @ 2 0I 1 Jabatan P elajaran Johor SULTT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  3. 3. SI]LIT ,3 Ltlgtr SectionB: Continuous Writing [ 50 marks] fTimesuggested: hourl OneWrite a composition about350 words on one of thefollowing topics. of1. Describe scene a concertyou haveattended. a at spend muchtime on Facebook. you agree?2. Students too Do your opinion. Support3. If you werethe principalof your school, would you make? what changes went out..."4. Write a storybeginningwith: "The lights suddenly5. Family END OFQUESTIONPAPERlll9ll @20I I JabdtanPetalmonJohor SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  4. 4. $t:LtrNO. KADPENCI]NAT,AN/I.C, NUMI3[Ii.AN{iKA (;II,IIiANINI]EXNUMT]ER JAI}ATANPEI,AJANANNilGNRI JOHOIISIJIL PIILA.IARAN il,IALAYSIA2OIT ItrgtzPEPERTKSAAN PERCT.IBAANB,.t}tASA INGGERISKc$as 22 7*jant Dun jnm limetbelnsminit JANGAN $OA1,AI{ $HFIII(CGA BUKAKNRTAS INI ilISIiRITAFIUAr:rhirn:1. :ferlrrssoalnnifii mengundwtgi enrpaf br*rrgioi.2. Jsutb semualrrfirrgtillr. Exnrtilncr3. ,,lu+htlinosilwtisupc.tanrengawhil 25 winil nnxt wtlult nran-iawqh vtultn llahagian A, .?.5 trrirril rrrtrli BnhagianB, 50 aifiiit nnltli Bthaginn C, Srcfiarr Mrlrks Billurgill D" r/rrir.li tttitti! turltrJt"1. IIitan*nn"iilvtapeu trds uttlukBthagian A cli dnlan kertusjuttupstt di halowiln l.8. ts5. .{os/nn-s*irI*n.lvttg rtikwtukundnIorukrrrlostiri rnnn gliin a entp nu.y, tiga {r/.nrcnrpatTrl/Iirrri ui .ialrapun. H It)Instructiaus:1. l-his qwstirsn ptper colstists o./lbul srlcliorts. L: ?52. .{ir,ntrr all *eclioa,s:.-{. }rirr ,7;fi;isyil ,rpttttlabanr35 nrilmtes ,trt lo ott Suticn A, J5 nrirrrrlus IiectionB, 50 ntituie.t orr D 20 on Strctirrn ji C_orrrl ilintdssou SceticnD,4. Rtackenvt117 Jbr Ser:tionA ou dre{Irt$}ldr 1717,5ver "l otuI .$iuct ol poge i L 705. Quertiarsitt lhispupermight /r*rethrer cir four oplicrrrr. burcrlak Kertnssoalnn mengar:d*lgi[7 hnlanran iui11 1912 *, 201 Jehatrtn Pe!*t*nn Johar I [Lihat halnmnn scbelnh SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  5. 5. IITNS lovof uo.to[op.!uDroqor Ie Q 7J6lll IqElaqas rurut luq rBql.l I ol sruslus8rolerocaql sdJaq tqElpns eq1 O ^rorA ,rnorfl stusrueEJo oql sdlsqrolumloq eql J ol IsJoc ,uor8ol slEJoc sdleqrolumploc eql g eql lrorE o1sleror aql sdleqec1 oqt V asnecoq pcrdo4 ur llo/y seas *ror8 ol alqeoresl?rol lnrll hrou>l lxet ar{luo pes€fl aA /voro uraqlJo,plocool ajs qilouotll ol sPasplogaqt ol jo sjalerv Mor6oi stuslu*6ro eql lerocsdloqlqnlluns eroqMsEas eql lBcrdorl u! punojare deql srea^ spussnoql aqt lo JaAoJeqlaoolpautof sleurueleJos orBlBr.ll peoplo suolelels dn opeu ore slaaj leroS l0 daAlc eouetsrpuoqse pelBcol slollol oql O oru ,(e^usarleu 0St pelecolerus,(urrtrtuls fl oql ,{urnu salaur 0gl palucolart sauoqdctlqndpue slelol eq} V lBql irlotr)le^{3^oqu preoquSlsotll tuoJc sturtht057 stfNSrNSANOS Sngnd ,tawsun arypu{ o1 tsaq uaa13 uo11ow,tolu1 aqt,tpnls put 1s.tg[.uo11sanb suopsanb 4na ng uary aWpoat arylo 8 - I suollsono fsalnuru97: pa1sa&&ns aw1,1l {s4nwgfl Y NOIISflS uStrl rllns http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  6. 6. SULIT 5 tt19/2 Choice careers of Me d i ci n e Medicine Engineering Engineering 5 Science (ivithAccounts) I 5 Science (r,vith 3 llconomics) Based thepic charts, couldsaythat on we A thestudents theconstruction Iike irrdustry, B medicine afiracts onlya smallfraction thestudents, of C thestudents moreinterested thefield ol business. ars in D morestudents from Science areinterestcd linance I in thanthosefrom Science 3. I Lihat halamansebclah1ll9/2 O 20! I Jabatan pelajaran Johor SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  7. 