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Finance (1)


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Published in: Self Improvement, Education
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Finance (1)

  1. 1. Finance:“Penny-Penny makes many”Investor education“learned first and trade next”Expert in trade“Bull or Bear strategy”Market fundasMarket specialist“Money maker and trade better”Investor ideas“Training with expert”“Trade like an expert”“Think and Trade”“Smart Trader”Stock ideas“Safe trade strategy”“money mantra”“money maker”“Bull or Bear but our strategy do no fail”“Think out of the box”“lets make a difference”“fearless strategy”“come one and come any, lets make many”“Knowing what to do”“life is easy”“how to become an expert”“share bazar ka king kaun”“world is a safe heaven”“share bazar kichunoti”“intelligent trader”“paisavasool strategy”“paisavasool technique”“Raining of ideas”“Share market ke Guru”“don’t worry and make money”“kanjus strategy”“marketkeKhiladi”“A millionaire strategy”“Trading that makes sense”“Trader that shows sense”“ Bindaz trader”“chalakiki trading”“Trick in trading”“ A dream trainer”Derivatives:“make safe future in the present world”Derivaties strategist“the other side is always green”“call/option techniques”
  2. 2. “Think of tomorrow start today”“Deligthful techniques”“master tricks”Ms excel and powerpoint:Misson corporates“Expert in computer education”“learned and make your future bright”“Yes , it will make a difference”“Remove the fear..and you will see a change”“An important tool of the corporates”“setting the platform to excel in corporates”“ a step to reach the corporate ladder:“A step closer to corporate world”“the need of the hour:“A skill that can make a difference”“positive start towards your dream goal”“happy learning and happy working”“Happy learning and happy earning”“a change that can make a difference””a tool that is must in corporates”“ A knowledge that is must in corporates”“ A right technique that is useful in corporates”“learning computers is a necessity”“The art of learning”“the tool that can make a difference”“a tool that is must in your cv”“A favourate of the corporates”“anapportunity that cannot be missed”“say yes, to learning because knowledge makes the difference”Parenting:Smart parentingParental education“A dream child”“ Things that parents should always know”“uprbringing of the child”“ a child care education”“learned to take care of the child with the experts”“a lesson that parents should learned”“ a care taker”“parental teaching”“how to handle the pleasures of childhood”“nursery class for parents”“right to parent education”“things that parents should be carefull of”“dos and don’t of parenting”Power tricks:Mind power
  3. 3. Self power“trained the brain”Self disciplined“quick thinking”“think out of the box”“brain mapping”“brain of the genious”“mind games”“breakingof the ice”“genius on the ground”“tricks of the trade”“magical calculation”“quick maths”“masters at work”“intellectual thinking”“the class of the expert”“every minute is important”“smart strategy”“rocket science answers”“bleading of ideas”“calculations in seconds”“knowledge power”“the art of the brain”“sensible thinking”“logical calculations”“think with a logic”“win the race”“match the genius”