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Enrollment Campaign Report 2011                                       District Qila Saifullah                             ...
[ April 2011 , Enrollment Campaign Qila Saifullah 2011                 Education (continued from page 1)                 d...
[ April 2011 , Enrollment Campaign Qila Saifullah 2011 ]Coordination Meeting with NGO/Semi-govtorganizationVenue: UNFPA Of...
[ Month and Issue ]                                                                                 District Planning Work...
District Level Walk                                                                                      Out of School    ...
Village Level Walks                                 Village Level Walks                                                   ...
Presenation ceremony at   Village Level Walks                    District Walk in Sadar UNational Commission for Human Dev...
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  1. 1. Enrollment Campaign Report 2011 District Qila Saifullah District Planning Meeting……………1 District /TehsilPlanning Workshop…2 District Coordination meeting………3 Enrollment Week/Day /walks………4 Human Development REPORT Support Unit Qila Saifullah April 19, 2011 Enrollment Campaign 2011 Report Qila Saifullah Report by: Mohibullah Khan DPME Qila Saifullah District Historical Background: fled to Afghanistan to raise insurgeny The word Killa Saifullah means against the British.In October 1884, this “The fort of Saifullah Khan”. The district fort was blown up by the British forces has been named after Saifullah fort ; a under the command of Sir Sandemon. brave man of great influence among the He died in 1889 and is buried in the city Enrollment Walk Khoidadzai tribe of Kakars. He was born graveyard of Tehsil Qila Saifullah. in 1822 in former upper Zhob. In 1884 first British expedition was sent to Zhob Admistrative Units: valley that met Saifullah Khan and other tribesmen near Akhterzai area and the District Qila Saifullah is divided in two tribals endured heavy casualties, many Tehsils; Killa Saifullah and Muslim Bagh tribal killed, some tendered submission Tehsils and 15 Union Councils. The district but Saifullah Khan and Sardar Shah border links Afghanistan from North, Zhob Jehan Jogezai had a narrow escape & continued on next page District Orientatin/ Planning Meeting Chaired by: DEO Qila Saifullah The District Orientatin and planning meeting was held in DEO office Qila school visits by LC & MCs. Saifullah. The DEO, DO male, DGM It was decided that the first week of April and DPME participated. In this meeting would be celebrated as enrollment weekDEO and GM in orientation meeting the pros and cons of the enrollment and April 09, 2011 as Enrollment Day. It campaign was discussed i.e. Enrollment was week/Day, SMP for enrollment campaign, enrollment reporting, joint continued on page four
  2. 2. [ April 2011 , Enrollment Campaign Qila Saifullah 2011 Education (continued from page 1) district from East,Loralai from North and (Administration and Schools), two DDOE, 2 Pishin from West. ADOEs and 16 Learning coordinators. The Literacy rate of Killa Saifullah is 24% in Educations: 2011. There are a number of development sector There are 524 primary schools ( 409 boys organizations supporting education and 115 girls), 26 middle school (20 boys department viz; National Commission forUC Nasai Walks and 6 girls ), 20 High Scools (15 boys and 05 Human Development (N CHD) , Ed-Links girls), 21 private school and 41 madressas. and Balochistan Education Foundation There 2 boys (BEF). There aa degree colleges, 01 girls college, 01 cadet college and 01 polytechnic institute. There are two District Education Officers District-Tehsil (Joint) Planning WorkshopUC Kan Walks Chaired by: DEO Participants: prevention, and ensuring quality education DEO Qila Saifullah through regular assessment of the students, DEO Primary Schools training of teacher, parents teacher DDOEs/ADOEs male (Both Tehsils) meetings and PTA meetings . To fulfill the LCs stated objectives of enrolment campaign DGM NCHD DPME NCHD following activities would be carried out; 1- SMP at village/school level (BBCMs, Influential meetings, A joint Tehsil & District Planning Walks for 100% enrollment workshop was held on dated 26/3/2011 in 2- Media Sensitization (Specially print media) DEO office in order to work-out the plans & 3- Awareness and advocacy stratagies for achieving 100% enrollment in through Banners, Wall Chalking, 2011 in Killa Saifullah.. posters and flyer The campaign was jointly launched by DC, The workshop began with the Holy Words. Education Department and development DEO Killa Saifullah described the objective sector organizations serving in Killa Saifullah. of enrollment campaign; promoting The DEO also defined and shared the enrolment in the schools, drop out continued on page 4
