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Podcasts - what, why, when and how


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A lightning talk given at Deccan Ruby Conference 2015( on what inspires me to continue listening to podcasts and how it helps me be a better software craftsman.

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  • On slide 7, I see there is a small typo. Really sorry about that. The point was that one could download a podcast onto their audio device.
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Podcasts - what, why, when and how

  1. 1. Podcasts - What, Why, When and How
  2. 2. Listening to Podcasts - A Habit
  3. 3. What are podcasts? ● A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading ● Involves two or more people discussing things around a topic
  4. 4. Why Podcasts? ● Efficiently use my Travel time ● Learn new stuff from different perspectives ○ Avdi Grimm - “I feel one of the most important things that I strive for in development is just perspective” ● Get mentored ● Evaluate myself ● Draw inspiration from people’s experiences ● Be cognizant about happenings from around the world
  5. 5. ● Ruby Rogues Podcast ■ Career Advice ● Staying sharp with Dave Thomas ○ Three times a month rule ● Giant Robots ○ Inspirational ■ Prolificness - The capacity to learn and grow ● Second Shift ● Picks/Shoutouts ○ Book suggestions ■ The Pragmatic Programmer ○ Video suggestions ■ Fast Rails Tests ○ Useful links ■ E.g:- Level Up Rails ○ Other useful resources Why Podcasts?(contd.)
  6. 6. When? ● ..Do people generally listen to podcasts? ○ Commuting ■ Driving - Take a leap of faith ○ Taking a break ■ Walk
  7. 7. How.. ● ..To get started? ○ Subscribe to your podcasts on iTunes ○ Download them on to your aud ○ Listen to them via a podcast app ● ..To ensure you don’t forget what you’ve heard from a podcast? ○ Make quick notes mentioning important keywords from the podcast
  8. 8. ○ The Bike Shed ■ Web Development Related ○ The Ruby India Podcast ■ Ruby, Rails etc., ○ The Code Newbie podcast ■ Stories from people on their coding journey. ○ The Changelog Podcast ○ Find what best suits you.. Which other podcasts could one listen to?
  9. 9. Takeaways ● Podcasts ○ Are fun to listen ○ A nice way to start your day(especially if you’re commuting) ○ Have useful takeaways in the form of picks/shout outs/show notes ○ Learn new things ○ Get great advice and insights from experts ○ Help you become a better developer
  10. 10. Thank You ● Photo Credits ○ Habits - AZQquotes ○ Podcast - ○ Alex Wong on unsplash - Person sitting on the edge ○ Baby in bliss ● Other Credits ○ Avdi Grimm’s quote taken from - Evaluating yourself episode of the Ruby Rogues podcast
  11. 11. Twitter - @mohnishgj Github - boddhisattva Blog - Mohnish G J - Software Craftsman @ Cybrilla