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World economic forum


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class presentation on : World economic forum

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World economic forum

  1. 1. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM By: Mohit Kumar
  2. 2. .  Founded in : 1971  Headquarter : Switzerland  Executive Chairmen : Klaus Schwab (founder)  Formerly called : European management forum
  3. 3. History  World economic forum was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, who was a business professor at the University of Geneva, Germany.  Formerly it is known as “European management forum”, In 1987 it was renamed as “World Economic Forum”.  In first meeting 444 western European firm’s executives were invited.  This meeting was focused on how European firms could catch up with US management firms.
  4. 4. .  In meeting of 1973 ,it expands it focus from management to economic and social issues and in 1974 , first time political leaders were invited in the meeting of Davos.
  5. 5. World Economic Forum  World economic Forum is a Swiss non-profit foundation promoting global improvement through the collaboration of private and public sector.  Early forum focused predominantly on European trade and competition with the rest of world, now agenda has expanded to political and economic issues.
  6. 6. Mission  The world economic forum is committed to improve the state of the world.  It strives all its efforts to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the global public interest while upholding the highest standard of governance.
  7. 7. Working of WEF  Every year member companies and political bodies are called up for meeting.  This year meeting was scheduled from 19th of January.  Here they will discuss about major issues concerned with the world.
  8. 8. Key themes of this year :  Rise of the Robot  Climate change  Terrorism  Cybercrime  Medicines
  9. 9. Facts about World Economic Forum  The annual meeting was held in 1971 with 444 members while this year 2500 members are participating.  First annual meeting last for 16 days, this year it runs from 21st January to 25th January.  First and only time forum’s annual meeting was held outside Davos was in 2002, when it was held in New York because of 9/11 terrorist attack.  The annual meeting generates $45 million for Swiss economy.
  10. 10. Thank you