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Mission corporates


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Mission corporates

  1. 1. Seminars:Mission corporates: This is three hours basic ms excel or mspowerpoint trainingprogramme. It will help participants to learned various techniques , short cuts whichthey can use in their day to day activity. It will boost and encourage them to face allkind of challenges they will face while handling excel and powerpoint application. Itwill changed their negative thoughts of subject into positive.It can transform an average knowledge person into an expert.“ A dream child”: every parent dreams of a child who can be their saviour in their oldage ..butdosent always be successful in guiding their children the correct knowledgeto be on the right path. This session is of three hours here we teach various parentaltechniques to parents that can transform their average child into their dream child.It helps the parents in setting their goal and focussing on the key responsibility.Workshop:“Quick thinking”: Every individual is created with something special by the creator.We have designed a two day workshop in which expert will teach various techniqueslike quick maths calculations, thinking out of the box, idea generations, methods totackle difficult situations etc to the participants. This training will help participants toachieve their goal and take leadership decisions.Achievements from workshop:1. one will start to respect his own ideas.2. one will be able to achieve his goals3. one will be able to solve problems through various methods.4. one will surely see a change in his/herself.5. one will be motivated to take his/her decision.Fia is the best because…………………… time membership: Fia provides life time membership to its members free of cost, and informed them in advance when there are seminar to be held.2.motivation: our seminar or workshop will help members to be motivated to handlevarious challenges they will come across in their corporate or normal life.3.communication skill: it will help various participants to polished theircommunication skills.Team FIA:Mr.ziaul Mustafa:Mr.mohdadil sheikh:Mr ImtiyazKhaleel:Mr Ubed Khan:Mission:
  2. 2. Vision:Training photos: