Aboutsip - intro to transactions and dialogs

Jonas Borjesson 11 years ago

Deep C

Olve Maudal 12 years ago

Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services (AES)

Motty Ben Atia 10 years ago

Monitoring and observability

Theo Schlossnagle 10 years ago


Reed Hastings 14 years ago

The Open-Source Monitoring Landscape

Mike Merideth 9 years ago

Participate in SIPit

Olle E Johansson 11 years ago

Sipforum SIP & IPv6 discussion slides

Olle E Johansson 11 years ago

Conferencia 1-sinologic2012 voip2day

Andres Gorostidi Pulgar 11 years ago

WebRTC DataChannels demystified

Victor Pascual Ávila 10 years ago

Time to get serious about realtime communication

Olle E Johansson 10 years ago

WebRTC & Asterisk 11

Sanjay Willie 11 years ago

HTML5 WebSocket Introduction

Marcelo Jabali 11 years ago

Ss7 Introduction Li In

mhaviv 14 years ago

Técnicas de CDN para la mitigación de ataques distribuídos

Sandino Araico Sánchez 11 years ago