7. SULIT rtrgtz Anis : I think arebeing we followed. quicken steps. Lets our Fairuz Youre : right. sound those The of footsteps behind is making us my fleshcreep. Explain howFairuz feelswhen said,"making she myfreshueep,,.shefeels.... A hotandsweaty. B happy carefree. and C frightened nervous. and D curious suspicious. and PENGSANFISHPELLETS DO NOTCLOUDTHE WATER The informationon the fish food labeltells us that A thefish pelletswill floaton clearwater. B the fish pelletswill makethewaterclearer. C cloudywateris not ide*l for the fish pellets. D the fish pelletswill not tum thewatermurky. I Lihat halamansebelahlll9l2 @ZOtI labatan Pela.iaran Johor SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  8. 8. SULIT rrt9t2 PASIRGUDANG, Fri. - The48 families lostthe roofs who overtheir headsduringthe strongwindsyesterday receivehelp from the will government repairtheir houses. to Eachfamilywill receivefinancial aid to help cover their losses.The victimsare now shelteredat temporary centres, workis now beingcarried by the Cleaning-up out Council Municipal WorksDepartment. familiesareputtingup at temporary The48 aflected centres because A theirhomes beingrepaired, are B theirhomes not fit for habitation, are work is beingcarried C thecleaning-up out. D thestrong destructive arld wind is still blowing. fl $ftrqlt$ il*l$ilh|, flsili!i l:re6*Ef {tfirr . ryrr* (|t+*i**:s{iul{i(4:1 rWhqt fits your buey schedule better, cxercising one hour a day or bclng dead t4 he*rs a daf , The doclortells the paticntthal he A will die within 24 hours. B needs exercise to every hours. 24 C needs exercise livc for another hours, to to 24 D will haveto fit exercise irrlohis busyschsdulc I Lihat halanran sebclahlll9l2 A 20! ! Jubatan Pelaiaran Johor SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  9. 9. SULIT trtgt2 Helps reduce to the greenhouseeffect of globalwarming Takesin carbon dioxide Richest ecosystem in theworld lmportance of the rainforeet tc theworld Instrumentalin Actslikea sponge to controlling climate absorb heavy the andcreating rainfall tropicalrains Eased thecharl we knowthatwecanfinda great on variety floraandfauna the of in rainforest it as A absorbs heavy the tropical rains. B helps prevent to global warming. C has richest the ecosystem theworld. in D is vitnl in controlling earths the climate. I Lihat halarnansebelahllt9f2 @Zot Ltatatan pelojaranJohor SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  10. 10. SULIT tt9.n 9 Questions - 15 Readthefollowing passageand choose best$nsv,er filt in eachblank.. the to More and more peopleare sufferingfrom stresstoday. Stressis relatedto work or personal factors.An individual who hasa personality I I is achievement-oriented to I tends be a perfeclionistand is thereforernorepron€to stress. moderate A amountof stress be can constructive it stimulates as creativity diligence. l0 I stress be destructive. hasa and I can It negativeimpactL[Ll perfonnance. Stress LILL in a change eatinghabits,in aches is in and pains,in sleeping problems arrdin many other ways. One way of l!l! -onJ*ing stressis to be flexible and take at a time.It is helpfulto understand oneslimits and not try to please everybody. Lla.l I you should relaxthroughphysicalexercise recreational or activities,You shouldulro ft1 to friendsor family membersaboutyour problems fearsasthis alsohelpsreduce and rtrrrr] 9A who l3 A. overcomrng B. whom B. fighting C. which C. coping whose D. curing r0 A. Excessively t4 A. Nonetheless B. Excessive R In addition c. Exceed c. However D. Excess tl A. of l5 A. talk B. in B. chat C. at C. discuss D. on D. disclose 12 A. manifested B. manifests C. manifest I Lihat halamanscbelahlllgn A 201| JahatanPelajaranJohar SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  11. 