Consumer behavior choice process


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Consumer behavior choice process

  1. 1. Presentation on CB<br />MohitMalviya<br />Shailash Patel<br />VarunRai<br /> Sunil Singh Baghel<br />
  2. 2. WRIST BANDS<br />Describe the consumption experience…<br />Consumption experience can be determined in the form of life style, fashion, symbol for friendship, joy, cool and trendy<br />2. How often is the product used or consumed?<br />It is a product which is not so often used. Again, it depends upon the consumer like they are purchasing for gift purpose, friendship day etc. <br />
  3. 3. 3. Who uses it? When? Where? How often?<br />Mainly youth. It can be used anytime as it is related to style. Can be used anywhere, it depends. Person can wear it 365 days in an year, depends upon him<br />4. What feelings and opinions surround the consumption experience?<br />Love, joy, style, fashion, friendship, passion, brand, luck factor for any game, emotion, sorrows etc<br />What Type of relationship does the customer have with the product or service?<br />It depends, if the band is given by a girlfriend it will depict the symbol of love but if it is purchased then the relationship will differ or if it was gifted<br />
  4. 4. How long has the relationship been going on? How has it evolved and changed over time?<br />Wristbands came into existence from sports like Tennis, it has evolved from sports to a fashion/style/daily use product. Today, companies like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are manufacturing this product because of its evolution and its usage as a sports as well as fashion product<br />
  5. 5. 7. What Terms best describe the relationship: good, bad, mixed, ambivalence, dependency, casual, partners, exploited, exploitative, good friends? What Kinds of things have gone wrong in the relationship?<br />Different relationships has different views and it changes the terms of relationships which describes the product. <br /> Ex: Friend, Girlfriend (She has given the gift, the relationship was good but after break-up the relationship changes with the product as bad), Gift, Self-Purchased, Seen somewhere, purchased because of celebs like Rafael Nadal. <br /> Things had gone wrong in a way like Tiger Woods endorses the wrist band of Nike and he has engaged in some controversies then the perception towards the Nike wrist band for the customers will also change<br />
  6. 6. 8. Stock outs, unavailability of parts or service, inappropriate communication, quality lapses, violations of norms or expectations or values? What Positive surprises have occurred?<br />These things does not affect because there it is not a high involvement products and it is not a necessity for anyone<br />9. Exceptional service, welcome communication, performance above expectations, affirmation of values. Is the customer satisfied or dissatisfied with the product or service?<br />Quality, brand and colors are the only parameters through which customers gets satisfied or dissatisfied<br />
  7. 7. 10. What Factors influence the level of felt (dis) satisfaction? How were expectations formed? Did the product exceed them or fall short? How? What is the meaning of this product or service to the customer?<br />Quality, brands and color are the only factors from which customers can be dissatisfied. <br />Here expectations are formed for quality and durability.<br />Some people believe this product as a good luck charm mainly players, if they win regularly product is exceeding expectations and if they are loosing then the expectations are falling short. It has different meanings for different people for different things.<br />
  8. 8. 11. How does the product fit into the consumer’s life? What role does it play? What role does the brand play in all of this?<br />It fits as a trend in the form of fashion which is going on as well as deep relation with sports. It has different roles with respect to different people. <br />Brand plays a very crucial role for this because they have created a single platform for each and every one. The wrist band which Michael Schumacher wears of Adidas or Nike, any other person can also wear. <br />Brands has changed the perception of people towards wrist bands and converted them into a product which can be used daily. <br />