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LinkedIn is a fantastic place to begin building your brand, creating connections and developing relationships.

This presentation provides hints, tips, and best practices for leveraging this powerful social network for B2B -- including step by step tutorials.

Brought to you by Mohawk MakeReady, this presentation can be used for your internal training purposes.

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  • When you create a profile, LinkedIn automatically assigns a vanity URL for you, comprised of a random mix of letters and numbers. It isn’t very clean, intuitive or shareable. Customizing your vanity URL makes for an easy and clean way to incorporate your profile on your business cards, email signature, personal blog and webpage.
  • When you update your contact information to include a link to your blog, company website or other important URLs, by default LinkedIn labels these links simply as ‘Company Website’, ‘Blog’, and ‘Other’. The links are hidden behind this generic text.

    If you want to ensure your links appear in search results and are more attractive and enticing to page visitors, then you will want to take advantage of the ability to customize your links. You can do this by choosing ‘Other’ for the URL type, which allows you to type in a custom description (up to 30 characters) for your URL.

    Rather than simply including your Twitter URL, try adding descriptive text such as ‘Follow me on Twitter’. Instead of selecting ‘Blog’ for the URL type and including the website, select ‘Other’ and type in the actual name of your blog.
  • By taking advantage of LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio, its incredibly easy to make your profile truly pop by adding rich visual content that helps tell your story.

    There are three sections within your profile that can be enhanced with multimedia content: your summary, experience and education. Users can include links, presentations, documents, videos, images and audio into each of these sections. LinkedIn’s Professional Profile supports a vast array of content providers (such as SlideShare, Prezi, Twitter, YouTube, and many others) and file formats (such as pdf, ppt, doc, jpg, etc) – for a full listing of supported providers and formats, be sure to visit:

    Consider adding relevant examples of projects you’ve been involved in to your profile. Maybe you’d like to include a video of your company, a SlideShare presentation you’ve created on a certain industry, or images of recent projects you’ve helped your clients with. If you have published any articles or blogs, simply include the public link and any images, photos or infographics contained within the piece will populate into your profile automatically.

    Best of all – you can edit the titles and descriptions of all uploaded media, allowing you to create actionable and enticing headlines.

    Try it out today and you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make on your profile!
  • Want to ensure your profile is more likely to populate as prospects conduct searches on specific terms?

    Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can help you bubble towards the top of searches, and can be done by incorporating keywords into your profile. It is important to identify and include the terms that are important in your industry and to your customers. Have you assisted clients in non-profit industries? What about your experience working on projects for higher education clients? Are you knowledgeable in social media marketing or conducting cross-media campaigns? Make sure those keywords make their way into your profile!

    Where should you be inserting keywords? For your headline, look to create a descriptive title for your role and include key search terms. For example, if you are a Director of PR and Marketing within your firm, try a headline such as: ‘Director of Public Relations and Marketing | Raising Visibility & Awareness | Creating Strategic Partnerships’. Not only is it descriptive and compelling, but it also includes keywords and provides a glimpse into some of the responsibilities of this individual.

    Keywords can also be effectively incorporated when describing roles, responsibilities and activities in past and current positions. Another area to place descriptive keywords is within your Summary, which can assist in captivating the attention of your audience.

    A commonly overlooked area within your profile that can easily be optimized with keywords is your Interests section. While you absolutely want to use this section to create a personable connection with your reader, you can also strategically include other professionally-focused activities you enjoy, making sure to use keywords and descriptive text.

    A common rule of thumb when incorporating keywords is to use both short-tail and long-tail phrases. This means using more generic keywords (short-tail) as well as more defined, descriptive keywords (long-tail). Depending on the phrase your prospects are searching for, using both styles in your profile can increase the chances of being found.
  • Your profile doesn’t have to look like all other LinkedIn profiles! Do you want to adjust how the various sections of your profile displays? Perhaps you have critical projects that you want to appear towards the top of your profile, immediately below your summary. Or maybe you’d like your education to have a higher priority in your profile.

    All of this and more is possible by rearranging the order in which various sections of your profile display. You can also add or remove entire sections.
  • LinkedIn allows you to easily convert your profile to a resume in seconds. This is done through the Resume Builder tool, which can be found by visiting ‘ ‘.

    The process begins after being prompted to sign-in with your LinkedIn account. The various sections of your LinkedIn profile are then formatted into a resume, with 11 different templates available to choose from. While users can rearrange how the sections of their resume are displayed, the actual content cannot be modified from within the Resume Builder itself. Instead, edits must be made to the user’s actual profile, but changes can be refreshed and immediately reflected in the resume.