11. SULIT ltlqt2 SectionB [0 marks] {Timesuggested:25 minutes} l6-25 Question Readthe advertisement belaw carefully. Then,completelhe diagram opposite. Time:8.30a"m.(Men) $tarting $tarting Time:8.45a.m.(Women) Finishing Tirne: Threeand a halfhours $tartLocation: Queen$bay Mall It is oponto menandwomenabove ageof 18. the Runners all categories in who complete runwithin prescrihed will be awarded Finishor the the time a Medal.The registration dateline on 20th is Ostober 2011;whileEarlyBird registration ig rate from June. applicable nowtill30th Early Bird- l{ormaf Fee Late Registration RM45 RMSO RM6O H OTLIN E :l D l0{ 6 - 4 1 1 0 0 0 0 P Hotline hours fromI a.m. 6 p.m.Monday Friday operatlon are to to only [f youhave aboutthe Penang any enquirie$ Bridgel-lalf-Marathon 2011,send your e-mail my to info@penansmqrathon.qov. GRAND PRIZE:f{ RM3000 Organisedby the PenangStatoTourismand CulturalDevelopment Board I Lihat hnlamansehelah Itlglz 8 20tl Jabann PelajaranJohar SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  12. 12. n$n 16-25 QuestionUilng ths infutmation fram the advertisement the PenangBridge Half-Marathon, oncomplete diflgrambelow. the 16Organiser: t Prt*, 17 StartingPoint:t sc-t-""""""" l7r*nn*"ro""X / HALF MARATH* ,l 18QualiffingAge: ENQUIRY 6u*rnRArrn 24 Contact Number: rEE - } 20EarlyBM: I tl awaro ro"*ipr",iig I *-** 23E-mail address: | | fee: 2l Nonnal It 22Lateregistration: I I IN marks] I Lihat halaman sebelahlll9t2 a zU t naaw PelqlaranJohar SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  13. 13. SULIT 10 rn9/2 Section C i25 marks) 26 on passage. Questions - 3l arebased thefollowing Every year, whenever mernth May makesits debut,sonsand the of daughters aroundthe world would be thinkingof what they could do this all yearfor Mothers Day. The medi4 cakehouses and shoppingcentres take part actively reminding us of this special day. The question that w€ probablydo not askis how did it comeabout? were datedway back to the The earliestMothers Day celebrations 1600sin England, servants All would be givena day off every Mothering Sunday and encouraged return hons and spend the day with their to mothors. special A cake,calledthe MotheringCake,wasoften takenalong. In the United States, Day wasoriginally suggested Julia MothEr"s by l0 Ward HowEback in 1872as a way of honouring mothers" all I;ler dreamof settingasidea specialday to honourmothersfinally becamea reality in 1907through Anna Jarvis,who is considered founderof MothersDay. the It was Jarviswho initiatedthe customof giving motherscarnations. White carnationswere for mothen who had passedaway, rvhile pink l5 carnations were given to motherswho were still living. Finally, in May 1914,President Woodrow Wilson rnadeMothers Day a nationalholiday. He also startedthe Mothers Day traditionof displayingthe United States flag to representthe publics expression love for all rnothersof the of UnitedStates America. of 20 As widely known,MothersDay is celebraled the second on Sunday of May. It is a day when mothers ars showeredwith 30 tokens of appreciationfrom their families. Sornemothersare given gifts such as flowers,sweets,mealsandcards. In France, Mothers Day is celebrated the last Sunday May. It on in 25 is a family holiday in France. The family gathers eat a largemeal and at to the end of the celebration, the mothersin the family receivea special all