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Presentation dropbox


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Presentation dropbox

  1. 1. Done By: Mohammad Suhail - 201005600
  2. 2. Table Of Contents• Cloud Storage - Definition - Examples• Dropbox - Introduction - Benefits of Using Dropbox• Installation & Usage• Issues with Dropbox - Pricing - Privacy - Competitors• Understanding Quiz• Bibliography
  3. 3. Cloud Storage• Cloud Storage: The delivery of files over a network, where you can save a file and it would reach other associated networks.• Cloud Storage allows any individual to share various files over a network with other personal devices, or with team members, by simply uploading the file into the cloud.
  4. 4. Examples ofCloud StorageApplications
  5. 5. What is Dropbox• Dropbox is a cloud storage program, that allows you to bring your files anywhere and everywhere. Click here to watch the introductory Video:
  6. 6. The Benefits• You can have access to your files anywhere.• Dropbox makes it really easy to share files with your team members, friends, and family.• Your files are always safe, even if your computer crashes.
  7. 7. InstallationFirst Step:go to andclick download. After you click Install you will have the Dropbox file installed.
  8. 8. Usage You will see this Icon on your desktop. Click on it. Anything you place here will upload and be shared with your other devices and on your Dropbox account.The blue symbolindicates the file is Jing Video to illustrate how to usebeing uploading, until Dropbox:the green tick appearsthen your file has beensuccessfully uploaded.
  9. 9. The Issues: Pricing You only get 18GB of space if you go with free, and 500MB each time you refer a friend. It is a good deal especially for students if you wont be needing to send huge files. However, for bigger businesses and companies that can go with the Teams plan where they can have a special price quoted for them.
  10. 10. The Issues: Privacy• “Files. We collect and store the files you upload, download, or access with the Dropbox Service (“Files”). If you add a file to your Dropbox that has been previously uploaded by you or another user, we may associate all or a portion of the previous file with your account rather than storing a duplicate” – Dropbox Privacy terms.• So when you accept the terms, you also accept that if you have a similar file as someone else they will share the file with them as well.• They also collect data of each individual to ‘enhance’ their services.• Other than that, they assure you that they are with the TRUST program and your files are safe.• For more information click on the Information button.
  11. 11. The Issues: Better Competitors?• As per the New York times, Dropbox ultimately is the best cloud storage that exists.• However these other cloud storage apps might be good as well. Only 5GB free use Google DriveComplicated, Old Extra features: Discussionsfashioned. Onlinebased.
  12. 12. Understanding QuizA survey to check the studentsunderstanding of the presentation
  13. 13. Bibliography•••••••