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  1. 1. Met Life Insurance Plans and keywords Presented by : Mohit Thaman CUN110550046 Section-A
  2. 2. Met Life• Child Plans• Protection• Rural
  3. 3. Child Plans•Met Bhavishya•Met Junior Endowment•Met Junior Money back
  4. 4. Protection•Met Suraksha•Met Suraksha plus•Met Mortgage protection
  5. 5. Rural•Met Vishvas•Met Suvidha Rural•Met Grameen Ashray
  6. 6. Child Plans- Met Bhavishya• Guaranteed money back• Pays out funds• Education and career• Life Insured• Payable• Suitable
  7. 7. Met Junior Endowment• Flexible endowment• Savings• Security• Highest priority• Return on Investment• Guarantee.• Met Junior is available
  8. 8. Met Junior Money Back• Money back plan• Combines savings and security.• Your childs well-being is your highest priority.• Periodic survival benefits• Guaranteed growth savings.
  9. 9. Protection-Met Suraksha• Term Assurance• Nominal cost• Customize your plan• Two riders – Accidental Death Benefit and Critical illness.
  10. 10. Met Suraksha Plus• Non participating term assurance plan• Life cover.• Financial commitments,• Unfortunate happen• Nominal cost.
  11. 11. Met Mortgage Protector Plus• Met Mortgage Protector Plus• Life cover for home loans• Decreasing term insurance with single and limited premium options.• Outstanding• Policy schedule.
  12. 12. Rural-Met Vishvas• Single premium• Micro insurance,• Non- participating term assurance plan• Life cover at a nominal cost• 110% or 125% of the premium.
  13. 13. Met Suvidha Rural• Flexible Endowment Plan• Combines savings and security• Protection up to maturity• Long term financial objects• Affordable premiums.
  14. 14. Met Grameen Ashray• Micro insurance• Non- participating plan• cover at a nominal cost
  15. 15. Thank You