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  1. 1. Saudi Address Riyadh,Saudi Arabia UM A R RI A Z (966) 594.177.522 OBJECTIVE To accomplisha demandingpositionwithinagrowthorientedprogressive organization,whereIcan utilize my academicachievements&skillsinachallenging&professionalenvironment.Besidesthis,Icanattainnew learning&experience whichmakesme groom&providingasignificantpostaswell. EMPLOYMENT SalesCoordinator Saudi Paint Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia 2013 - Current ReportingSalestoGeneral Manager  Received, checkedandfiledpurchase ordersreceived viaemail intothe companysystem.  Followedupwithprogressof ordersthroughthe productionphase untildelivery.  Sortedand organized salesordersforapprovalsfromrespectivesalesmanagers&creditcontrollers.  Properlylogged“RetunedGoods”intothe systemforinvoicing.  Sequentialandmonthlyfilingof all delivery notesanditssubsequentinvoices incomputerizedsystem.  Preparingsalesreportsandstatistics forsalesmanagers toanalyze.  Calculatedandprepared quotationsforsalesexecutives andclients.  I do prepare Proformainvoice inordertosatisfythe purchaserregardingthe total price oramount.  I do make commercial invoice forinternational trades.  I alsoprepare L.C (letterof credit) togetthe paymentdone.  Participatedinexecutionof salesstrategies.  Preparedclearsalesanalysis,aswell assalesreports,sales-orderstatus,salesagreements,intime proposals & presentations.  Do meetwithcustomerson& off company’spremisesfordiscussions.  Responsible fortimely,accurate quotations&various pro-formainvoicestocustomers,processinginquires throughpersonal visits,email,phone&fax. SalesAssistant Versos, Saudi Arabia May 09 – Aug 09 Training/Internship  Createdandenteredvarioustypesof listsintocomputerizedsystemforBanksandothermajor companies.  Workedas DocumentControllerandorganizedsalesdocuments,invoicesanddeliverynotesin computer.  Made DATA sheets/chartsof Banksand otherclientsinExcel tocompute calculationsandstatistics. 3D Complier System domain Est. Co. Dec 12 – May 12  I have workedas3D complieronthe software calledsocketset.  Where I have measuredheightson3D images of variousplacesof Saudi Arabialike Riyadh,Jeddah, Al Zulfi,Al Khobar,Dammam,Taif,Tabuk, Madina, Buraidah,Al Qunfudhah,KAUST, YanbuandSaudi Aramco. EDUCATION Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Arab Open University with UK Open Uni 2013  Acquired Bachelorof Science in IT& Computing. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Pakistan International School, Riyadh 2005 – 2006  Completed HighSchool Intermediate TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE  MicrosoftWord, Excel,PowerPoint,Publisher;Demonstratedadvancedknowledge of the OfficeSuite.  OperatingSystems; Advanced workingknowledge of Windows andplatform.  CMS & WebPortals;Managed and organized several databasesandportals. OTHER SKILLS
  2. 2. Hardware Troubleshooting Java Programing Installation OperatingSystems C++ Software Installations Oracle LANGUAGE SKILLS Reading Writing Speak English Fluent Fluent Fluent Urdu Fluent Fluent Fluent Arabic Normal Normal Normal Personal Profile: Name: MohammedUmar Riaz Father’sname: Riaz Ali BinZaheer. Date of Birth: 18th May, 1988. Nationality: Pakistani. Religion: Islam. Iqama Status: Valid/Transferable. Marital Status: Single. DrivingLicense: ValidSaudi DrivingLicense. Mobile: +966 594177522