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Photo publishing is the name for the booming category of holiday cards, notepads, magnets, and other custom photo products. Today, the photo publishing business is over $1.5 billion in revenues. It all started with photo calendars. Where will it go next? And are you ready to jump in?

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  • Photo publishing is the name for the booming category of holiday cards, notepads, magnets, and other custom photo products. Today, the photo publishing business is over $1.5 billion in revenues. It all started with photo calendars. Where will it go next? And are you ready to jump in?
  • In days past, the only items that were considered photo products were silver halide prints. Primarily because you had to develop film from your camera. Fast forward to today—anything can have a photo printed on it. You can print images on fabric, magnets, clear window cling or stickers. Many print providers see this as a seasonal business for holidays, but with a clear strategy it can become a solid year round source of revenue for your business.
  • It all started with photo calendars—a great gift for the holiday season—and very affordable. Then the industry struck a home run with custom photo holiday cards, a more personal way for expressing holiday wishes. By 2007, photo books had exceeded $250 million in sales to become the next major category in what was becoming a portfolio of custom photo products. Until that point it seemed like a constant race to identify the next popular product among dozens—photo playing cards, key chains, mouse pads, and more—in the so-called custom photo products category. With the addition of more folding-card products such as photo wedding cards, invitation cards, and announcement cards, the industry seemed to find a direction for applying its custom printing capabilities and the category was renamed to photo publishing.* Since a majority of today’s digital presses support more than just paper, your product opportunity is only limited by your imagination. * Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI)
  • Photo sharing through Facebook and other social media and online sharing outlets is on a sharp upward trajectory. And there are no better photo publishing customers than photo enthusiasts. According to the PMA U.S. Camera/Camcorder and Digital Imaging Survey, photo enthusiasts are about two times more likely than typical consumers to purchase photo publishing products. Certainly not all the images captured by cell phones and digital cameras are at a high enough resolution enough for quality printing—but a large portion of what is captured now on cell phones and digital cameras is ripe for printing and sharing. And with the average digital camera replacement period between three and four years, soon there will be fewer and fewer households without the ability to shoot quality images.
  • Every 2 minutes we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800s. In fact, ten percent of all the photos we have were taken in the past 12 months. As you sit across from customers, you get to see personal photos on their desk, on their walls. In a month—in a day—you may see hundreds of images. Now, we’re not suggesting you steal…but, what if you could get your hands on just one of those photos…that one photo could be the start of a tremendous new market opportunity.
  • 12 sheets of paper, 48 clicks, a piece of chipboard and a bit of padding glue. That’s your investment. Yes, you will have to invest a few dollars toward this exercise, but trust us—it will pay off. This investment will cost you less than taking the customer to lunch. Once you’ve made the photo notepad, the door is open for you to sell the opportunity for multiple products.
  • Some say the most photographed image is a sunset. Others say the Eiffel Tower is the most photographed icon. But the images closest to most everyone’s hearts are photos of family and friends. Showing off and sharing these images in multiple forms can be done easily with your current digital equipment.
  • Photo products are not just for the holidays. Yes, a large percentage of photo products are produced during that time since cards and calendars make up the vast majority of photo products. But you can diversify your portfolio of products to have a more even sales volume. Have you thought about kids sports? Develop a program and go after the Saturday soccer programs. What about dance classes for children? Both of these photo verticals are never ending…kids sign up year after year.
  • Most experts agree that the largest profit center in the photo finishing category lies with personalized photo products. And just like digital photography, personalized photo gifts continue to evolve—adding sophisticated new looks, faster, simpler ordering processes, and new product categories that appeal to the digital generations.
  • High-value customers include hobbyists, young adults, and the family memory keepers. More often than not, that last category means moms, who are the market to reach when it comes to the business of prints and photo How many of your customers are mothers? Read more:  http://www.cnet.com/8301-13951_1-10188319-63.html#ixzz1gLe2UTwt
  • Make it easy for customers to order—and keep ordering—from you. Set up an in-house program so they can drop images into your own templates, making easy-to-build products for them. InfoTrends research showed about 70 to 80 percent of people abandon the process partway through. As a printer, this screams opportunity. If you do make your ordering process easy and efficient, your customers will spread the word—so make it simple to do business with you. The products pictured are from www.pinholepress.com.
