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ثمانية خطوات لتطوير إستراتيجيتك الإلكترونية محمد صالح


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How to develop IT strategy in 8 steps (in Arabic)

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ثمانية خطوات لتطوير إستراتيجيتك الإلكترونية محمد صالح

  1. 1. المبادرات القيم الاهداف الرسالة الرؤية
  2. 2. • • •
  3. 3. (e-Conceptual Architecture)
  4. 4. Mohammad Saleh is strategist and international development expert, who worked as deputy chief of party for the United States Agency of International Development (USAID)/Jordan Aqaba Community and Economic Development II (ACED II) Program. Mohammad is a creative advisor, organized manager and international development expert focused on strategic development, who brings to the table more than 15 years of international economic development and private sector business consulting experience with a focus on institutional development & organizational strengthening, capacity building, local community development, sustainable economic development and ICT. Mohammad managed and implemented projects in countries that includes but not limited to: United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia.
  5. 5. Mohammad Saleh Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening Lead Phone: 00962 79 9032008 Email: Blog: Linkedin: Twitter: @msaleh2000 Skype: mohammadasaleh