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Building sentence


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Building sentence

  3. 3. NOUNS A noun is used to name a person, an animal, a thingor a place. Example : 1. Farisha is a hardworking pupil. 2. They are going to visit Pasir Salak next week and buy some souveniars. 3. The rabbit and the turtle eat vegetables.
  4. 4. ARTICLES A. The articles a and an are used to refer singular nouns. Articles a is used before a singular noun that begin with aconsonant sound. Articles an is used before a singular noun that begin with avowel sound. Example : 1. This is a bag 2. Liza is buying an umbrella. B. The articles the is used to refer to : 1. A particular person or thing. 2. In front of objects which are the only one of their type. 3. When a word is mentioned the second time. 4. With superlative adjectives Articles the can be used for singular and plural nouns. Example : 1. The man over there is my uncle. 2. The moon shines at night 3. I bought a pencil. The pencil is for my brother. 4. Iskandar is the tallest boy in class .
  5. 5. PRONOUNSA pronoun is used to replace a noun.Example:Muhammad Ariz is my friend. He lives in Sungai Besar.Personal Pronouns can be the subject or the object in a sentence.A. If a pronoun is used as a subject, use it before a noun.B. If a pronoun is used as an object, use it after a verb or a preposition. Subject Object Subject Object he him you you she her they them it It we us I me
  6. 6. ADJECTIVES An adjective is used to describe a noun. They describe more about the shapes, sizes and colours of nouns. SHAPE SIZE COLOUR oval tin big car blue sky square box tall tree red flower round table small chair pink dressExample :1. Mr Richard drives a red car.2. Zulkarnain is a tall man.
  7. 7. ADVERBS An adverb is used to modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb. Adverbs divided into three.A. Adverbs of Manner They are used to describe how something is done.Example: My grandmother walks slowly.B. Adverbs of TimeThey are used to tell when an action happened.Example : The bus will arrive soon.C. Adverbs of FrequencyThey describe how often a certain action is done.Example : She is always absent from school.
  8. 8. VERBS A verb is used to show an action.Example:1. The tiger roars loudly in its cage.2. Abu and Ahmad go to the school together.3. My father and I went to the beach during the holiday.4. She buys three loaves of bread from the supermarket.
  9. 9. PREPOSITIONS Prepositions are words used before nouns or pronouns to show location or direction. Prepositions of location show place and position. Examples: in, on, under, next to, behind, between, among and against. Prepositions of directions show direction of things. Examples : through, over, across, along and to
  10. 10. CONJUNCTIONS Conjunctions are words used to join words, phrases, or clauses in a sentence. Examples : and, or, but, because and soa. And is used to combine things of similar value or function.b. Or is used to show choices.c. But is used to show contrastd. Because is used to show reason.e. So is used to show the result of