cake that looks likE a bouquetof flowers. In Spain, Mothers Day is celebrated December andit is lookedupons$a religiousholiday. on 8tn7 ln thisdayandage,Mothers Daycanproveto berather daunting 30 for some we eitherrun out of ideas howto treatour mothers arE as on or simplynot $ure howto showour loveandappreciation. aresome of Here tipson howto celebrate dayitself.Oneof thebestwaysis simplyto the giveyourMumthedayoff. Let hertakeit easy relaxwhiletherestof and thefrmily does work.You the will beamazed theamount workyour at of 35 motherhas to do! You eould also prepareyour mothersfhvouritell$n & 2AIl Jabaran PelalaranJohor { Lihtt hnlarnnn sebelah SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  14. 14. I SULIT 11 tttgt?. breakfast.Make surethe food is anangednicely on a tray anddont forget to includEsomefresh flowers,preferably favouritekind. Do remember her to includea present, too! I Another suggestionis to take your Mum to dinner at her favourite 40 restaurant.Whateveryou have in mind, let her know that her wisdom riye love and sacrifises greally appreciated. are alwaystaking things for are granted if it wasnt for our Mums,we would not be heretoday. and ( Adaptedfrom www.mothe.rsdayJ$U0) 26 Frornparagraph what would be in the thoughts childrenwhenMay anives? l, of ll marlQ 21 Fromparagraph2, (a)whywere servants the given dayoff every a Mothering Sunday? fl mark] b) whatwasgivento theirmothers a gift? as {l markl 28 Fromparagraph who introduced idea celebrating 3, the of mothers Mothers on Day? fi mark] 5, 29 Fromparagraph Day a)when Mothers commonly is worldwide? celebrated $ markl b) whichwordhasthemeaning pampered of ? ll marlQ 30 In yourownwords, suggests ways twa howMothers canbecelebrated. Day [2 marla] I Lihrt halamansebelah lll9fl Q 201 JpbatcnPelajoranJohor I SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  15. 15. SULIT L7 rtrgt2 3l Based thepassage on given, writea summary: r abouthowMothers is cerebrated Day in differeat countries creditwil begivenfor useof ownwords care but mustbetaken to change not the originalmeaning. Yoursummary must: r bein continuous writingform( notin notefomr) r usematerials lines 6 * 36 from r notbelonger thant30 words,incruding r0 wordsgiven the below. Beginyoursumrnary foltows: as Mothers wasfirsrcelebrared agoin rhe 1600,s Day long .,. (15ma*s)lll9tl O ZLtt latuan petqjarqnJahu I Lihat halamansebelah SUI,TT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  16. 16. SULIT T3 trrgtz ANSWER SHEET rOR QUESTION 3l I l"ihat halamansebelahlll9l2 o 201 Jabaran I PelajaranJohor SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  17. 17. SIruT 74 rtrgt2 Seefion D [20 marks] ["]imesuggested35 minutesJ : 32 Read followingstanzas "Are Youstiil ptayingyour Ftute?" qndanswer the of thesuestions follow. that Are you still playingyour flute? In the village so quiet anddeserted Arnidstthe sick rice field While hsreit hasbecome luxury a To spendtime watchingtherain Gazingat the evening rays Colleclingdew drops Or enjoyingthe fragrance flowers of Are you still playingyourflute? The moreit disturbs conscience my To be thi*king of you lntthehazardof you My youngerbrothers unemployed and desperate My peopledisunjted politics by My friend slaughtered mercilessly This world is too old qnd bleeding Zurinah Hassan (a) Name oneactivity any whichthepersona considersluxury. a (b) Giveanyonereason thepersona guiltyabout why feels wanting hear flute to the played? being llmark) (c) Fromthelaststanza, whatdoes wordhazardsymbolize? the llnarkl (d) Thepersona thattheworldis toooldandbleeding.l)o agree? says you why?iI f2marks]I lll9l2 a zot t LabotanPelajaranJohori I Lihat hd*man scbelahII SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  18. 