  • Here’s a marketing opportunity: wedding photographers. After each wedding, get one photo and the name of the bride and groom from the photographer. All you’ll need to do is drop in a photo, print the labels, apply them--mail the wine and send a bill to the photographer… multiple times a month! Make sure you include a reorder card in the package, so the bride and groom can order more labels. Handling the fulfillment here can take the pressure off the photographer, especially as they shift to a more ‘shoot and burn’ model for their clients.
  • Using your own product or service helps you better understand what your customers experience when they do business with you. Plus, using your own product or service builds credibility and actively markets your capability.
  • Digital printing is changing…and fast. That’s why we created Mohawk MakeReady. A go-to place for guidance, insights and tools to keep you prepared for what’s next. There’s a reason we named this service MakeReady … a little irony, too. Taking a familiar industry term in a new direction, Mohawk MakeReady offers ways for you to make more efficient use of your time, material, people and entrepreneurial energy. To grow your digital printing business, you need to be prepared — with actionable information and tools — so your team can implement best business practices, craft effective sales strategies, and create opportunities to use and promote new high-value products. That’s what you’ll find here: an ever-expanding site , rich with content built on the experiences of digital printers like you. As a leading manufacturer of digital substrates, Mohawk brings you practical wisdom gained from our experience in sales, marketing, production, and operations. With how-to articles on marketing your business, videos on topics like precision sheeting, and PowerPoint presentations showcasing how to identify sales opportunities. All strategies you can put to work today. Talk to us. Let us know what’s on your mind. Mohawk MakeReady. Dedicated to making you ready for the exciting future ahead.
  • Turning Photos into Profitable Products

    1. 1. A booming business with high-value potential February 2012 Download Now --- to see full --- Speaker Notes
    2. 2. Photo Products: So much more than prints.
    3. 3. Here are a few specific photo applications <ul><li>Books , Greeting Cards & Calendars </li></ul><ul><li>Stationery </li></ul><ul><li>Notepads </li></ul><ul><li>Gift Tags </li></ul><ul><li>Magnets </li></ul><ul><li>Wall Decals </li></ul><ul><li>Photo Stickers </li></ul><ul><li>Playing Cards </li></ul><ul><li>Gift Certificates </li></ul><ul><li>Home Décor – Wall Art </li></ul>
    4. 4. Facebook captures 6 Billion images a month = 250 million pictures a day. 20% of all photos this year will be posted. Keep in mind this fun fact… According to Marketingland.com …
    5. 5. What’s next? A photo like this may grace your customer’s desk in the office.
    6. 6. Use your eyes and expertise Photos on a customers’ desk = opportunity. The picture of the little girl and the kitten. You have seen it on a customer’s desk for fifteen years. Ask to borrow the print to demonstrate a new application for them. Scan it and make the customer a photo notepad.
    7. 7. Present the concept One photo, multiple projects. <ul><li>That one photo can be developed to demonstrate a campaign for your customer. Wouldn’t it be fun to manufacture playing cards with that image? What about gift tags for the holidays? How about a full size magnet for the fridge? The applications are as endless as your imagination. </li></ul>
    8. 8. Greeting cards and calendars are seasonal photo products – increase your photo applications to be year round. Keep in mind..…
    9. 9. Personalization will lead to greater margins Customers will pay more for personal photos in print. The small investment that you made in the first notepad for your customer will turn into greater margin per product when compared to non-photo based products. People love seeing themselves on photo products (unless they hate pictures).
    10. 10. Photo market by the numbers The amount of photos printed in 3 months by… 37 The “average” person. 58.6 Mother’s with children under 7. Source: InfoTrends survey
    11. 11. Digital Printing Enables high quality production of a wide range of different products.
    12. 12. Get to know your local wedding photographer Think how many weddings occur in your community every year – would you say thousands? Imagine for a moment that you put together a wine label thank you campaign for each photographer.
    13. 13. Practice what you preach! When a customer comes to your shop, are they greeted by a notepad with a picture on it? Is your message carried through the support the photo products you want to sell?
    14. 14. Mohawk MakeReady provides practical tools and actionable information for digital printers like you. We can help… Visit: www.MohawkMakeReady.com to browse content, request a meeting, or join the community.