BitTorrent - sharing files has never been easier


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BitTorrent - sharing files has never been easier

  1. 1. BitTorrent sharing files has never been easierDone by Mohamed Essa and Buti MohamedUnder the instructions of Dr. Basel Al Mourad
  2. 2. List of Content1. Introduction2. Definition of BitTorrent3. History of BitTorrent4. How to install BitTorrent5. How to use BitTorrent6. Issues and solutions7. Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction BitTorrent is one of the widely used programsthat made sharing files easier and faster. Theprogram enables the user to transfer largeamounts of data through internet. Thispresentation will discuss the following:•Definition of BitTorrent•History of BitTorrent•How to install BitTorrent•How to use BitTorrent•Issues and solutions
  4. 4. Definition of BitTorrent• The word BitTorrent could refer to three things; BitTorrent as a company, protocol, and software. This presentation will only discuss the following: Protocol Software
  5. 5. Protocol• BitTorrent (protocol): A peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol used for distributing large amount of data over the internet.• P2P: downloading or sharing files from another person (computer) instead of downloading them from a server (website).
  6. 6. Software• BitTorrent (software): A P2P client used to connect through the internet so users can download and upload (.torrent) files using the program.
  7. 7. History of BitTorrent BitTorrent was designed and developed by aprogrammer called Bram Cohen in 2001 and was alsoreleased in the same year. Bram Cohen then createda company of BitTorrent with a partner named AshwinNavin in 2004.
  8. 8. How to install• To install BitTorrent, you need to do the following steps:- Download the program from here: Click on free download Click on Get BitTorrent
  9. 9. How to install BitTorrent Step 1 Step 2 In all of these four step just click on Step 3 next Step 4
  10. 10. How to install BitTorrent Step 5 Step 6Choose thelocation were Step 7you want thefile to beinstalled
  11. 11. How to install new apps Step 1 After launching the program, you should click on New Apps!
  12. 12. How to install new apps Step 2 Now either to choose the apps bellow or to search for an apps in the search box. After choosing the apps click on +ADD to install it.
  13. 13. How to install new apps Step 3 After installing it, it will appear beneath New Apps! To run it simply click on it.
  14. 14. How to use BitTorrent BitTorrent has many functions, the functions thatwill be featured in the presentation are:•How to create a torrent file.•How to download a torrent file.
  15. 15. How to create a torrent file Step 1 To create a torrent file click on Create new Torrent
  16. 16. How to create a torrent file Step 2 Step 3 After that choose the image or sound clip or video and click onThen click on Add file to add openthe file that you want to share.
  17. 17. How to create a torrent file Now you will see theStep 4 extension of the file you chose here. Here you can list additional trackers if you wish. To know more about trackers click here
  18. 18. How to create a torrent file First choose the place were you want the torrent to be saved and then click Step 5 on save.Finally, you will see that thetorrent file you created is inthe folder. If you wish toshare it with your friends allwhat you have to do is sendthe .torrent file to them. Step 6
  19. 19. How to download a torrent file Step 1 To download a torrent file you should go to a torrent search engine and search for any thing you wish to download . For example Tom and jerry cartoon.
  20. 20. How to download a torrent file Step 2Then choosethe torrentthat youdesire (note:it is better totake atorrent withhigh numberof seeds)
  21. 21. How to download a torrent file Step 3Then click on GETTHIS TORRENT todownload thetorrent (note:make sure not toclick on the bigdownload buttonbecause it is anadvertisement)
  22. 22. How to download a torrent file Step 4 Step 5Click on allow andthen on OK todownload the torrent
  23. 23. Issues and solutions There are some issues with BitTorrent andat the same time there are solutions. The issuesare: • Visible identity • Copy right issues • Viruses • Bandwidth
  24. 24. Visible identity :• Problem when you download or upload files using BitTorrent, your IP address is visible to others. This gives a chance for pirates and hackers to access your computer and go through your files.• Solution: unfortunately, you cant hide your IP address because its needed to connect with other people. However, by using special program called PeerBlock, you can block suspicious people and having an Anti-Virus in your computer could help protecting from hackers and Viruses.
  25. 25. Copyright issues• Problem: Many people who use BitTorrent are downloading copyrighted torrent files that are illegal to get for free from the internet. Doing this could result in serious problems that leads to courts or even jail.• Solution: Avoid downloading files that are copyrighted like most of the Music files and Movies, or check if it is legal to download them for free.
  26. 26. Viruses• Problem: Sometimes, when you download a torrent file from the internet, it could be fake or it may contain viruses within it.• Solution: keep your Anti-Virus client running all the time and check the files you download from the internet before you run them. You should also avoid downloading torrent files from untrusted websites. Furthermore, you can download an App in BitTorrent client called Virus Guard that scan torrent files before downloading them.
  27. 27. Bandwidth• Problem: if you are downloading files using a shared network (ZU) for example, this could result in slowing internet speed (Bandwidth) for other people that are using the same internet.• Solution: there is an option in BitTorrent that let you limit your download or upload speed (Bandwidth) so other users would not complain about a slow internet browsing.
  28. 28. ConclusionTo Sum up, we provided for the viewer a list of trackerand websites that he can download torrents from.List of trackers: of links to download torrents from:•••
  29. 29. References BitTorrent. In (pp. 285-317) Syngress. doi:10.1016/B978-159749017-7/50016-1