  3. 3. [ April 2011 , Enrollment Campaign Qila Saifullah 2011 ]Coordination Meeting with NGO/Semi-govtorganizationVenue: UNFPA Office Qila Saifullah Participants: Saifullah could be achieved in collaboration with other organization. 1- DPME NCHD Mohibullah Khan The District Program Officer UNFPA Dr. 2- DPO-UNFPA Dr. Samiullah Sami ullah stressed upon all 3- DM Relief International, Babrak organization to carry joint visits and Khan facilitation especially in mobility where applicable and needed. The DPO 4- DSM-PPHI, Asmatullah Kakar UNFPA called-upon all organization 5- DPC Ed-Links, Abdullah specially NCHD to join a function going 6- DC Merlin, Hameedullah Merzai to held on dated 11/4/2011 in 7- DSO W.H.O. Government Girls High school Qila 8- PPC UNFPA, A Rasheed Saifullah. 9- CM NMNCH, Abdul Mateen It was also mutually agreed that; an organization in its individual capacity On dated 26/3/2011, a coordination has less deliverable potential but ameeting of various development sector coordinated effort can make aorganizations was conducted at UNFPA Killa Saifullah. The meeting wasintended for synchronization It was also decided that thedevelopment sector efforts in Killa meeting would continue regularly onSaifullah. monthly basis. The representatives of different The next coordination meeting wasorganizations i.e. Dr. Sami ullah, District predetermined as on 14/04/2011 atCoordinator UNFPA, Mohib ullah Khan PPHI office wherein invitation for DCDPME NCHD, , Babarak Khan District Killa Saifullah, DHO and DEO wouldManager Relief International, Abdullah also be extended.District Program Coordinator ED-Links, Mohammad Alam DGM NCHD QSF briefing the audience aboutAsmatullah DSM PPHI, Mehmood Khan the Enrollment campaign inDistrict Support Officer WHO, Rasheed UNFPA supported function atPPC MNCH /UNFPA participated in the GGHS Killa Saifullah.coordination meeting. The meeting formally started withthe verses from Holy Quran followed bythe individual introduction session andbriefing on each organizationbackground and mandate. DPME Qila Saifullah briefed themeeting on the NCHD’s mandate andspecially the ongoing enrollmentcampaign. Emphasis was made on thathow the maximum enrollment in Qila
  4. 4. [ Month and Issue ] District Planning Workshop (continued SNAPS from page 2) Enrollment Walks District, participants about the Sercetary Education about the proper launching enrollmentVillage Level Walks Tehsil & Village Level) campaign along with appropriate enrolllent Conducted by: ED, NCHD & other organizations reporting formats and strategies. For the purpose enrollment reporting formats were shared to all the participants and they were Participants: tained. The LCs were directed by the DEO to 1- DEO Qila Saifullah Bashir Ahmed 2- Ex-Nazim Sadar UC A Razziq train the head teachers individually on your 3- DGM NCHD visits to schools as teachers training at Circle 4- DPME may not be called due to lack of fianancial 5- Sadar MC and LC resoures and the restraint of over-stretched 6- Head teachers of 3 participated schools area. 7- Parents from 4 adjacent villages 8- Volunters The LC were also instructed by the DEO to carry out visits and collect enrollment data of Walk Proceedings private schools and madressas so that an a- walk in all 3 concerned villages overall district education situation analysis b- All Walks joined at GBPS Ghulam Merzai may come in to practice for proper education planning. c- Speeches by DEO, Ex-Nazim, Head teachers, The first week of May, 2011 was fixed as Social activist, DPME & volunteer date of enrollment reporting by the DEO Killa d- Refreshment arranged by Influential SaifullaH. Volunteer Abdul Rasheed Merzai Enrollment Walks(continued ) Enrollment walks were carried out through out At the cermoney at Killi Ghulam the district on district, Tehsil, Union council and Mohamad was convened. The day related village level. In 2011, it was mutually agreed speeches were delivered. between the Education department, Ed-Links and Mr. Bashir Ahmed Qairani in his speech NCHD that district level walk would be organized said that it is joint reponsibilty of ED, in rural areas in order to convey an effective Teachers, students and parents to make message of enrollment campaign to those who efforts in the education to progress in this have never experienced it. modern era of science and technology. He appreciated the efforts of headteachers, For this purpose, 3 villages (Killi Amanullah, NCHD staff and community in making their Killi Ghulam Merzai and Killi Haqabad) were part played in this noble cause of education. focused for the district level walk in the rural The DGM NCHD Mr. Mohammad Alam village UC Sadar Tehsil Qila Saifullah.. Khan Laon did thank for stakeholders of the function; i.e ED, Teachers, Students, parents, Walks from all 3 schools GBPS Killi Shabozai, volunteers and NCHD staff who made GBPS Killi Ghulam Merzai and GBPS Killi Haqabad valuable efforts for education cause. started from theirmrepective villages and joined The day-related speeches were also near Killi Ghulam Mohammad. delivered by Syed Akbar Kakar a social activist, Head Teachers, Ex-Naim Abdul Raziq and DPME NCHD Mohib ullah Khan.
  5. 5. District Level Walk Out of School Children in village HaqabadWalk entering into thevillage DEO and DGM alongDistrict Level walk in Killi with parents carryingHamndazai out SMP for enrolling OSC and 4 of them were enrolled the very next dayA ceremony in An OSC girl along withgovernment Primary her younger brother inSchool at Killi Ghulam the village bringingMerzai in Killa saifullah water from a tubewell..Sadar UC after the walk The DGM asked her to attend school and later on her parents were also contactedParents participating inthe walk Students in the ceremony at GBPS Ghulam Merzai
  6. 6. Village Level Walks Village Level Walks Walk preparation Village Level Walk in GBPS Mohbabad UCUC Kanchoghi Muslim KanchoghiBagh Village level walk at UC Nasai Muslim Village Level Walk BaghUC Kanchoghi MuslimBagh Village Level WalkUC Town Muslim Bagh Village Level walk UC Sadar Muslim BaghVillage Level Walk UCKanchoghi. The banners of Villag Level UC Sadar Muslim Baghlenrollment campaign 2010were modified & used n2011 in order to resources.
  7. 7. Presenation ceremony at Village Level Walks District Walk in Sadar UNational Commission for Human DevelpmentHuman Development Support UnitMohib ullah Khan DPME NCHDQila SaifullahTelephone 0823-610231Email