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High density planting in Banana

  1. How to double farmer’s income ? Rural Awareness Experience Program-2017. • Submitted to, Prof. O P Mishra Dr. B. Jirli • Submitted by: Monika Kumari B.Sc.(Ag.) 4th year I.D. No.-14082
  2. How to double farmers income ?????
  3. Present status of Indian farmer…. • The alarming situation of farmers is mainly related to socioeconomic aspects.Farmers fall into debt because have to face a scarce crop productivity which increase the risk of their profit and high cost of life. • This creates a vicious cycle and most of time farmer suffer from mental distress, often they might see the suicide as the only solution for the families.
  4. Present status of Indian farmers….. It is estimated that more than a quarter of million Indian farmer have committed suicide in last 16 years- the largest wave of recorded suicide in human history. • In 2009 alone, the most recent year for which official figures are available,17638 farmers committed suicide that is one farmer every 30 minutes, a great number of those affected are cash crop farmers.
  5. Challenges before Indian Agriculture….. 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 Average size of holding (ha) Raise Productivity (Small farms holdings) Increase Income (Low Cost technology) Manage Natural Resources
  6. Continue…… • Agriculture sector is the mainstay in Indian economy, contribution about 15% of national GDP. • More importantly more than 50% of population is wholly or partially depend on agriculture and allied activities for their livelihood. • So, development in agriculture will help in upliftment of farmers but also benefit the large section of rural people who are directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture sector. • Empowerment of the small and marginal farmer will ensure a better, efficient and strengthened Indian agriculture.
  7. 1. High deNsity planting in banana
  8. Content 1. Introduction. 2. Principles of HDP. 3. Methods. 4. Varieties and spacing. 5. Comparisons between traditional $ HDP. 6. Advantages of HDP. 7. Limitations. 8. Economic analysis. 9. Case study. 10. Conclusion.
  9. What is High density planting(HDP) ? • A planting density in excess of that which gives maximum crop yield at maturity if the individual tree grows to its full natural size. • In other words, it the planting of more number of plant than optimum through manipulation of tree size.
  10. High deNsity planting in banana • HDP in Banana is a practice to accommodate 4444 to 5555 plants per ha.and yield of plant is recorded to be in order of 80-120 tones per ha. Depends on variety.
  11. Why HDP in Banana is main aim… • Planting season is all over the year except for seviour winter and hot summer. • It provide year round avaibility provide a permanent source of income not only to the farmer but also to the trader and retailer. • It provide basis for nutritional security,and economic security globally.
  12. Principle of hdp… •To make the best use of horizontal and vertical space per unit time. •To harness maximum possible returns per unit of input of resources.
  13. Method of planting…. 1.Trench method 2. Furrow method 3.Pit method(most commonly followed in HDP)
  14. Pit method • In HDP banana are made rows are made at a distance of 3m and pits of 50cm*50 cm*50 cm are taken at a spacing of 2m in each row. • The pit are to be refilled with top soil mixed with FYM ,prepared pit are left open for solar radiation to kill all the insect and soil born diseases. • Then sucker are planted at each pit at a spacing of 30-45 cm,perpendicular to direction of rows.
  15. Advantages of hdp I. Increase yield and improve fruit quality. II. Reduce labour cost resulting in low cost of production. III.Enable machanisation of fruit crop production. IV.Facilitate more efficient use of fertilizer,water,solar radiation,fungicides,weedicides and pesticides. V. Accommodation of more number of plant /area. VI.Prevent lodging problem.
  16. limitations of hdp… Lack of promising dwarf variety. High initial establishment cost. Lack of stadenderisation of production technology and extension of technical-knowledge,how to the farmer. High incidence of some disease Sigatoka leaf spot,finger tip in banana etc.
  17. Difference between Traditional and HDP method of planting….. Attributes Traditional HDP 1. Number of plants Few large trees(2000- 4000) Many small trees(4000- 6000) 2. Yield Lower(40- 60tones/ha) Higher(80- 120tones/ha) 3. Management Difficult Easy 4. Labour need More Less 5. Production cost Higher Lower
  18. Economic analysis….
  19. Comparision between HDP and traditional method of planting. HDP Traditional Total exp=65,400+26,500+28,500 =1,20400+6020=1,26,420 Total income=6000*50=3,00,000 Net return=3,00,000-1,26,400 1,73,600/acre=4,13,333/ha. • Total exp=1,20,420+18,00(30% extra pitting)+4000(15% extra fertilizer)=1,26,220. • Total income=6,000*30=1,80,000 • Net return=1,80,000- 1,26,000=54,000 per acre=135,000 per ha.
  20. • Tamilnadu ranks first in area and production of banana but in there is limitation of banana cultivation due to strong wind. • But some farmer adopted HDP ,they grow banana on minimum one ha of land and are fully satisfied with the profit they make. •
  21. Conclusion…. • Banana is one of the foremost cash crop,grown in all over the country because of high adaptability,its cultivation is highly beneficial for all types of farmer. • Provide regular income throughout the year. • HDP in banana increases not only the production but reduces cost of production also,so it is one of the best approach to increase to farmers income.
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