Colgate Palmolive


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Colgate Palmolive

  1. 1. Class Assignment (Individual) Topic: Colgate Palmolive Principles of Supply Chain ManagementPrinciples of Supply Chain Management Module: MM6030 Done by: Mohan vp (p1265770) Lecturer: Brandon Siow
  2. 2. Introduction Founded in 1809, Dutch street, New York Employees around world 39,200 (2011) Founder Mr. William Colgate Operating in 200 countries
  3. 3. Dental Care Household Personal CarePet Food
  4. 4. Sales per product Operating Countries
  5. 5. • Colgate plants in every country operated self-sufficiently. In the US, 80% of what Colgate sold was produced in a Colgate-owned-and-operated manufacturing facility. • In any given week, 65 ocean containers, 3,800 truckload shipments, and 15,000 pet food direct-store-delivery shipments move through Colgate’s supply chain network. • Distribution channels are continuously shifting and evolving, and Internet sales are growing. PACKAGE TRANSPORT SHIPPING RECEIVING CUSTOMER STORE WAREHOUSE TRUCK LOAD Supply chain
  6. 6. Facilities  In Overseas, Colgate operates approximately 280 properties of which 76 are owned in over 70 countries.  In the U.S. the Colgate operates approximately 60 properties of which 15 are owned.  Major U.S. manufacturing and warehousing facilities used by the oral, personal and home care segment of Colgate-Palmolive are located in Morristown, New Jersey, Tennessee; and Cambridge, Ohio.  The pet nutrition segment has major facilities in Bowling Green, Kentucky; Emporia, Kansas; Topeka, Kansas; Commerce, California; and Richmond, Indiana.  The primary research center for oral, personal and home care products is located in Piscataway, New Jersey.
  7. 7. Channels of Distribution  Colgate Palmolive is so large of a company, it is impossible to specifically identify their particular distribution strategies.  In Puerto Rico, Colgate Palmolive has its own separate distribution company, called Colgate Palmolive Co Distributers.  One single distributer for every market they sell to, those markets including some of the major continents in the world.  Distribution center in Puerto Rico is Colgate Palmolive's wholesaler for its Western Hemisphere operations in North America and Latin America.  Products are shipped to a single distribution center in Denmark. From their, the various products are distributed to markets in Europe.  Colgate Palmolive has a channel of distribution classified as starting from the manufacturer, then on to an intermediary distributer, and finally to the retailer.
  8. 8. Transportation  Colgate Palmolive is a worldwide manufacturer that has operations in several continents.  Colgate Palmolive co-operates with a global shipping company called Magellan Transport Logistics.  Magellan Transport is very beneficial to Colgate Palmolive so they're using only one transport company for all of their operations.  The company partakes in would be trucking, for all transport of goods throughout their channels of distribution.  Trucking is the most efficient form for this company because as they have operations split up in different continents, there isn't any water to go over, and trucking can go directly to all of the members of Colgate channels of distribution.
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