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Pumps and types of pumps


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the presentation includes basic ideas about water pumps, various terminology generally used for the pumps, classification of pumps and ideas about the types its construction and working

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Pumps and types of pumps

  1. 1. PumpPump && Types of PumpsTypes of Pumps
  2. 2. PumpsPumps
  3. 3. What is the pump?What is the pump?  A hydrodynamic pump machine is a device for converting the energy held by mechanical energy into fluid Transfer liquid from source to destination Circulate liquid around a system
  4. 4. What are use of Pump ?What are use of Pump ?  Used for •Domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural services •Municipal water and wastewater services  20% of world’s electrical energy demand  25-50% of energy usage in some industries
  5. 5. Pump TerminologyPump Terminology  Head  Suction head  Delivery head  Velocity head  Static head  Manometric head  Water power  Shaft power  Efficiency of pumps
  6. 6. Types of pumpTypes of pump The pumps can be classified according to principle by which the energy is added to the fluid & their design feature - 1 . Positive displacement pumps 2 . Roto dynamic pumps 3 . Other pumps
  7. 7. Positive Displacement pumpPositive Displacement pump These pumps are operate on the principle of the definite quantity of liquid is discharged or displaced due to the positive or real displacement of working element ( like piston ,gear, vane, screw)
  8. 8. Positive Displacement pumpPositive Displacement pump 1 . Reciprocating pumps :-1 . Reciprocating pumps :- a. Piston pumps :- - single cylinder - double cylinder b. Plunger pumps :- c. Bucket pumps / hand pumps :- 2 . Rotary pumps :-Rotary pumps :- a. Gear pumps . b. Vane pumps . c. Screw pumps . 3 ..Other pumps :-Other pumps :- - Jet pump . -Air lift pump.
  9. 9. Reciprocating pumpReciprocating pump Reciprocating pump is a positive displacement pump. In this pump the liquid is discharge due to the simple to and fro motion or reciprocating motion of the piston or plunger working in the cylinder of the pump. Hence ,it is called Reciprocating pump .
  10. 10. Classification of ReciprocatingClassification of Reciprocating pumppump 1. Based on reciprocating member of the pump. a . Piston pump b . Plunger pump c . Bucket pump 2. Based on action of liquid upon the piston ends a . Single acting pump b . Double acting pump 3. Based on method of drive a . Direct acting pump b . Power pump
  11. 11. Roto dynamic pumpsRoto dynamic pumps These pumps operate on the principle of the rise in pressure energy of liquid by dynamic action of liquid. The dynamic action of liquid is carried out by revolving wheel which has curved vanes on it. This wheel is known as impeller.
  12. 12. Roto dynamic pumpsRoto dynamic pumps 1 . Centrifugal pumps :- a. Single stage b. multi stage 2 . Propeller (Axial flow) pumps :- 3 . Mixed flow pumps :-
  13. 13. Centrifugal pumpsCentrifugal pumps  If mechanical energy is converted into means of centrifugal force acting on the fluid , for conveying liquids from one place to other such device is called centrifugal pump
  14. 14. Centrifugal pumpsCentrifugal pumps Main parts of a Centrifugal pumps :- 1 . Impeller 2 . Casing 3 . Suction pipe with foot valve & a stainer 4 . Delivery pipe Volute SuctionImpeller
  15. 15. Construction of CentrifugalConstruction of Centrifugal PumpsPumps
  16. 16. How the centrifugal pump worksHow the centrifugal pump works  Liquid forced into impeller  Vanes pass kinetic energy to liquid: liquid rotates and leaves impeller  Volute casing converts kinetic energy into pressure energy
  17. 17. How the centrifugal pump worksHow the centrifugal pump works
  18. 18. Types of centrifugal pumpTypes of centrifugal pump 1 . Based on type of casing :- a . Volute or spiral casing type pump b . Vortex or whirlpool chamber type pump c . Diffuser type(casing with guide blades) 2 . Based on no of stage :- a . Single stage b . Multi stage - Impeller in series - Impeller in parallel
  19. 19. Rotary pumpRotary pump Rotary pumps are positive displacement pumps. It consists of a fixed casing with a rotor which may be in the form of gears , vanes , lobes , screws , cams etc . Both centrifugal and rotary pumps by circular motion of rotor , but they work on different principle . It is suitable for pumping viscous fluids like vegetable oil , lubricating oil , alcohol , grease , tar etc .
  20. 20. Classification of Rotary pumpClassification of Rotary pump Rotary pump can be classified according to the type of rotating elements in the fixed casing . There are main three type of rotary pump . 1 . Gear pump 2 . Vane pump 3 . Screw pump
  21. 21. Any Question ?Any Question ? Thank youThank you