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telecom engineer


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telecom engineer

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE MOHAMMEDARIF Email: Contact no: +966-581530613 CAREER OBJECTIVE: To be a part of professionally managed group that will provide opportunities for rapid growth and development in Telecom Sector. I will be pleased to work in a globally competitive environment on challenging assignments. To make major use and improve my skills such that I can rise to the challenge set on me and serve the organization in the best possible way. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Present Employer : PIONEER TELECOM Project : Idea Project Designation : RF Drive TestEngineer Location : Mehboob Nagar–Telangana, India. Duration : September 2014-October 2015. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: LTE Experience  Carry out basic parameter checks such as RSRP,SINR and throughput during the test.  LTE Network Launch & Cluster Optimization, Planning of RF parameter,Hardware configuration & field level changes in Ericsson.  single site drive test,created site acceptance report format, drive test analysis.  Ensure KPIs to be met RSRP,RSRP statistics DL/UL throughput, Latency  Analysis of KPIs Accessibility (RACH issues, multiple RRC connection request etc.,), Retainability (PS drops), Integrity, Mobility.
  2. 2. 3G (UMTS) Experience:  Diagnosing all RF related problems in 3G such as Ec/Io, call failures, HO failures, RSCP Analysis, Soft and hard handover(Inter Rat Handover), Poor BLER, Pilot Pollution.  Optimizing the NBs of 3G-3G, 3G-2G, 2G-3G and the external for 3G and 2G networks.  Daily escalate hardware issues to project team for rectification.  Daily KPI monitoring for RNCs and Report analysis.  Responsible for reducing congestion and drops, improving the IRAT Handover , Soft Handover, Optimizing the 3G sites by analyzing the root-cause and improving the CSSR and RAB Success rate  Analysis different type of parameters for HSDPA such as CQI,No of Codes Assigned, CPICH.  Analysis different type of Modulation scheme such as 16QAM, 64QAM, QPSK for downloading and QPSK for Uploading.  Optimized physical parameters like Antenna type, mechanical & electrical tilt horizontal & vertical beam width to improve RSCP,Ec/Io, and hence to reduce pilot pollution.  Pre and Post Planning and Optimization and report preparation for Benchmarking.  Handling and Providing Solution for Customer Complain for Data Throughput and coverage. 2G (GSM) Experience:  RF Survey & planning.  Analyzing RF measurements (GSM and GPRS) and statistics in order to decide the need of new sites either for traffic, coverage or quality.  Diagnosing all RF related problems such as interference,call failures, HO failures, TCH/CCH congestion, bad quality, poor coverage.  Signal strength and quality analysis.  Optimizing the network by Physical Optimization.  Neighbors list optimization by adding potential & removing unnecessary neighbors basis of raw data available from drive test result and using MIPT and Common tool.  Conducting Drive for macro & micro sites to meet traffic and coverage requirements.  Implement and participated in RF Frequency planning.  Checking the handover performance between cells (Incoming / Outgoing HO).  Following the customer complaints issues and gives some recommendations.  Planning and re planning cell size antennas (Azimuth or tilt) and/or location to meet traffic capacity & coverage needs.  Perform or participated in RF Frequency planning on the required Cells by optimization..  Perform and Analyze drive test and generate reports with recommendations and actions.  Analyzing the Drive test log file using MapInfo.  Drive Test & Optimization Includes Checking the Signal Strength of a particular sites in a region and accordingly changing the tilts and orientation of the GSM Antenna to improve the coverage area.  R.F Optimization of cell sites.  Working on drive test tool such as TEMS INVESTIGATION 9.1 and Genex Probe 1.5 for collection of logs.  Working on MAPINFO tool for site survey.  Working on MAPINFO tool for Drive test route planning, data analysis, Neighbors lists defining..  Responsible for Planning New site with Frequency, BSIC, HSN, MAIOS  Completing the target of given number new of sites for drive and optimization on or before time.  Day to day reporting to both company & customer.
  3. 3. SOFTWARE/TOOLS USED FOR PLANNING & OPTIMISATION:  Atoll  M COM  Map Info Professional Tool (MIPT)  TEMS 9.1,10,12,13.0,13.1.6,14.6.8.  COMPASS  GOOGLE EARTH  GPS (Garmin 12,60,72 channel) TECHNICAL SKILLS:  Microsoft office Applications  Operating systems (windows XP,7)  Visual studio’09  Basic C language  Basic simulations EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: YEAR UNIVERSITY INSTITUTION PERCENTAGE 2010-2014 JNTU-H Vaageswari college of engineering 63% (Electronics & Communication Engineering) 2010 Board of Intermediate Alphores junior college 60.2 % 2007 Board of Secondary Education GreenLand high school 72 % STRENGTHS:  Leadership:In an extremely competitive economy, out- of-the box ,creative approaches to the market create leading edge strategies.  Winning attitude: I approach my work with the expectation of success. No challenge is too daunting and no obstacle is insurmountable. ACADEMICENGINEERING PROJECTS:  Mini Project on Google Image search application using both colour and texture features  Major project on Automatic room light control using IR sensors. ACHIEVEMENTS:  Participated in state level football championship in C.M cup at Vijayawada  Won the 2nd prize in district level science exhibition at karimnagar.
  4. 4. PERSONAL PROFILE: Father Name : MOHD ISMAIL Date of Birth : 02-04-1992 Gender : Male Marital Status : Single Languages known : English, Hindi, Urdu Iqama status : transferable Yours sincerely ( MOHAMMED ARIF )