    Users are able to save various versions of their resumes, each of which have unique URLs that can be shared electronically or printed.
  • Tradeshows, conferences, and other networking events present fantastic opportunities for you to expand your network and make lasting connections. Think beyond your initial introduction with these connections. When exchanging business cards, it’s good to get into the habit of letting the individual know that you will be connecting with them on LinkedIn.

    When do you connect on LinkedIn, remember to NEVER use the default connection message. Assume your prospect met hundreds of individuals during the networking event and will likely have difficulty remembering you. Editing the connection message and adding something more personable will not only help the individual remember who you are, but it will also show them that you care and are willing to go the extra mile.

    It’s always good to include something personal – such as an idea you discussed during your face-to-face meeting, or the location of where you met. This helps give the individual a point of reference and creates an immediate shared experience between the two of you. Offering your assistance in business endeavors is also a nice touch that lets your connection know that you bring value to the table.
  • Chances are, you are trying to expand your LinkedIn network in an effort to gain as many valuable connections as possible. LinkedIn connections work in 3 ways: direct connections, 2nd degree connections, and 3rd degree connections. Direct connections are the only type you can message directly – all others require special Premium LinkedIn tools such as InMail, OpenMail and Introductions (Basic LinkedIn accounts come with 5 Introductions – a Premium account is required thereafter).

    Having an individual in your company who is designated as a point person can be of tremendous benefit. This individual should actively connect with prospects, customers, speakers, industry consultant and individuals across various sectors. They should make a concerted effort to practice good LinkedIn behaviors, such as developing relationships by participating in group discussions and sharing valuable content.

    If others in the company are connected to this point person, they essentially act as a “window”, providing great connections to everyone else. If done correctly, the company’s sales team can benefit tremendously from the connections of the point person.
  • An incredibly overlooked and under-utilized feature by LinkedIn users is the ability to follow companies. Sure, connecting with customers and prospects is critically important and something you likely spend loads of time doing…but so is following their companies.

    Why? By following the pages of your prospects and customer’s companies, you immediately have visibility and access to information such as personnel movement, company news, and potential key contacts (since it displays all their employees who have LinkedIn profiles). Staying informed on daily happenings within their company is a great way for you evaluate ways in which you can help bring value to the table. Commenting on updates and announcements also allows you stay visible, acting as a constant reminder that you are there to help them if needed.

    While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow Mohawk!
  • LinkedIn offers a tremendously robust search functionality – however, many users never take full advantage of it’s capabilities! Even without having a Premium account, the ‘Advanced Search’ allows users to:

    Find prospects whose profiles contain certain keywords
    Sort by Industry and Company
    Narrow search down by Postal Code
    And more!

    Users who have Premium Accounts can also specify by Function, Company Size, Seniority and more. Best of all, search queries can be saved and automatically notify you on a weekly or monthly basis when new LinkedIn users are found in the search results. Users with Basic LinkedIn accounts can save up to 3 people searches and 10 job searches. Upgraded accounts are able to receive additional saved searches and result alerts.
  • By default, LinkedIn will allow other users to see when you’ve viewed their profile. But there are certainly times when you wish to maintain your anonymity, especially when viewing the profiles of prospects, competitors, or potential connections. Luckily, it’s easy to adjust the settings of what these users see when you view their profile.

    Keep in mind, however, that when you choose to view profiles anonymously, you will not be able to see information on the individuals viewing your profile. LinkedIn offers a fairly robust tool called ‘Profile Stats’, which allows you to see information on all your profile views over a set duration of time. This feature can only be used if you allow others to see when you’ve viewed their profile.
  • Do you constantly receive updates from certain LinkedIn connections in your home feed? Whenever they comment on a group discussion or make a new connection, you are notified. It doesn’t take long for this to become quite tiring.

    Don’t allow LinkedIn to annoy your connections, especially now that you’ve begun expanding your network. By default, LinkedIn will notify your connections each time you take certain actions, such as making new connections, updating your profile, making a recommendation, following a company, and more.

