Comnet Network Simulation


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Comnet Network Simulation

  1. 1. COMNET III Tutorial By Dr. Mohammed Hussein Al-Hubaishi Faculty of Science and Technology Yemen-Thamar University - By Mohammed Hussein Thamar University 1
  2. 2. COMNET III The COMNET III is an application that was written in the programming language MODSIM II using an object-oriented design. COMNET III uses a discrete event simulation methodology when running the simulation of a network model. 2Thamar University
  3. 3. Selection Tool Connection Tool Router Access Point Cloud Point-to-Point Call Source Application Source Background Map Message Source Background Shape CSMA/CD Passing Node Zoom In Connection Tool ATM Switch Subnet Transit Net Source Socket Background Map Token Passing Computer Group Cloud VC Response Source Session Source Remote COMNET III Tool 3Thamar University
  4. 4. COMNET->Parameters… ‫مرات‬ ‫عدد‬ ‫التكرار‬ ‫وقت‬ ‫المحاكاه‬ - By Mohammed Hussein 4Thamar University
  5. 5. COMNET->Animation ‫في‬ ‫التحكم‬ ‫سرعة‬ ‫العرض‬ - By Mohammed Hussein 5Thamar University
  6. 6. Nodes in COMNETIII • Node represents a single network node (i.e. workstation) in the model. • Nodes can even have processing capabilities, memory and hard disc storage assigned to them. • Nodes in this model are only sending, forwarding, and replying to messages. Thamar University 6- By Mohammed Hussein
  7. 7. Network Links in COMNETIII • Icon represent links in the networks. • The properties of this link let you select the type of the network among several standards, such as Ethernet or wireless link, etc. • One or several message-sources are attached to a node and thereby define the set of messages a node sends, replies to, or forwards. Thamar University 7- By Mohammed Hussein
  8. 8. Link->Statistics - By Mohammed Hussein 8Thamar University
  9. 9. Link->Statistics - By Mohammed Hussein 9Thamar University
  10. 10. Messages in COMNET III • If a node should also respond to a message sent to it, should be scheduled by set to Received message. That enables the Edit button next to it, which allows the selection of messages. • Usually there is a single destination of the message entered in the Edit Destination List dialog, but multiple destinations and ways to choose one of them can be specified . Thamar University 10- By Mohammed Hussein
  11. 11. COMNET->Message ‫عنوان‬ ‫الهدف‬ ‫استالم‬ ‫الرسائل‬ ‫نوع‬ ‫الرسائل‬ ‫المجدولة‬ ‫تحديد‬ ‫خيارات‬ ‫هدف‬ ‫الرسائل‬ ‫نوع‬ ‫البرتوكول‬ - By Mohammed Hussein 11Thamar University
  12. 12. Node Sends a Message Thamar University 12- By Mohammed Hussein
  13. 13. Node Receives Or Responses a Message Thamar University 13- By Mohammed Hussein
  14. 14. Messages Reports in COMNET • Various reports can be requested via the statistics button; such as the Contention Channel Utilization, Delay, etc. • For example to measure the delay of a particular message, a report of this statistics can be requested and after execution the report can be viewed via the statistics dialog. Thamar University 14- By Mohammed Hussein
  15. 15. Message->Statistics - By Mohammed Hussein 15Thamar University
  16. 16. Message->Statistics - By Mohammed Hussein 16Thamar University
  17. 17. Reports, Trace Files and Diagrams in COMNET III Thamar University 17- By Mohammed Hussein
  18. 18. COMNET->Reports ‫انواع‬ ‫اختيار‬ ‫التقارير‬ ‫استعراض‬ ‫التقارير‬ - By Mohammed Hussein 18Thamar University
  19. 19. COMNET->Reports - By Mohammed Hussein Thamar University 19
  20. 20. COMNET->Reports - By Mohammed Hussein Thamar University 20
  21. 21. Good Luck - By Mohammed Hussein Thamar University 21