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How to valve a house

How to valve a house? Methods to value a house, Check Comparable House Prices, Check property characteristics and Other Rules.

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How to valve a house

  1. 1. How to valve a house? Valuing a house requires research and market knowledge
  2. 2. Methods to value a house • Check comparable property prices • Check historic property prices • Check property characteristics to determine its type.
  3. 3. Check Comparable House Prices • Check how much similar houses are selling for on the same street or area. • Determine the price trends in the area. • Assess the overall market trend of the property market. Is the market on a rise or is there a downturn in the market? (Know when to sell your house)
  4. 4. Check property characteristics Some of the main characteristics to note when comparing properties values: • Number of bedrooms • Number of bathrooms • Property size • Property type; for example for UK properties, is it a terrace, semi detached, detached house. Is it an apartment or a condo etc. • Other features to note could be; type of windows, heating or air conditioning, overall condition of property, external space condition, whether it has a garage, or off street parking etc. (All these factors can increase a property price)
  5. 5. Other Rules There are some rules that can be applied to arrive at the final property price; • For example, if the house for sale has an extra bedroom than the one on the market then money can be added onto the price. • The location of the property also plays a part in the price. Check if your location is desirability in comparison to the others being sold.
  6. 6. How To Value Your House