    Turning off your Activity Broadcasts is simple, and can help you from barraging your network with overwhelming updates.
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  • Linkedin: Hints, Tips and Best Practices

    1. 1. LINKEDIN HINTS, TIPS AND BEST PRACTICES How to build a better network and presence May 2014
    2. 2. Optimize your Profile and Presence With so many professionals on LinkedIn, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to stand apart and leave a favorable impression. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or a seasoned pro, these tips will help optimize your profile and presence. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 2
    3. 3. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 3 1. Go to your Profile and select ‘Edit Profile’ 2. Below your profile photo is your current profile URL. Select ‘Edit’ 3. Select ‘Customize your public profile URL’, found on the right-hand side under Your public profile URL 4. Type your new custom URL in the text box 5. Click ‘Set Custom URL’ Grab Your Personalized URL
    4. 4. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 4 1. Go to your Profile and select ‘Edit Profile’ 2. Below your number of connections, select ‘Edit Contact Info’ 3. Select the pencil icon next to ‘Websites’ 4. On the drop-down, select ‘Other’. This allows you to include a description of the URL, rather than the standard ‘Company Website’ or ‘Blog’ Make Your Links Stand Out
    5. 5. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 5 1. Go to your Profile and select ‘Edit Profile’ 2. The following sections can be enhanced with multimedia: Summary, Experience and Education 3. Various types of multimedia can be added, such as links, presentations, documents, videos, images and audio 4. To get started, simply select ‘Add a Link’ or ‘Upload a File’ 5. All titles and descriptions can be edited or updated. Links will automatically pull-in images, but alternative images can be uploaded manually Create a Multimedia Profile: Don’t Just Say It, Display It!
    6. 6. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 6 Incorporating keywords into select areas of your profile will make it easier for prospects to find you. Consider incorporating them into: 1. Current and Past Experiences 2. Headline 3. Summary 4. Interests 5. Skills 6. Contact Info Links Enhance Your Visibility By Including Keywords
    7. 7. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 7 1. Go to your Profile and select ‘Edit Profile’ 2. Hover your cursor over the double-sided arrows found in each section 3. Click and drag to rearrange the order in which the sections are displayed 4. Additional sections can be added, such as ‘Projects’, ‘Languages’, ‘Publications’, ‘Organizations’, ‘Honors & Awards’, ‘Test Scores’, ‘Courses’, ‘Patents’, ‘Certifications’ and ‘Volunteering & Causes’ Stand Out by Reordering Your Profile
    8. 8. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 8 1. Visit ‘’ 2. Sign in with your LinkedIn credentials 3. Select ‘New Resume’ 4. Begin editing your resume Easily Turn Your Profile Into a Resume
    9. 9. Better Network and Prospect Success on LinkedIn is dependent on your network. Quality connections breed quality relationships, which in turn creates tremendous opportunities for you and your business. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or a seasoned pro, these best practices can help you build a better network and give you a leg up on the competition May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 9 HINTS, TIPS & BEST PRACTICES
    10. 10. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 10 Tradeshows, conferences and other networking events present tremendous opportunities to build your network. 1. When exchanging business cards, let the individual know that you will be connecting with them via LinkedIn 2. Never use the default LinkedIn invitation request 3. Write something personal, referencing where you met which establishes a shared experience Connect at Tradeshows and Events
    11. 11. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 11 1. Designate an individual in your company to actively reach out to lots of connections 2. This individual should spend time developing their network and nurturing relationships 3. After a broad network is established, this individual and their connections will act as a “window” for your sales team Have a Point Person in Your Company
    12. 12. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 12 1. In the LinkedIn search field, enter the company names of your customers and prospects 2. If they have created a company page, it will appear in the results 3. Select ‘Follow’ 4. This enables you to see personnel movement, company news, and potential key contacts Follow Companies
    13. 13. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 13 1. After completing a Basic or Advanced Search, select the ‘Save Search’ option in the upper right-hand corner 2. Enter a name for the search in ‘Title’ field, and choose the frequency in which you wish to be updated in the ‘Alert’ 3. Up to 10 job searches and 3 people searches can be saved Saved Searches
    14. 14. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 14 1. Hover over your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and select ‘Privacy & Settings’ 2. Under ‘Privacy Controls’, select ‘Select What Others See When You’ve Viewed Their Profile’ 3. Select the ‘You Will be Totally Anonymous’ options Use Anonymous Settings
    15. 15. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 15 1. Hover over your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and select ‘Privacy & Settings’ 2. Under ‘Privacy Controls’, select ‘Turn On/Off Your Activity Broadcasts’ 3. Uncheck the box to limit the notifications your network receives Hide Your Activity Notifications
    16. 16. May 21, 2014 LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices 16 LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for you and your business – learn how to stand apart and make an impact, today!
    17. 17. May 21, 2014 17 Mohawk MakeReady provides practical resources for digital printing. WE CAN HELP VISIT MOHAWKMAKEREADY.COM FOR MORE TOOLS & TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY LinkedIn: Hints, Tips & Best Practices