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Types of e commerce


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Types of e commerce

  1. 1. Presentation on Types of E-commerce<br />Presented By:MohitMalviya<br />
  2. 2. B2C<br />It describes activities of businesses serving end consumers with products and services.<br /> It is an online website of large number of products offered by the company to the customers. No individual seller involvement is there.<br />
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  4. 4. B2B<br /> Alibaba Group is a privately owned Hangzhou-based family of Internet-based businesses that includes business-to-business international trade, online retail and payment platforms, and data-centric cloud computing services.<br />
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  6. 6. C2C<br />eBay Inc. is an American Internet company that manages, an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide<br />
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  8. 8. P2P<br />Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing or networking is a distributed application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers. Peers are equally privileged, equipotent participants in the application. They are said to form a peer-to-peer network of nodes.<br />Peers make a portion of their resources, such as processing power, disk storage or network bandwidth, directly available to other network participants, without the need for central coordination by servers or stable hosts.<br />The peer-to-peer application structure was popularized by file sharing systems like Napster. Peer-to-peer networking is not restricted to technology, but covers also social processes with a peer-to-peer dynamic. <br />
  9. 9.<br />Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice calls and chats over the internet. <br />Calls to other users within the Skype service are free, while calls to both traditional landline telephones and mobile phones can be made for a fee using a debit-based user account system.<br />Skype has also become popular for its additional features which include instant messaging, file transfer, and video conferencing. <br />Skype has 663 million registered users as of 2010<br />
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  11. 11. M-Commerce<br />M-commerece is use of wireless digital devices to enable transactions on the Web.<br />NgPay: ngpay is a brand name for the proprietary mobile-commerce platform provided by JiGrahak Mobility Solutions (P) Ltd. <br />JiGrahak is based in Bangalore and was set up in 2004 with a focus to launch IP-based services in the mobile commerce domain. <br />