18. SULIT 15 ttl9.n33 Thefollowingare lhe novelssludiedin the literaturecomponent EnglishLanguage. in CatchUs If You Can - Catherine McPhail Stepby WickedStep - AnneFine The Curse - Lee SuAnn Choose oneofthe novelsaboveand snswerthe question any below. Based a novel you haveread,write aboutone character on who hasshownresponsibility in his or her actionsandbehaviour. your answer Support with evidencefrom thenovel. |5marksl J Lihat halamnnsebelahltl9n @20ll Jabatan PelaiaranJohor SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  19. 19. SULIT 16 t1t9t2 ANSWERSIIE0T FORQUASTION33lllgn O 201 Jabatan t pelajaranJohor I Lihnt halamansebelah SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  20. 20. SULIT 27 ttwn FOR $SCTION ABlacken onespace each only for question. youwishto change answer, If your erase theblackened thatyouhave mark made. Thenblackenspace thenewanswer for l,@ @ @ @ e @@@@ 2 @@@( g) l0 @@@@ 3 @@@@ 1 r @@@@ 4 @@@@ t 2 @@@@ s @@@@ 1 3 @@@@ 6 ( 6 ) @@@ 1 4 @@@@ 7 @@@@ l5 @@@@ 8 @@@@lll9fZ @ 201 Llabatan PelejarcnJahar SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  21. 21. il l9/lsuLll{I I t9llPcr:rturttnPcmarhllhanBah:rsa l[nggerisKcrtas IScptember201I JABATAN PBLAJARAN NBGERI JOHOR PBPBRIKSAANPERCUBAAN SIJIL PBLAJARAN MALAYSIA 2011 PE,RATURANPBMARKAHAN BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas 1 UNTUK KEGUNAAN PEMERIKSA SAHAJA AMARAN Peraturan Pemarkahan SULIT ini Kcgunaatnnya untukpemeriksa kl,ustts yangberkenalls.ahaja Sebirang miklumatdalamperaturan pemalkahan tidakboleh ini tu*i.an kepada ainrrit sesiapa. pemarkahan tidakboleh peraturan i.i clikeh-rarkandalamapaapabentukmedia engandungi hallmnn bercetah 6 Negeri Johor Pelajaran Jabatan ILihat sclrclah SUI-,IT* I I I9ll () 201| l-liil( JINJ Cipta http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  22. 22. l l l 9/l MARKINGSCHBMBSULI T Section Ar DIRECTED WRITINGThis questioliis assessed follows: asl) Allocationof Marks: FORMAT i 3 marks CONTENT I 12marks LANGUAGE : 20 marks ======:== TOTAL 35 marks ========= 2) FoRlvlATAND CONTENTMARKS: MARIdS i ) I ;l : Title ii) l;2 : Writers nalrle llr) t-a rJ Written in ParagraPh CONTENT pointcanbe uwarclccl (All keyr,vorcls be mention.o must or poffiu"a utrot" anycontent pointcannot awardecl) into*pitte content be If ";;;;i R"otont for obesity: bid eatingltah4! iack of exercise a Uotunceddiet "at do not skiP meals regularl "xercit" rnaintainideal wei f.or ,- c"lt h"ulth tllggkt think positi Sult-ttttuL http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  23. 23. Itlg12SULIT*rrtglz.PeraturanPemarkahirrl Bahasa fngueris Kertas 2 Septernber20lr JABATAN PELAJARAN NEGtrRI JOHOR PEPERIKSAANPERCUBAAN SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA 2011 PERATURAN PEMARKAHAN BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas2 UNTUK KEGUNAAN PEMERIKSA SAHAJA AMARAN PeraturanPemarkahan SULIT ini Kegunaannya khusus untukpemeriksa yangberkenall s.ahaja SrUit*g maklumat dalamperaturan pemarkahan tidak boleh ini ai-ur.rurrir.ankepada pemarkahan tidak boleh sesiapi peraturan ini dikeluarkandalamapa-apa bentuk media andungi 5 lralaman bercetak Negeri Johor Pelajaran Jabatan [Lihat sebelirh S[lLll* l1l9l2 , tot I Hak JPNJ cipta http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  24. 