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SIMPLYLIFE VENTURES PVT.LTD.            C/711,Crystal Plaza, Opp Infinity Mall, Link Road,                Lokhandwala, And...
TERMS & CONDITIONS:-   The applicant is required to read thoroughly & understand the term & conditions,policies,procedures...
25. Upon death of Promoter the ID shall stand transferred to the nominee mentioned in the Promoter Form who will be entitl...
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  1. 1. SIMPLYLIFE VENTURES PVT.LTD. C/711,Crystal Plaza, Opp Infinity Mall, Link Road, Lokhandwala, Andheri-(w), Mumbai -53___________________________________________________________________________________________Please fill in capital letters kit collection By Hand ( ) By Courier ( ) Post ( ) Personal Details Personal DetailsIndividual ( ) Company ( )Name of Applicant :- ___________________________________________________________________________Date Of Birth:- ________________________ Male ( ) Female ( )Address:- ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________City :- _______________________ State :- _________________________ Pin code :- ______________________Mobile :- _______________________ Resi Phone ______________________ Office No:- __________________E-mail Id:- _______________________________________________ Bank DetailsPlease furnish correct details to receive payment/commission directly in your Bank AccountAccount Name:- __________________________________ A/C No. ____________________________________Name of the Bank:- ____________________________________ Branch:- ________________________________City:- ___________________ IFSC CODE:-________________________ Type of A/C:- ___________________Pan No:- ______________________ Name as in your Pan card_________________________________________ Attach copy of pan card * Non Furnishing of Pan card amy attach under the provisions of Income Tax Act 1961. Attach cancelled unsigned cheque to verify the correctness. The company shall not liable if you furnish wrong Bank particulars. Nominee InformationName:- _________________________________________________________________________________________Relation With Applicant:- ___________________________________ Date Of Birth:- ___________________________ Referral InformationSponsor Name:- ______________________________________________________________________________________Sponsor ID _______________________________ Right Left___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Payment Information:-Mode of payment:Cash deposit in company Account ( ) Demand Draf t ( ) Cheque ( )DD/Cheque no _________________________ Date ______________________ Amount (Rs.) ________________Name of the Bank _______________________________ Branch _______________________________________Please sign up Simply life terms & condition on the back pageApplicant Full Signature with Name: - ______________________________________ Date :-______________
  2. 2. TERMS & CONDITIONS:- The applicant is required to read thoroughly & understand the term & conditions,policies,procedures,code of ethics & business opportunities of the company as given below and from the website named 1. If the applicant is a partnership firm/private limited company, then the applicant has to provide all necessary documents pertaining to the partner-ship during the registration of distributorship. 2. The company under no circumstances will accept any payment in cash. 3. The company has not authorized any official, officer or associate of the company to receive any amount in cash on behalf of the company towards the membership fee. 4. If anybody makes any payment in cash, it will be at his/her own risk & under no circumstances, will the company be answerable to such unauthorized cash payments. 5. The initial payments made by the applicant are towards enrolling as an independent distributor& the same is not refundable under any circumstances. All the packages include the registration fees, the processing fee & administrative costs. 6. Confirmation as a Promoter does not create any employer/employee relationship, agency, partnership or joint venture between the Promoter & the company. 7. The company will approve the distributorship by issuing an official receipt & an online registration which will carry the password & an identification number known as” Track id”as allotted company. This password & track ID have to be quoted by the distributor in all his/her transactions & correspondence with the company allotted. 8. The ID may be cancelled by the company on the ground of deliberate damage to the name, products, assets etc. of the company, by the Promoter of the company .The company is also entitled to forfeit the dues payable to the promoter. 9. Trimming &service charges will be deducted as per company norms,TDS will be deducted as formulated by the Government. 10. A promoter is required to assist his/her down line promoter. 11. The company will, inno case, entertain any communication without track ID and password. 12. A promoter shall not make any claim, commitements to the general public about the products, company or his position in the company that are not supported by the company or are impracticable. 13. The Promoter shall not try to exaggerate or make false claims about the company’s products or service to impress the general public and down line fellow promoter. The promoter shall not misguide any one regarding company’s products/services. 14. A promoter shall truthfully provide full and correct information about himself and his family required by the company whenever the company requires he/she shall submit full & correct information without any objection. 15. Any violation of the above rules shall constitute unfair business/unethical practices & the defaulter shall be liable to such penalty or punishment as defined & decides by the company. 16. In case of any dispute between Promoter & the company the decision taken by company shall be treated as final & binding on the entire Promoter. 17. In case of Partnership distributorship/Distributorship in name of a firm, the private limited company distributors have to submit all relevant Partnership deeds & the relevant Partnership deeds & Relevant MOU. 18. The company reserves all rights to terminate a distributor. 19. Once a distributor is terminated, he/she cannot enter any of the RMP premises/meeting locations & his/her incentives/income will be stopped immediately. 20. The company will not be answerable for any promise, assurance given by any distributor to any person, unless it is in accordance with the approved business plans & terms of the company. Hence the applicant shall go through the website- the brochures & notices issued by the company, Trough these company sources his/her will fully inform himself/herself on all these matters. 21. No Promoter shall become members of any other company. If the desires to join any other company he can do so after resigning from the company. Any person who is associated with any other MLM company & become Promoter of the company after his resignation from such company. 22. The company reserves the right to reject any distributorship/application at its own discretion. 23. The company reserves the right to modify the terms & conditions, products, schemes, business & policies, giving prior notice trough its it will be binding on all distributors of the company. 24. If any dispute or differences arises between the parties hereto touching the business interpretation of any terms & conditions or as to incentives, income etc,relating to the business of the company. The same shall be referred to arbitration & the arbitration shall be governed by the Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996.
  3. 3. 25. Upon death of Promoter the ID shall stand transferred to the nominee mentioned in the Promoter Form who will be entitled to receive all benefits. This will be done on death certificate & other necessary papers being submitted to the company along with an application by the nominee.