Why My DOTS Are Better


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As a printer, we love them…and we hate them. DOTS!

Sometimes they’re perfect, other times they can fall off the sheet, be the wrong size or even not be large enough to stick to a sheet.

So what makes your DOTS better than the shops down the street?

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  • As a printer, we love them…and we hate them. DOTS! Sometimes they’re perfect, other times they can fall off the sheet, be the wrong size or even not be large enough to stick to a sheet. So what makes your DOTS better than the shops down the street?
  • Hello, my name is Molly Rosenthal. I am a PRINTER that now works at a paper mill. I am also the Market Development Manager, Digital for Mohawk Fine Papers, I was hired to give the “printer’s” perspective at the mill and support digital printers in the marketplace. I love paper and printing. I love the Graphic Arts business, especially Variable Data Printing, but most of all I love the process. When people listen to one of my presentations, they come away with, SHE LOVES her job. Mohawk MakeReady has recreated a presentation that I have used over the years to sell “my” capabilities. Many, many people have remembered me and the company I represented for this one very simple presentation. Now you can use this tried and true sales approach, too.
  • So what makes my DOTS better – me! When I was hired as a rookie sales rep, I spent 2 days working in every department at the printer including reception, accounting – even loading paper on a 40” Komori press. This experience made me have a true appreciation for every step in a printing business. I learned how frustrating it is for a receptionist with an irate customer on the phone to not be able to reach a sales person. How after working a 12 hour shift on a 40” press, you are so physically exhausted you actually have trouble walking to your car in the parking lot. I remember like it was yesterday the time spent working in the Customer Service department. I learned quickly how to provide a project to Customer Service, how to cross the T’s and DOT the I’s. Throughout my career, I have always had the respect of Customer Service, because dealing with my projects was easy. A lot of the other reps just dropped an envelope full of stuff on their desk, incomplete. But my experience working in all departments in a print shop helped me gain the respect of my co-workers and ultimately, helped to move projects through the shop more quickly and efficiently. The relationships I built over the years with my customers supported my family, putting four children through college and best of all, they became my friends and they became loyal customers. PICTURE OF MOLLY
  • Back to DOTS! We all sell DOTS, 175, 200, 300 line dots, rosette patterned DOTS, Stochastic DOTS (Frequently modulated FM Screened DOTS). Printing is DOTS. Some people sell their DOTS very inexpensively, some put some extra “sizzle” surrounding their DOTS and they charge huge amounts of money for these DOTS. At the end of the day, they are the same DOTS. Get your DOTS to stand out from everyone else’s. MakeReady Tip: Adding an interesting and fun meeting handout provides interaction with your audience – plus candy gives them a sugar high and keeps them from falling asleep (kidding, kind of!) Hand out DOTS at your next presentation !
  • You’re printing this image as a poster for a customer. Nice image – it will end up being a really great piece on your digital press. Now here’s the opportunity: When you receive the files, have the pre-press department run 2 more sheets in the proofing process: A cling pressure sensitive substrate, like our new Mohawk Bravo Digital Substrate, Pressure Sensitive Ultra Cling Vinyl, and show the customer what a window cling would look like. An embedded product like our Mohawk Bravo Digital Substrate, the 4-up postcard would be a powerful way to show how the customer can develop a direct mail campaign to sell these posters. You will NOT sell the products every time, but you WILL sell more – and these are high value, high margin products. Tip: Selling digital printing is an art. Check out the sales category content at www.mohawkmakeready.com for more.
  • Ask your customer: Can your current print partner answer all these questions with a YES? You can, by: • Showing options for high value, high margin products. • Presenting paper promotions and taking on the role of specification rep. • Sharing leads. As a sales rep on the road out in the world day in and out, when I see an opportunity for a designer, agency or company, I share the lead. MakeReady Tip: Bring added value to your customers; they will reward you with loyalty and respect.
  • Position yourself as a Partner. When you work with your customers as a Partner, they receive the benefit of your experience without putting you on their payroll. Regularly attend your customers outside-the-office opportunities. Stop by late with a pizza for those who are working late. When they need extra hands, offer yours. True story – One of the most successful sales reps I know has keys to his largest customer’s office in Manhattan. He opens the office, makes coffee and has unlimited access to everything. You may think “he makes the coffee?!” It’s just his way of thanking them for the numerous projects he picks up every morning .
  • Free -- that is how confident I am in my process, product and expertise. Are you? What do you have to lose? Put some skin in the game to prove your worth. Don’t be stupid. Make sure you can deliver. MakeReady Tip: Do your homework on the vertical market and database from your prospect. Make sure you have a compelling offer, because you really don’t want to fall on your face!!
  • Be different, think outside the box, unleash your creative spirit. Make your DOTS different by what you offer, how you contribute and the knowledge you bring to their table. This approach worked for me and it can work for you. Watch your prospects become your customers – and your customers become your colleagues.
  • Digital printing is changing…and fast. That’s why we created Mohawk MakeReady. A go-to place for guidance, insights and tools to keep you prepared for what’s next. There’s a reason we named this service MakeReady … a little irony, too. Taking a familiar industry term in a new direction, Mohawk MakeReady offers ways for you to make more efficient use of your time, material, people and entrepreneurial energy. To grow your digital printing business, you need to be prepared — with actionable information and tools — so your team can implement best business practices, craft effective sales strategies, and create opportunities to use and promote new high-value products. That’s what you’ll find here: an ever-expanding site , rich with content built on the experiences of digital printers like you. As a leading manufacturer of digital substrates, Mohawk brings you practical wisdom gained from our experience in sales, marketing, production, and operations. With how-to articles on marketing your business, videos on topics like precision sheeting, and PowerPoint presentations showcasing how to identify sales opportunities. All strategies you can put to work today. Talk to us. Let us know what’s on your mind. Mohawk MakeReady. Dedicated to making you ready for the exciting future ahead.
  • Why My DOTS Are Better

    1. 1. Differentiating Yourself & Your Company September 2011
    2. 2. Real life experience <ul><li>None of this is made-up “sales” jargon </li></ul><ul><li>I actually have sold printing, offset & digital </li></ul><ul><li>15+ years in print sales </li></ul><ul><li>100 million in sales over my career </li></ul><ul><li>Mostly digital in last 5 years </li></ul>
    3. 3. What makes your DOTS better: YOU!
    4. 4. Every printer sells: DOTS
    5. 5. DOTS, DOTS, DOTS Make your DOTS interesting, entertaining, persuasive. Sell more than just the DOTS.
    6. 6. Print partner – more than ink or toner on paper. All printers can print, some better than others. Do your other printers know how to bring more value to your relationship? Does your current printer help educate you on new products in the market? In the past year, has your printer helped you grow your business?
    7. 7. Partner Everyone is looking for a way to do more with less – we have heard this statement over and over. With a Partner you are getting another member of your team, without the employee overhead.
    8. 8. Dependable, honest, hardworking, Rep seeks work! The best part is that I work for you, for free. To prove to you how confident I am that I can make your advertising/printing produce better results, I will test market 25 Variable Data postcards for you at no cost. I guarantee that I will generate at least 10% greater number of responses than your current partner! With this offer you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
    9. 9. Don’t be just a typical DOT <ul><li>Establish your credibility </li></ul><ul><li>Introduce a memorable approach </li></ul><ul><li>Bring real value </li></ul><ul><li>Introduce the partner concept </li></ul><ul><li>Prove your worth </li></ul>
    10. 10. Mohawk MakeReady provides practical tools and actionable information for digital printers like you. We can help… Visit: www.MohawkMakeReady.com to browse content, request a meeting, or join the community.