24. trtg12,s r Il,ll- MARKING SCHBMBr l)swcf s:licction A JAWAPAN SOALAN JA/ I A N S O A LA N .IAW A I,AN SOALAN I A 6 B 1l D 2 D 1 D 12 A C 8 C 13 A J U 9 C t4 b 4 5 D 10 B 15 A Section [J D ^^.4 l6 Statelounsm uulurrallJsYsruPuret ThePenang ano t7 QueensbaYMall 18 old Abovel8 Years 19 Medal Finisher 20 R M4 5 2l RM5O )) RM6O -infq@pgnangmap 23 o 24 2 5 lR M3 0 0 0 ** Correct spelling and punctuation is mandatory http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  25. 25. tl1912SULIT MARKING SCHEMEScctionC : lle:rding ComPrehension / How to treat mothers on What to buy / How tq celebrate 26 (a) answers) Mothers Day (or other impressionable / MothersDay time with their mothers to celebrate I mculr to spend 21 (a) with theirmothers a mothering cake I ntur li 21 (b) rnotherins cake / a specialcake called I ntutk Julia Ward Howe rnurk) secondSundaY MaY of 2e(b) the text Mculi.s Acceptanylogicalanswers givenin not cttclecl avv :2or0 Question31 ContentIloints: l I l n gl a n d -se rva n tsa re g i v endayofftospendtim ewiththeir m other s 2. rlotheringcake who havepassed away 3. US - white carnations mothers for 4. pink carnations mothers for who arestill living 5. 1914 -NationalHolidaywasdeclared 6. clisplayed nationalflag to showloveto mothers Sunday May - 30 tokens of givento mothers 7. second g. France lastSunday May - Familyholiday - in 1i. cakepresented the shape bouquet in ofa 12. familiesgatherfor a largemeal 13. Spain December - religious - 8th holiday http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  26. 26. MARKING SCIIEME r tlg12SULITL : r nguage on the averagesum total ( to the nearestMarks lbr Style anclPresentation awardedbased are fraciiort decimal)of Paraphrase Use of Englishnrunclecl andI)arapirrase -5 Use of llnglish -4 9 +2 : At,S = 5 marks srvin ANDPREIENTATION USEOF ENGLISH 5 Sustained to attemPt 5 Excellent rephrase.ExPression Excellent is secure 2 factor LJnsalis Secti onl) ()uestion32: Literature Component:The Poem (a) Awar:d1 rnark for any one of theseresponses: Spendingtime watching the rain Ciazingat the eveningraYs Collectingdew droPs . Lrnioyingthe fiagrance/scent flowers of (b) Arvard 1 mark for any of theseresponses: lhe personshemissesis facing danger .l.heyouthsinthecountryareunemployedanddesperate llie nation is disunitedby politics l:cople/friend is killed mercilessly lhis earthis not Preserved I he countrYis not at Peace l-hereis so much turmoil everywhere http://edu.joshuatly.com/
  27. 27. Ltlg12 MARKING SCHEMESULIT responses: these (c) Award1 markfor anyof Danger DitficultY Risk JeoPardY (2 marks) (d) YesA{o, followedby a logicalreason 0 mark -lfreason itlogicalaward is without(tnyreasonaward0 mark -Yes/No Component: Novel The Question Literature 33: answer) (AccePt appropriate any Allocation marks of Content : 10marks Language : 5 marks Total : 15marks @4 [ *fitt"ttty relevantand o Accurate convincing response thetask to o VerYwell-organised textualevidence AIwaYsProvides i J.ruir.a^ well-developed). and A relevant response the to task . LargelYaccurate UsuallY textual o Well-organised Provides evidencJ(some develoPr but meaning ;-Ft.q"*G""rs . Ttt i-nt"ttnittentlYrelevant is never in dor"rbt response the task to . FairlY organised . Provides sometextual evidence . A t*P*se of little relevance to r Somebluning in meantng . PoorlYorganized o HardlYany tqllggl g4q9n99 . Makes little or no senseat Sfto*sb*.lY anYunderstanding oi,tt" requirements the task of o Lacks orga4llqlign if onlybe awarded Note:Themark"0" should a of the requirements the task thereis no understanding of otherthanEnglish o the response in a language is a thereis no response END OF MARKING SCHEME _ rAMAr pfiilrinqN PEMARKAHAN http://edu.joshuatly.com/