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Mohammed profile

  1. 1. Profile of Mohammad A. Alsomail PersonalDetails: Name : Mohammad A.Alsomail Nationality : Saudi Date of birth : 14/11/1956 Identity No. : 1009023779 Contact no. : (03) 8331772 (03) 8341772 Fax : (03) 8349066 Mobile No. : 0505221365 Email : Academic Qualifications & Degrees: 1. Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences and Law Enforcement from Weber State College – U.S.A. in 03/05/1983 2. Graduation certificate from Officers Institute, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1984. 3. Certificate Course in Transportation Planning and Traffic Safety Systems conducted by the Ministry of Communications in Riyadh with the cooperation of American Ministry of Transportation in 1993. 4. Certificate Course in English Language in 1978. History of Employments: Served the several government department in the field of national security and taken charge of responsibilities, some of them mentioned below: 1. He was appointed in general administrative of traffic in 1983. 2. He was appointed as a head of Khorais Traffic center the as a Inquiry officer of Incidents Department in Traffic Administration under Al-Ahsa traffic in 1984. 3. Head of the incidents Department in 1987, and responsible of stoppage. 4. Head of Traffic Department of Al-Ahsa in 1988. 5. Head of centers and External Incidents in 1990, that consists every of Khurais, Salwa, Al- Odailia, Almelaff and Al-Jafoora. 6. Head of the Traffic Department in 1994.
  2. 2. 7. Served in the field of Comprehensive Security under Al-Ahsa police in 1994. 8. Head of the Criminal Investigation Department under Al-Ahsa police in 1997 9. Served in commanding of Hajj Security Forces under Commanding and Controlling Center in Hajj season in 1998. 10. Served as a Teacher on operations affairs under public security and taught the subjects like Drugs, Research and Traffic Education. 11. Served as a supervisor of police Education Wing then Head of the Jails and Drugs Wing in the Training city of Public Security. 12. Served in General Administration for Drugs Control in 1999. 13. According to the Decision No. 5851 issued from Interior Minister in 1996 he performed the diplomatic activities in the embassy of custodian of two Holly Mosque at Sama in the republic of Yemen. 14. Worked in the Department of Criminal Security under Public Security in the Department of Criminal Studies in 2001. 15. Served as an Assistant Director of General Administration for Relations and Guidance under Public Security. 16. Served as an Information Director in Hajj season in 2001. 17. Worked in the central Information committee for Security Campaings under Public Security besides his work. 18. At the present retired colonel upon his request effective from January 2003. Extra-curricular SocialActivities:  Served as a Vice President of Horsemanship and camel Ride Club Administration council – Al Ahsa since its Establishment in 1989, until 1992. Books andPublications: In addition to these jobs, duties and responsibilities in this field a number of books written by him on different topics e.g: 1. A Book about Narcotics 2. A Book about Terrorism 3. A Book about National Exceeding and Education. 4. A Book about Cloning. 5. A Book about Lightening not Exciting.
  3. 3. 6. He wrote several scientific and literary articles for many national as well as Arab Newspapers such as : Alyaum daily, Arriyadh daily and Okaz daily and magazines like Aljeel, National Guard and Al- Azail of Kuwait and “security” Magazine issued by Naef Arabic Academy for Security and Safety Science. He was selected after personal interview to work in the field of political science for the general security according to enclosed Letter’s copy and delivered many lectures in college of Islamic law, Youth care, Electric General Establishment, Teachers College in Riyadh and Al-Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University as well as represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the 49th New Technology Scientific Conference in the Field of Drugs Control in Naef Arabic Academy. Badges and Medals:  Military Services Medal for the First and Second Time.  Legion of Bravery  Order of Liberation Kuwait from the Prince of Kuwait.  Mabel for Battle. Thanks & appreciationCertificates: 1. Appreciation Certificate by assistant director of public security for administrative affairs in 1989. 2. Appreciation certificate by Public Administration for Drugs combats in 1989. 3. Appreciation certificate by director of Al-Ahsa police on the Eve of participation in Arab Police Day in 1989. 4. Appreciation certificate by director of Al-Ahsa police for personal efforts to develop the activities in the field of compute and traffic in 1988. 5. Appreciation certificate by director of civil defense administration – Al-Ahsa in 1989 and for the second time in the same year. 6. Appreciation certificate by director of the drugs combat section – Al-Ahsa in 1989. 7. Appreciation and thankfulness certificate by director of traffic department – Al- Ahsa for my active participation for making the visit of His majesty Custodian of two Holy Mosque in 1989.
  4. 4. 8. Appreciation and thankfulness certificate by Governor of Al-Ahsa region, Head of Council Administration of Horsemanship Field. 9. Certificate of Thankfulness & Appreciation by the Head of Commanzing and controlling centre of Hajj Security Forces. 10. Certificate of Thankfulness & Appreciation by the Head of Eastern province Police. 11. Letter of Thankfulness by the director of Electric General Establishment. 12. Certificate of Thankfulness & Appreciation from King Faisal University Student Affairs. 13. Certificate of Thankfulness in the manager of Head Office for Youth care at Al- Ahsa. 14. Letter of Thankfulness by General Manager of Girls Education – Al-Ahsa. 15. Certificate of Thankfulness & Appreciation by Tamimi Group of Companies in 2001. 16. Appreciation Certificate of second Grade by the Manager of Public Security in 2002.