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  1. 1. YUS - Slide 4 - Five objectives for remarkable brand positioningBe RealAs a brand it is important to know your strengths (key competences), but to know your weaknesses iseven more essential. This will help to clarify your positioning in the market.Behave RighteouslyAn organization or brand will build a recognizable reputation, which in turn, will form the basis forbrand loyalty and recommendations (conversational management).Remain RemarkableTo be remarkable as a brand means the brand needs to stand out from other brands.Remain RelevantWhether a brand is perceived as relevant or not is actually a consumer decision and is strongly contextrelated.Reward Relationships the reward system is a crucial part of the gameplay. Usually rewards are givenin the form of points or premiums, i.e - Bonuslink
  2. 2. YUS - Slide 6 - Who is REBEL BROWN?- Business consultant for over 20 years- Focused on market strategy, positioning and market launches.
  3. 3. SABRINA – SLIDE 7 - Seven Steps To Effective Brand PositioningBrand positioning is one of the single most important steps any business can take on the road to success.Generally, the brand positioning process involves:1. Identify a specific target consumer & give them reason to buy your brand in preference to others.2. Define your market - Don’t just think about the product you’re trying to sell. Position your brand according to whatconsumers want to buy.3. Really understand your targets needs - Are your consumers buying a brand because it truly meets their needs? Ifnot, ask what is missing.4. See brands through consumers’ eyes. Find out how consumers think and feel about your brand.5. Dont be afraid to think big & try to improvise/reinforce your product.6. Imply critical benefits-Know the benefits your target wants and develop multiple positioning statementsaccordingly.7. Expose the brands benefits to the target audience. Determine a statement’s pros/cons, relevancy, believability,uniqueness and fit.
  4. 4. DAWUS – SLIDE 8 Ethical Positioning Index (EPI)Ethical Positioning Index (EPI), an innovative ranking scale based on the ethical issues in brand positioning.There are Five basic elements of brand positioning:1. Product design & manufacturing - Brand identity is the total proposal/promise that an organization makes to consumers.The brand can be perceived as a product, a personality, a set of values, and a position it occupies in consumer’s minds.2. Product packaging - Brand image is the current view of the customers about a brand. It is a set of beliefs held about aspecific brand.3. Product imaginary - Brand personality is the way a brand speaks and behaves. Brand personality is the result of all theconsumer’s experiences with the brand.4. Product advertisement – Brand awareness is the probability that consumers are familiar about the life andavailability of the product.5. Product Sales & promotion - Brand communication is the art of bridging the gap in the perceptions the target audienceshave about the brand.
  5. 5. DAYAH - SLIDE 9 - Various Brand Positioning ErrorsUnder positioning - A scenario in which the customer’s have a blurred and unclear idea of the brand.Over positioning - A scenario in which the customers have too limited a awareness of the brand.Double Positioning - A scenario in which customers do not accept the claims of a brand.Confused positioning – A scenario in which the customers have a confused opinion of the brand.
  6. 6. NIZAM – SLIDE 10 - Benefits & advantages of Brand Positioning:BenefitsBetter decision-making. Positioning is an essential framework for helping you decide what to do – andwhat not to do.Efficiency & effectiveness. Positioning focuses your limited resources on a clearly defined goal,enabling these investments to build upon each other instead of being deployed scattershot.Control. Either position yourself, or your competitors will happily do it for you. Positioning gives youcontrol over your own brand image, because it defines the space you can own like no one else.The Advantages - Positioning a Brand on Emotions:Positioning is very powerful for at least three reasons:■ Allows companies to charge a premium for their products as price plays a diminishing role in thepurchase decision.■ Offers manufacturer’s brands a strong tool to compete against private labels, that in most cases usethe “lower price” differentiation strategy.■ Creates a strong connection with the customer which leads to a deeper level of brand engagement.
  7. 7. IJOE – SLIDE 11 – CONCLUSION speak textAs consumers, we all are influenced by brands, making us choose one over another. That is why it is soimportant for a brand to be well positioned and differentiated.Brand positioning in a simple words means to position your brand or some important products of yourcompany to make it more presentable and known to the customers.In case, you wish to make the your services as well as products to gain the reputation of brands, then it isimportant to make them accessible to people in such a way so that they commence recognizing the brandname via products or services on offer. This makes your brand for gaining popularity as well as streamliningthe processes of sales in a defined manner.Brand positioning holds much more importance than the things mentioned above. It will go a long way inhelping you to measure the real strength of your brand. This can be considered as a form of stock takingstrategy. This mode will help you to know how fart you have gone and where you exactly reach in your
  8. 8. competitive market. A very proper understanding of the present position will eventually go a long way inhelping you on the steps and thus moving your products and services beyond the present state. It refers to aneffort for giving in all the popularity which is good as a choice for making your brand reach the top position.As example :Microsoft today is hardly what you would call a simple company. It employs more than 20,500 people anddesigns and sells a vast array of software programs in 60 countries; last year it netted over $2 billion inincome. But as much as it has grown, it has never lost sight of its original vision. Everything about Microsoft-itsproducts, its marketing and, most important, its brand positioning-is still driven by the idea of a computer onevery desk and in every home.It is all about the branding and how they position their brand…..